A false reality is based on beliefs that arise from experiences in one's environment. It is an illusion of reality that comes from one’s individual perceptions of dualistic observations. The external ‘world’ appears to be symmetrical, when in reality it is approaching symmetry and is more asymmetrical.

The brain observes ‘reality’ through the senses and perceives electro-chemical ‘copies’ of it that in turn generate ‘feelings’ of fight or flight (a dualistic reaction of your built in survival mechanism; the reptilian brain).

What we perceive as reality is, in actuality, copies of reality. It is NOT the reality itself; but our representation of it. A true reality is where we take everything into account. It is being able to regularly attain states of inner peace where we begin to understand that our senses do NOT give us the entire picture.

There are vibrations of energies that exist BEYOND our senses’ abilities to observe. However, our brains are capable of perceiving these things when we feel the joy of the fact that there is a greater picture beyond what we accept as being real. BTW, you are NOT a dumb and stupid pig farmer.

A pig farmer must be smart at what he does in order to keep his animals healthy and strong. Watch the social interaction of the pigs during your downtime and see just how they get along with each other.

Animal communication is on a very subtle level where they seem to ‘know’ more than we do about what is actually happening in their immediate environment. Peace, Ross! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Spiritual Books

I AM Like by Stephen "Katriel" Wise


Facts are raw data that are taken by political parties to mean something significant to their agendas. The issue is not the facts; it is what selfish minds DO with the facts.

Do they concatenate them to support their agendas or do they utilize them to move all of us forward collectively?

When the facts are taken to stifle the collective growth and expansion of all they are selfishly applied; when they contribute to the growth and expansion of all they are moving us forward collectively by enlightened minds. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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When you believe that the expectation of peace, understanding, joy and Divine love is wrong, you are cutting yourself off from the very blessings you desire to receive.

When you don’t expect that which blesses you, you are not allowing its presence to fill your heart. You are allowing its opposite state to take hold and direct your thoughts and feelings away from that which blesses you into that which distracts you from receiving your blessings.

Expecting blessings from the Divine is the same as the Divine saying, “Let there be Light” and it coming forth. Speak with Divine authority over your life and expect to fulfill whom and what you were created to be. Be ye therefore expectant! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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When you believe in something you go out of your way to re-create it, sustain it and experience it. Why? Is it because you need it? Want it? Desire it? Or expect it to be? Beliefs are nothing more than accepted thoughts being repeated enough into your subconscious mind that you accept them as true without challenge. Is this living from your dynamic being? Or is it being so static that you ‘choose’ to live in mediocrity by NOT challenging your erroneous beliefs. Moving out of mediocrity requires that you come to a dynamic state of KNOWING more than just BELIEVING! For example:

Do you believe in love? Or do you KNOW it exists and you feel its presence? Do you believe in your talents, skills and abilities? Or do you KNOW that they are there to fulfill your Divine purpose in Divine order? Do you believe that you are a sinner and imperfect? Or do you KNOW that you are a perfect creation of the Divine that ‘chooses’ to separate yourself from perfection by the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, actions and behaviors that you demonstrate?

Believing is good for you to have faith in what you need to do to become whole. However, trusting in the Divine comes from KNOWING that you are already perfect in the Light of the Divine. Stop staining your perfect being with the stain of imperfection created by your erroneous beliefs. Start knowing that the Divine NEVER makes mistakes and has created you to be perfect AS YOU ARE!!! It is you that needs to choose knowing over believing, loving over fear, confidence over doubt and perfection over imperfection. Stop separating yourself from that which you already ARE!!! Be ye therefore perfect as you were created to be! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Are you frustrated with your life? Do you wake up with feelings of foreboding? Do you procrastinate what you need to do because you don’t really want to do them? Are you running away from being fulfilled because you believe that would take too much work to make it happen? Well, welcome to being human. We all have these thoughts and feelings that ‘warn’ us of how we ‘might’ feel when things don’t go our way or when we believe that they won’t. It is our egos trying to ‘protect’ us from what it ‘feels’ or ‘believes’ will harm us.

These feelings or beliefs are not necessarily true; they are what ‘MIGHT’ happen! How do you do away with these feelings and beliefs? Actually, it’s quite simple. Do an inventory of your talents, skills and abilities. Come to know where your strengths and weaknesses are. Find someone else who is ‘weak’ or ‘uneducated’ in what you do best and share your knowledge and techniques with them. Whether you do it for free or for financial gain does not matter. What matters is that you participate in the growth and expansion of your immediate environment. You give what you have been blessed with and it sets the omniversal engine in motion.

“Well, what do I do next”, you might say? Again, it is quite simple. You follow what makes you peaceful within; what allows you to be understanding to yourself and others; what brings joy to yourself and others; and ultimately, what brings you and others Divine love. Follow what makes you and others feel fulfilled; peaceful, understood, joyous and complete in Divine love; no matter what your ego or ANYONE else says OR does! Be ye therefore peaceful, understanding, joyous and full of Divine love! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Elizabeth and I would like to invite you all to our site ‘Service In Prayer’. For many months we have been led to offer a way for our online friends to have a forum to share our prayer needs with each other.

The purpose of this website is to connect with one another and share our needs for healing in whatever areas we feel we need. Please visit the website or go to the Facebook forum to post any public prayers on the Wall or PM us for private prayers.

We will pray for you or help you to find Prayer Partners to assist you in healing and realization of your Divine purpose and the unfolding of it in Divine order.

Thank you all for your support, kindness and for blessing us with your ongoing friendship. Peace and blessings to all of you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



The Spirituality Post



Did you miss any of the issues of The Spirituality Post Daily? If so, following are the links to each and every day for you to peruse. Please visit our advertisers and help us to keep going in our service to the spiritual community of souls who long for a greater spiritual perspective on life. God bless you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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by Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Currently Bobby Hinkle, Elizabeth May Sutor and Dean A. Banks, D.D. have uploaded podcasts. Robert Yarbrough will be added soon. Just click on the podcasters placards below and click on the Podcast title. Currently there are five podcasts on Bobby Hinkle's page, one on Elizabeth Sutor's page and nine on Dean A. Banks, D.D.'s page. Stay tuned for more! Thank you for choosing us!

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When you see the apparent separateness in the perceived dualistic reality and not the unification of everything within, you are operating from belief and not knowing. Let go of what appears to be real and live from what IS real within; Divine love! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

In loving what you hate, you win the debate, between what you rate and how long you wait. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Where you are comes from where you’ve been. Where you are going comes from where you are now. Where you will be will be where you have been someday. In the cycle of life what you do now becomes the past and creates the future. Where are you now? ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

All you NEED is love. Everything else is walking in shallow waters tasting the bliss without immersing yourself in it. Go to the deep and swim freely in love. Move with the current and feel the love everlasting! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

I am grateful for life, family, pets, friends and the ability to ambulate. I have my needs met, my wants in check, my desires in blossom and my expectations in fulfillment. I am happy, fulfilled and blessed by the grace of God in my life. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The quality of your life is reflected in the choices you make to help others find themselves; for in extending yourself to help others you find just whom and what you are. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Don’t be D.U.M.B. and listen, watch and believe everything on the Internet or TV. Trust G.O.D. and be G.O.O.D. to yourself and others. Live in J.O.Y. by sharing Divine L.O.V.E. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

You know you have come to the brink of manifestation when things appear hard and fair; it is then you come to know that they are blessings from God! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Be Ye Therefore Perfect! by Dean A. Banks, D.D.


How can you tell when someone is ruled by their ego and NOT the Spirit of God? It’s quite simple. They will defend aberrance, killing, retaliation, posturing, infirmities, negativity and most of all separation.

How can you tell if someone is guided by the Spirit of God? They foster unity, life, peace, understanding, joy, Divine love, positivity and cooperation.

Can it get any simpler than that? Associate with those who are guided by the Spirit of God and get away from those who aren’t. You CAN love them from a distance but don’t allow them to spoil your soup.

Be ye therefore discerning! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Custom Fine Art by F.R. Rittenhouse


What is the Spirituality Guidance Channel? SGC is a video portal designed to introduce spiritually inclined individuals to be exposed to spiritual videos, radio, teachers, music, art, books, resources and links from a selected group of teachers and requests from viewers. Each featured coach/teacher will have their own page highlighting any videos, audios, websites or printed material they have produced. This portal will be regularly promoted on the Internet through social networking and targeted marketing channels. Please visit the website at the following address:
and email me at webproducer@hotmail.com with any suggestions, links or materials. Thank you for your most courteous participation in this project. I welcome your input. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


The Spirituality Guidance Channel

Welcome to our new Sunday Morning Service by Dr. Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Every week Dr. Dean will be engaging subjects that are pertinent to your growth and expansion into recognition of; respect to; and communication with your inner spirit.

Please feel free to comment or suggest topics for review. May the Divine always bless you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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Why would anyone not want to feed those in need? Why would anyone want to start wars and have thousands killed or maimed? Why would anyone want to deny affordable health care to everyone? The answer is simple. Those who completely believe that the resources of this planet are limited! Those who believe that they must control the flow of resources to ensure their self-survival; those who only care for them and theirs.

How do they manage to convince the rest of us that their skew on life is real? They continually generate fear in the masses. They market fear because it is the only tool they have that you blindly accept as real. It is the most cost-effective endeavor because it is self-replicating. It regenerates itself by those who live in fear of the government, corporations and other countries. The lack of communication was the curtain that allowed their proliferation of fear worldwide until the Internet blew it open.

Why do you think that they are now trying to censor the Internet? Why do you think that they are daily spraying us with chemicals from the sky to accelerate infirmities? Why do you thing that they are killing thousands under false flag atrocities to endear our loyalty and patriotism? It is because they NEED us to carry out their sick and twisted agendas and as long as we play along, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

WAKE THE FUCK UP and smell the coffee!!! Stop listening to their marketing of fear and start participating in your community to better the lives of everyone. Sharing Divine love means that you go out of your way to help others become whom and what they were created to be! It doesn’t mean that you buy into bullshit and the agendas of those who are vipers of death and destruction for their own profit. Be ye therefore aware and loving! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


The next time someone tells you that you have to fight for what you want tell them this: I choose to not resist what I want; I choose to allow it to happen despite the appearances that it won’t.

I choose to be the expression of Divine love and that means that I don’t fight or resist anything that appears to be against me.

It means that I choose peace, understanding, joy and Divine love over anything else; especially fighting and resisting! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


It is better to remind yourself every day of your blessings than to wallow in a state of doom and gloom because you feel sorry for yourself in what appears to be detrimental.

When you trust in the Divine completely, no one, thing or experience can waiver that trust. It is your inner assurance of success when you count your blessings and feel the joy from receiving them.

In essence, it is saying, “I have been blessed before and I am being blessed again!” ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


By cutting the funding for education in the arts and music we are purposefully stifling our inner creativity and creating a race of automatons; people who ingest B.S. and spit it out for a prescribed status of ‘living’ determined by those who live to control others.

Call your school boards and make a stand. Art, music and humanities give our children the tools to be creative and live from within. Don’t allow those with masterful agendas of control, domination and manipulation to ride herd on our legacy.

Be ye therefore stalwart! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Do you think that positive thinking is the be all and end all of positive living? It is the beginning of positive living that requires positive feelings, positive beliefs, positive words, positive actions and positive behaviors to follow through as well as positive thinking!

I have counseled many people who think positive and feel negative; people who think positive and speak negatively; think positively and react with negative behaviors. It requires the whole package to be effective. Some people are object mismatchers and can think one way and behave another; a psychological fact from many studies and surveys of human behaviors.

Don't believe me; check them out on the Internet or in the library. Learn from what others have observed before spouting your opinion as fact. Facts are indisputable and opinions are always highly disputable; especially when shared facts are not taken into account. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Consultation with Dr. Dean


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The Spirit of God = The Christ = The Holy Spirit. All of the preceding are One in the same and NOT separate persons as we have been told by delusional and manipulative preachers over the years.

As long as we see separateness we will not be one. The Divine is ONE and expresses many. The Trinity is a concept with NO scriptural mention whatsoever. Yet, year after year it is taught as scriptural truth in order to separate us from Oneness with the Spirit of God.

Go within and be ‘in-spirit’ by receiving Divine inspiration. Know that you are ALWAYS one with the Spirit of God. That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Consultation with Dr. Dean



After watching Dr. Charles Stanley this morning espousing ‘his’ philosophy that the Holy Spirit is a person, I have to speak up. When a teacher or preacher so blatantly ignores the truth in the scriptures I HAVE to say something. This guy twists the scriptures so much it is disgusting! He stated, "God is a loving God and will smite you if you sin." WTH? Don’t you see the incongruity in this heinous statement? Don’t you see just how he is driving a wedge between you and God? Don’t you know that if God is a loving God then why would he smite you?

When common sense is thrown out in favor of gross misinterpretation it’s no wonder that the Christian religion keeps wearing an ass hat. They defend Israel at all costs. Israel; the home of the ‘chosen people’. WTF? We are ALL children of the Most High! NOT JUST ISRAEL!!! Study the story of Joshua and see just how ruthless he was in the name of God. He committed social genocide claiming that Yahweh told him to murder men, women and children.

Does a loving God tell you to murder? To violate His own laws? Only selfish agendas do that. Stop listening to those who continuously divide us with contrary messages of love and death. They are the ones who are the lost souls! They cannot see the wondrous Spirit of God within because they follow a book that was written by sheepherders and fishermen thousands of years ago. See the vastness of the omniverse and come to know that science and spirituality are one in the same. They seek the truth ‘beyond’ the dogma of humans. Be ye therefore enlightened!!! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Were you too busy doing what you thought you should be doing when you realized that were not doing what you should? Have you gotten caught up in the steps you believe you must do before you can do what you should be doing right now?

There are no shortcuts to fulfillment save for the awareness that you are already fulfilled. What you do on the outside is a reflection of what you allow on the inside.

If you allow that which is not necessary to take precedent over that which is, demonstrates that you believe that what you should be doing is either not going to work or that you believe it is too hard to complete. Solution? Get rid of your erroneous beliefs and listen to your inner well-being guiding you with the knowing of the Spirit of God.

Walk confidently despite what appears to be against you, blocking you or distracting you from unfolding your Divine purpose in Divine order. Don’t take unnecessary steps that you believe you must take in order to be doing what you were created to do. Be ye therefore focused on the truth! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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If you continually see the aberrances in life and react negatively to them they will affect you just as your reactions to them.

If you carry the negativity too much in your heart you will see more and more of the negative and gradually see less and less of the positive.

As my dear friend Dr. Benjamin Brown says, "Make the positive outshine the negative!" ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Consultation with Dr. Dean


I have been told by several here that my advice on depression is not valid because I am not an expert. WTH? I have lived with some who suffer from depression and have experienced it myself until I learned to deal with it by turning it over to my well-being within. Regular daily meditation maintains your inner peace and is the key ingredient to managing mental and emotional aberrances.

Knowing doesn't require a PhD or DD; it is allowing that which has created you to bless you with Divine love. Depression, whether emotional reactive or clinical, ultimately is chemically based. Balance and order are the results of consistent meditation. Experts are those who have lived it more than just those who have studied it.

You can reduce things down to the chemical causes but what about the causes of the chemical interactions themselves? Ultimately it is our healthy choices that deliver us from the self-replication of depression. Peace.

And to all of you who defend your depression and aberrances may God bless you with the wisdom of understanding that until you get out of your self-created rut of ‘me’ and come into the reality of ‘we’ you will continue to be depressed; whether emotionally or clinically! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The Spirituality Guidance Channel


Every thought in your mind is a chemical interaction that generates neural electrical energy; it is an electro-chemical stimulus and response that forges neural pathways.

If one consistently follows the pathways forged by accepting depression, then they will continue the downward spiral.

However, it one chooses daily consistent meditation they will begin to forge new neural pathways that circumvent the aberrant ones.

This can be disputed by some; however, the clinical studies I have seen reveal this to be true.

Go to the library or search the Internet for the studies. Learn from what has been revealed! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



Thank you, Atheists, for coming down on high to tell us that there isn't something that the rest of us have experienced; the Divine within.

If your experience is valid, then please don't deny ours. BTW, those who deny the Source of all existence base their findings on what they sense and believe; very, very limited.

Do you deny the mountain and only believe that the tunnel exists because that is all you can see? ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Consultation with Dr. Dean


In anything that you desire exists that which you don’t desire in order for you to choose that which you desire more than anything else. It is in weakness that you find strength; it in loneliness and abandonment that you find love; it is in sadness that you find joy; it is in confusion that you find understanding; and it is in chaos that you find peace.

The apparent duality is there for you to focus on that which you KNOW you are; NOT what you believe you are. Living from ‘knowing’ and NOT ‘believing’ brings you from the realm of the ego into the realm of the spirit. It understands the meaning of apparent duality and unifies its existence to unfold your Divine purpose in Divine order.

Choose to move toward that which edifies all of life and move away from that which debilitates it. Be ye therefore conscious of your own personal power of choice! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


In the USA we live in a republic where deregulated capitalism allows the rich try to freely spend money on converting our democracy into a plutocracy! Only when we regulate the corporate banksters and their selfish-minded egomaniacs will we stand a chance at keeping the playing field level.

Don’t believe me? Good. Do nothing and watch your rights erode away and your hope to live the ‘American Dream’ dwindle completely into financial servitude. Stand up collectively and vote in representatives that hinder the status quo financial leeches that are sucking the very life out of all of us.

If you don’t, then please don’t complain about losing that which you have chosen NOT to defend. Peace and blessings to you and your families. We all need to work together to maintain our collective dignity and individual rights. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


To all of the Reps and Cons reading this: In order to level the playing field with the out of control spending of the corporations undermining our representation, rights and freedoms requires money. How do you get it unless you tax the constituents of the system?

As long as the rate of pay grows with the cost of living we keep them in check. Taxing the corporations less is NOT the answer! More regulation and infrastructure rebuilding requires MONEY!

Where do you propose we get that money? Off of the backs of the American workers? How about from the corporations that pay NO tax whatsoever? Stop screaming less taxes unless you know what you’re talking about; and in this case, you obviously DON’T!!! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The Spirituality Guidance Channel


When a corporation sells products and services it should be taxed. The corporate expenses include overhead, manufacturing, sales/marketing and delivery costs of products and services.

All of these expenses are deducted from the gross income and what is left is profit. Your wages are part of those expenses and the government has no right to tax you for your labor exchange; yet it does.

This IS double taxation which IS illegal; yet, the politicians allow it to happen to appease their corporate puppet masters. Vote them out and we stand a chance.

Allow the status quo to continue and it will only get worse. Your vote counts whether you believe it or not! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


When you have a deeper understanding than those around you as to the spirit within, others might not understand the expressions of your feelings.

Death of the body is a transition back from whence you came. An understanding heart can be seen by some as heartless. If you don't grieve as they do they might think something is wrong with you.

Judging how someone grieves is never productive. It only creates feelings that are selfish and not loving. Forgive those that don’t understand what you understand.

If they are meant to understand they will; if not, then it is not your problem to make them understand. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


What is the secret to living a balanced life? Is it avoiding things that are unpleasant and embracing just things that are pleasant?

Is it doing what you feel you have to do instead of what you desire in your heart to do? Or is it just moving forward with faith and trust in the Divine to guide you?

The rule you must follow in moving from belief to faith into trust is very simple. It is “Roll with the changes as you ride the crest of the wave!”

Balance is the key to maintaining stability while moving ahead. Be ye therefore balanced! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


To all of those who believe that in order to move out of poverty that you must learn to manage your money better, you truly need to get your head out of your ass. If you don’t have enough income to meet your necessities, it doesn’t matter that you manage your money well if there is not enough coming in to meet them.

There are many very talented, skillful and magnificently able people who cannot find work because the corporations have moved jobs overseas so that they can manufacture for less and reap more profit for themselves. They stifle education of the masses, keep their monies offshore to avoid taxes and contribute to politicians that they have bought to fulfill their agendas in government.

Get off of your self-righteous soap box and get down in the dirt with those that just barely get by month after month. The middle class is NOT your enemy; the corporations and their bought and paid for minions are! Managing money effectively only works when there is enough money to pay your bills and your lifestyle! Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you stick your foot in your mouth! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


To all of those who question the cost of eliminating poverty over starting and financing wars need to realize that people are more important than anything. We are growing in population from 7 billion to 9.6 billion by the year 2050.

We have plenty of land to develop solar energy and wind energy and plenty of land to grow crops. We need to invest in people’s lives and NOT in ending their lives. Perhaps that's why most pragmatists don't understand! When you follow the words of Christ you come to know that love comes in many forms. It doesn't matter WHAT it costs when it saves a life. Priorities, my friends, priorities!

We have unlimited resources at our disposal and too many greedy individuals not willing to tap those resources so that they can ride herd over the rest of us. Stop them before the sheer amount of people on this planet increase poverty, food shortages and the availability of medical care. We can do it together! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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The Spirituality Post




Spiritual Books


The Creator of the omniverse loves the creation. How do I know? Because I make the time each and every day to go within and experience that love. I feel Divine love emanating from my center of well-being and I know God is there.

My job is not to convince ANYONE about God. My job is to live from Divine love and share it with everyone through my talents, skills and abilities that were gifts from the Creator.

I choose to know and not believe because in my knowing is the absolute truth of the Divine and not the ‘colored’ version of religions and belief systems that promulgate and proselytize their collective experiences and demand that I follow them.

I do NOT follow any one of them; I follow ONLY what is revealed within. I am whole in Divine love! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Have employers moved overseas both to avoid onerous regulation and escalating labor demands?

Perhaps from a fishbowl perspective based on conservative myopia it does; however, when you see how decent hard-working people are slighted because of the corporate and governmental oligarchy/plutocracy it is unnerving.

Regulations are in place to PROTECT us; not to have the ruthless corporations send our jobs to China, avoid governmental taxation and deposit their profits offshore so they can avoid paying them.

Reality clearly demonstrates that the greed of ‘me’ outweighs the cooperation of ‘we’. If you deny that, you have a severe case of selfish myopia! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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We are living in a time when the old ‘divide and conquer’ mentality is being converted into ‘unite and lead’. Be a part of the solution to the age old problem that has been fostered by out of control egos throughout history. Be a part of the whole that reflects Oneness back to all of life. Be ye therefore divine! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Seeking happiness outside of yourself is fleeting at best. Until you go within and experience true happiness, the joy of life will be evanescent at best. Be ye therefore on point with true happiness! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

In the extension of a reach lies the communication of souls... ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Are you being conned by external forces as to the truth of life? You can only be conned when you choose to listen to what appears real outside of yourself and believe it's the truth. When you listen to Divine truth within you can never be conned because you are trusting in the Source of all life. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Are you striking a nerve with your posts? Are people defriending you because you stood your ground and relayed your opinion? Are you pushing others’ buttons too much? Shit happens when buttons are pushed! I have been defriended so many times that I can't wait for the next one! It means that I am doing my job well! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Real people don’t give a shit because they have their shit together! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Nationalists need to grow up and stop fighting each other for the right to rule territories. Peaceful God loving people have the right to stop the senseless killing of children, women and men for selfish reasons. Stop the nationalists with their selfish and life-debilitating agendas disguised a false patriotism. Be ye therefore life supporting! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D

I have been asked several times in my life, "Do you talk to yourself?" I always respond, "Definitely; I am the only one that will listen!" ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

When you have to substitute one thing for another come to know that it is your ability to adjust that is a blessing to your progress. Move forward and readjust when the time is right. Your adaptability to life determines your ultimate joy. The onslaught of blessings can only come when you allow them to flourish! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The main priority of living a spiritual life is to love everything everywhere for God is there! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

When someone loses anything it is NOT God's fault. The Divine has put the omniverse into motion and we are the ones who have to deal with what comes at us. To  blame God for what humans suffer is like blaming your parents for bringing you into this world to suffer pain. It is always your choice to deal effectively with life; if you don't, it will deal effectively with you! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

When you look inside polarities disappear into Oneness. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Choosing positive and supporting thoughts is doing what is necessary. You are the master of your soul and the progenitor of your destiny. Be diligent in NOT allowing that which distracts you from your inner purpose in order to fulfill your destiny. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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Experiments in imagination are where the search for knowledge begins. Reasoning and mathematical proofs come after the realization of the possibilities.

When they become evident possibilities can be converted into probabilities. Einstein knew this. His discovery of E=mc2 came from using his imagination and the formula followed later.

Step into the world of imagination and revel in a place of no rules where anything is possible. See how possibilities can become probabilities! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Are you suffering from confirmation bias? What does this mean? “Confirmation bias, also called ‘myside’ bias, is the tendency to favor information that confirms one's beliefs or hypotheses. People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs.

People also tend to interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing position. Biased search, interpretation and memory have been invoked to explain attitude polarization (when a disagreement becomes more extreme even though the different parties are exposed to the same evidence), belief perseverance (when beliefs persist after the evidence for them is shown to be false), the irrational primacy effect (a greater reliance on information encountered early in a series) and illusory correlation (when people falsely perceive an association between two events or situations)” [Source: Wikipedia].

How many people do you know that suffer from confirmation bias? Most people who do have no idea about the Law of Parsimony, a.k.a. Occam’s razor, which states: “that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove correct, but—in the absence of certainty—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better [Source: Wikipedia.com - Occam's razor is a principle of parsimony, economy, or succinctness used in problem-solving devised by William of Ockham (c. 1287–1347)]. Instead of ‘thinking things through they emotionally react to events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and the behavior of people as threatening their established beliefs and therefore, their individual survival.

Ridiculous! Right? Ludicrous? Yes! Not knowing something is just as important as knowing something because in knowing that you don’t know, you can learn. Wisdom is ‘understanding’ knowledge and also the lack of it and doing something about it. Research what others say before you carry their torch of opinion. It might not be what you know within; instead it is what your ego believes in order to protect you, ensure that you ‘fit in’ or simply choose to believe for your own advantage. When you choose to live in Divine love you open yourself up to the truth and NOT others’ opinions of the truth. Be ye therefore open to the truth! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


When you decide to deny the existence of the Divine because you cannot perceive beyond your limited senses, you are conflagrating your imagination in order to confirm your limited bias.

The greatest minds that ever lived ‘discovered’ truths with their imaginations first and then proved them logically afterward. An uninformed and rigid mind polarizes itself to make decisions about the ‘apparent’ truth from observation only.

When you make a decision about what you choose to ‘believe’, it means you cut off any other options. In order to experience the truth about your convictions, the opposite states become more apparent in your realization when you don't currently experience them in your reality.

Keep an open mind filled with imagination; it is your ticket to understanding your purpose and living in fulfillment. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


I believe deep in my heart that we are dynamic spiritual beings. A reader here on Facebook believes that “happiness isn’t a matter of improving or confronting our experience but remaining present with it in the ‘completest’ possible sense.

We, as human body-minds are as inert as a rock and no diligence will ever release us. Placing emphasis on manipulating our happiness and creating our destiny as humans only reinforces a non-existent entity that seemingly has control.” If that was the case, you would be treading water in a perception of nothingness with no hope of ever bettering your apparent condition.

Happiness, to me, is not treading water; it is moving in the direction of peace, understanding, joy and Divine love and being pleased with moving in that direction! It is surviving, striving and thriving in health, wealth, prosperity and abundance.

We HAVE to make the choice to move toward that which we desire and move away from that which we don’t. Doing nothing is not what we are here for; doing everything to better ourselves and others is! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Reader: “It is a huge responsibility to assume the role of a spiritual authority.”

My Response: I can only relay what is given to me in meditation; I am no spiritual authority; just a man at a computer that shares what is given in Divine love.

Reader: “Oh, I am sorry, I thought you were a spiritual guide. Spiritual guidance, in my eyes, is a very serious matter. One must clearly have “attained” one’s natural “state” so that the words that flow forth are not just the mere conceptual understanding of a human, limited mind. Please accept my apology. Peace.”

My Response: No apology necessary. I speak from my heart and help as much as I can.

Reader: “You are under the illusion that you can help. The ones who give freely and purposelessly without entertaining the "idea" they are helping (because they have transcended the mind) are well aware that they can't help.  It is presumptuous and mundane to think you can help. I am done now. Nice chatting with you Dean. Love to you!”

My Response: Again I disagree I help people by sharing with them and they help me by sharing with me and there's nothing wrong with that at all peace

Obviously this reader has not read my previous posts or they would see that I agree with them on most of what they say; I markedly disagree with their assessment that whatever the mind says is unimportant and insignificant. The spirit communicates to us through our minds and to dismiss any part of our perfect being is utterly ludicrous. Peace to all. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


You can doubt what I say. You can challenge it all. You can try to convince me that it is wrong. However, you will not succeed. You can challenge me all the time and it doesn’t matter. What matters to me is what’s in my heart.

My heart, the center of my well-being, always reveals the truth. Helping others as others have helped me is NEVER unnecessary or insignificant. It IS sharing Divine love. If you choose NOT to believe this, it is your right.

However, if that is working for you then where are your fruits? Where are your benefits to others? Where are your benefits to yourself? If you cannot answer that, then you WILL be known by the fruits that you bear.

May God always bless you! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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