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What Is God?

by Dean A. Banks, D.D. | 12.30.14

Is God what you believe or what you know? Is God corporeal or incorporeal? Is the Divine Infinite Spirit Creator a fantasy to appease our desire for order? Or is God something that exists within and beyond our current comprehension? You decide!

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Fool's Gold by Elizabeth May Sutor


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A flower's voice
When you admire the colour and beauty in me
I am so much more than just the beauty
When you feel and inhale my fragrance
I am so much more than just the fragrance
When you touch my forms with tenderness
I am so much more than just the form
I am the perfection of creation
And so are you
~├ůsa Karlsson



Friendship is the soul of giving; taking your blessings and sharing them in love, caring and mutual edification.


Remember this when you blindly say how great this country is; it is great in many ways and lacking in others. Education is the only healthy addiction that we need; not dependency, but interdependency!

Individual Initiative

Statistics are like politicians telling the truth; they use curves to convince you that this is the trend while they are driving the car off of the cliff! Standard deviation of the mean is the biggest crock of shit ever invented. It is used to 'lie' graphically and diminish individuality. Trends are OK for the masses but individual initiative is something that can NEVER be graphed!

~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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Greenleaf Healing: Your Pathway To Wholeness

Carolyn Greenleaf | 03.05.15

Carolyn Greenleaf

As we wrap up the winter season, we have the opportunity to clear our internal house of outdated beliefs and residuals from our wounded past. An upcoming event provides a wonderful opportunity to let go and jumpstart the new possibilities opening for us...

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Illusion to Illumination, Moving Beyond Limits

Imelda Arcilla | 03.17.15

Imelda Arcilla

I found this gem from a past post and thought it to be so appropriate now and feels like a timeless reminder of what we are going through. Those who choose the journey into the light of evolution and elevation in creation...

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Divine Wholeness DNA Meditation Introduction

Dr. Antonio Newton | 12.18.13

Divine Wholeness DNA Meditation Introduction

Experience complete attunement with Dr. Newton's Divine Wholeness meditation. Every aspect of your being becomes bathed in Divine Wholeness!

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Zen Benefiel Dream Work


Zen Benefiel

I am able to work with regular dreams too, like the ones you have at night (or daydreams). This takes a bit more work than the coaching survey I offer elsewhere on this site. Dreams can supply a wealth of information about your current circumstances and internal connections to life. In some cases, you can even 'program' your mind to communicate to you through your dreams. Answers to your life's dreams show up, too.

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