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Conscious Conscientious Self Consciousness

by Andy Skadberg | 01.02.14

My morning meditation took me to this concept "Conscious Conscientious Self Consciousness". Sharing with other Selves awareness of ONE-ness with all...

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A Lamb in the Fold

The soul in agony stood up and screamed.
This is not a waking dream.
This is just a life in hell,
Ground to bits; I know it well.
And the soul in agony collapsed in a heap.
Wanted respite, wanted sleep.
Sleep came late and tumbled wide.
Nothing soothing came inside.
Just the mourning did abide.

God in heaven looked down and noted
this young soul was so devoted.
Had to let the pain of language
bathe her in a caustic anguish.
No one said a word to heal her.
God in heaven could not feel her.

The soul in agony finally slept.
Dreamt of fire and dreamt of smoke.
Dreamt of how it was a joke,
this life of pain and sorrow
day to night and now tomorrow.

The God of mercy finally chose
her as one who could expose the
wrath of imponderable magic
when all she felt was truly tragic.

So she wrote on and on and on
and she was usually left alone
to bear the words of those now
mute to let them know how to
transmute the pain from splintering
sleet to pounding rain.
From pounding rain to drops on
the the roof until she came to know
surcease and then at last a ray of peace.

The soul in peace stood up and spoke.
I now agree to wear the yoke.
To speak as I am led to do
in hopes that all of us come through
the darkness and the pain
to be a lamb in the fold again.

~Vicki Woodyard


The Farce

When you believe in a 'farce' that big business completely controls all of us no matter what we do you will only see the results that lead you to that conclusion. The indomitable spirit of humankind can transcend all images and conclusions of the ego's control, domination and manipulation when we identify with the Spirit of God over the egos of ruthless, selfish and greedy individuals. What you expect will come upon you and I expect the best for all in finding their Divine purposes in Divine order no matter what anyone with their skewed philosophy of life declares. The Divine sees the greater picture and so can we when we identify with the silence and stillness of Divine truth. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

We Can Stop It

Our corrupted system of business paying off government representatives to fulfill their investment in financial control will only endure when we allow it to. If enough of us say "no" to aberrant behaviors and "yes" to uplifting behaviors, we can change this world. After all, the Divine is within each and every one of us and we have the presence, the knowledge, the power and the creativity to make it happen. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Using Religion

When someone uses their religious value system to deny the rights and freedom of expression in another who doesn't ascribe to their religious value system, they are minimizing their choice AND value of their religious value system by imposing their beliefs on others. Beliefs and values excel when they are willingly chosen by their constituents and applied in their lives from their freedom of choice. Beliefs and values restrict Divine expression when they are imposed on someone who hasn't experienced the awareness of choosing that value system of their own free will. Personal revelation is the key to embracing ANY religious value system. Without individual choice, beliefs and values mean nothing. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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Debi Hebel/
Life Coach

Debi Hebel | 2009

Debi Hebel

Did you know that Physics has a term for unused energy? Potential energy or stored energy is known to be energy that has not yet taken action. Wow, think about that for a minute. Imagine an apple seed. As small as it is, it has an enormous amount of stored energy. That little seed has the stored energy to create a huge tree that can contribute to sustaining other lives with the fruit it will produce. If something as small as an apple seed fulfills it's purpose by using it's energy to create something so beautiful, powerful, and life-sustaining, imagine what you could do with your potential energy. Our quest in life, like the seed, is to use our potential energy to uncover, pursue, and fulfill our own unique purpose in life.

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Roseanne Venturino/
Fitness Expert

Roseanne Venturino | 2014

Roseanne Venturino

“Live Strong. Express yourself and remember: Only you can give yourself permission to feel inferior. We need to find enough inner strength to determine our own self worth and not be dependent on another's judgment of our accomplishments.”

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Julie Cox/

Julie Cox | 2011

Julie Cox

Julie Cox is no ordinary woman. Born in the Philippines, she's carved out an amazingly fruitful life after overcoming a plethora of obstacles which would have broken a lesser person. In her new book, I Ordered my Future Yesterday, Julie recounts the trials and tribulations she's faced, from being raped twice and left for dead, living in extreme poverty, experiencing the death of various loved ones, and giving up for adoption the baby she had after being raped a second time...

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Jordan Gray/

Jordan Gray | 2011

Jordan Gray

What if you could be fully awake and present without struggling with your mind or your ego? Are you finished harshly judging yourself for having an ego? Are you ready to accept that you are here now? If so, you are ready to explore joyful and peaceful Oneness. You are prepared to consider concepts within The Seventh Major Understanding...

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