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Aligning With The Divine

Aligning With The Divine

by Chantelle Renee | 2015

Welcome all souls of all faiths. Do you feel lost and disconnected at times? Are you ready to take responsibility for your emotional well-being? Would you like to feel the divine connection more clearly in your life and be Intune to your own intuition? Are you ready to expand your consciousness and connect to your birthright of infinite possibilities?

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My Shadow, My Power

Life has guided me
Without my knowing
Inexorably toward some destination
I cannot see where
But now I know, it does not matter
Because all that I have gone through
Is where I was supposed to go
What I believed has now revealed,
itself to be an illusion
I believed the stories I was told
Thinking too I entered a prison
One contained in the story
of suffering, war, starvation
The valley of the shadow of death
Is the reflection of my own thoughts
Those I needed to entertain
Possessed as a spirit in a ghost
The ghost of my thinking world
Disconnected from the Spirit of life
The ever present energy of life
Pulsating, expanding, omniscient
This is the Truth
But to really know life
I had to experience something else
This “other” created in my mind
A “reality” situated outside of Love
Somehow floating, entertaining my mind
With an eternal cacophony of chaos
Thoughts in a void
But this is not me
It all is me, I am one with the One
But One cannot experience One until
There is something other
So in this way I too
have been playing a game
Discovering the power
In my ability to create
Realities in thought apart
From Truth ever present
Of Love´s eternal grace
The Source of my Being is Love
Together immersed in the One
But to appreciate this ecstatic state
I had to have of none
The futility of a thought reality
Attached to a dream
This is the shadow of the valley
Or those dancing on the walls
But when I turned around I found
The truth of being ever one
This is my freedom I´ve been seeking
No place else but here and now.

~Andy Skadberg



The term 'rape' has been bandied about lately in the press. By the very definition of the word it means a 'forced action' against someone else. Its origin is from the Latin 'rapere' meaning to seize of carry off by force. In another sense, it means an act of plunder, violent seizure or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside [dictionary.com]. The key to the use of the word is violent force. What do the banks do to us every day when they financially rape us? They force us to pay made up fees and charges that bolster their bottom line while they are using our monies to make excessive fortunes that are bled off as CEO 'bonuses'. Now, when these CEO's inflict these excessive fees and charges it, in effect, is creating the source of their 'bonuses'. They are complicit in 'raping' all of us! The greed of "I'm going to get mine" at the expense of decent hard working people who are just making the bills is deplorable! It is selfishness at its peak. Call your representatives and demand regulations of fees and charges in the banking industry. If you don't, your hard earned dollars will be supporting a 'fat cat's ' lifestyle while you eat oatmeal to survive. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Government has its functions and it is the conservative agenda to bring it down by just them working in it. That way they can control everything, everybody and pocket the goodies. Evil, despicable and totally corruptible. Their time is coming to an end. The Spirit of God is complete command and evil will reap what it sows. Allow the spirit to move through you to bring peace and justice to all of the world. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


If we truly knew who we are we wouldn't even wonder or worry about death at all. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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Keenan W. Robinson
Kee Notes

Keenan W. Robinson | 2015

Keenan W. Robinson

If you're not going to be real with others at least be real with yourself.... not at all times you're going to come out smelling like a bed of roses. Just be the unique flower you are.

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Tammy Tran
Yoga Master

Tammy Tran | 2.4.2015

Tammy Tran

Happiness is never about a person, thing or event; It is about the inner work placement of the mind and the heart. What robs you from true happiness is believing that your mind knows better. Supporting assumption, prediction and projection leads to disappointments and sufferings.

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Jeannine Sanderson

Jeannine Sanderson | 2015

Jeannine Sanderson

Jeannine Sanderson is a Professional Speaker who has lead workshops and seminars internationally for 20 years. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Child and Youth Worker, Hypnosis instructor and Author. She has worked professionally with individuals, large groups and corporation with great success.

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Vicki Woodyard

Vicki Woodyard | 5.16.2015

Vicki Woodyard

I have been working at my craft for a long time. Through the dark night of the soul I wrote. Through the desolation and the isolation, through the guilt, self-judgement and remorse, I wrote on. I don’t know how these things work. I begin to study esoteric spirituality, the messages hidden in plain sight but overlooked by the ego. When my husband got ill, I begin to write. The words from the faucet were hot and scalding, as were my tears. It never felt anything but good, though, to get my emotions down on the screen.

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