What is Christianity based on? Is it based on the central figure of Christ or is it centered on one’s ego? Thorough investigation of the ‘biblical scriptures’ reveals contrary positions by some of its main proponents; the sharp contrasting viewpoints between Paul and James come to mind.

The Pauline faith based system later defined as ‘Sola Fide’ versus the Jamesian ‘faith AND works’ based system where faith commits you to doing good works. The Pauline system takes the ego ‘off the hook’ and limits individual responsibility, whereas the Jamesian system balances faith in the Divine with individual AND collective responsibility. The statement, “Just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead. (~James (James 2:26 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010))), sums it up. It places the focus on community and NOT rugged individualism.

We all have an individual relationship with the Divine AND a community relationship with the Divine in HOW we treat others! Christ said how we treat others is how we are treating him (“Then he will answer and he will say to them, 'Amen, I say to you, as much as you have not done to one of these little ones, neither have you done that to me.' (~Yeshua (Matthew 25:45 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010))). This point is KEY!!! It is showing us that our behavior affects our world and that HOW we act toward others demonstrates our intent as being selfish or divine.

Remember, Jesus was NOT a Christian! Christianity was born from a mass murderer (Roman Emperor Constantine) and his cohort priests; people that decided for everyone to reject the individual relationship to God (Gnosticism) in favor of becoming the middlemen between God and man. What a perfect scheme to take the responsibility off of the individual and ‘make it look like’ it was in the ‘community’, when in fact, it was with the ‘authority’ of the church. Catholicism is a farce at best and any other subsequent Protestant form as well because it is all based on LIES!!!

Your individual relationship with the Divine teaches you exactly what your Divine purpose is and HOW to manifest it in your community in Divine order. Don’t listen to the false prophets with eloquent Bible recitations parading around in robes and thriving on your perception that you are separate from the Divine! When they preach about what they believe in the scriptures is ‘the Holy Word of God’ (Sola Scriptura) it is their egos trying to convince you that they are God’s interpreter and mouthpiece. The true ‘Holy Word of God’ is living within you RIGHT NOW!

Each time you quiet yourself and listen to the still small voice of the Divine guiding and directing you toward complete fulfillment you set aside what others have said is the written truth. It is NOT found in a book or dispensed by Literary Authoritarianism. Stop listening to all of the false prophets of doom and gloom, hell fire and brimstone and sin and falling short of God’s grace. Grace is a gift from God because you are a child of the Most High God. You haven’t earned grace; it is your gift from the Divine! Preaching this pure unadulterated GARBAGE is a deceptive message of ‘SEPARATION’ and NOT Oneness!

Christ is within you and will NEVER forsake you. We are all ONE with God when we all listen to Divine guidance; not the warped and skewed guidance of humankind relying on FALSE doctrine.

Pray for guidance; listen to it; act on it. No matter what ANYONE says or does balance your egotistical desires with Divine desires and truly live in Oneness with the Divine each and every day of your life. “Be therefore perfect, just as your Father who is in Heaven is perfect” (~Yeshua (Matthew 5:48 (. Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010))). ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Spiritual Books

Re-Entering Eden
by Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Psychological depression is the result of a short circuit between you allowing the flow of blessings from God to come to you and expressing those benefits to others. To remove the short circuit you must love God, apologize to Him for your part in not allowing His blessings to flow, ask for His forgiveness in not doing so, and thank Him for loving you enough to allow you to live in His grace. Practice this and you will be healed of depression.

When you realize that you are NEVER separated from God and that anything that comes between you and God isn't reality, you can begin to rebuild yourself from being depressed and isolated to experiencing a Oneness with God. You can climb out of the pit of despair. Talking to God ISN'T enough. Listening to Him in meditation is and hearing his still small voice is the second step. Receiving guidance from the creator of the universe changes the electro-chemical balance in your brain and body. The third is committing yourself to serving others while serving yourself and God. This moves you "out" of yourself into the world and gives you the opportunity to co-exist with others, even if you are "alone."

Some people believe doctors and WebMD are gods. Their limited knowledge and wisdom only looks for solutions in the outside world. If it can't be observed and measured, it is of no value. Understanding how overwhelming and brutal depression truly is, requires letting go of what you feel and accepting God's grace! There are many forms of depression; however they are not from sources we cannot control.

Every thought in your mind is electro-chemically based. According to modern Psychiatry, most of these conditions can be controlled by altering the electro-chemical balance in the brain with drugs. This is a temporary state that some people become dependent on; and it is NOT a cure!  In order to cure anything, you must go to the source of the anomaly, not treat the effect of it.

For example, a baby is learning and growing and has limited human  experience to draw from to even know what being depressed is, let alone being able to fully express the complex emotions necessary for the chemical "depression" soup. Many should, instead of defending the condition of depression, look at it for what it is; a construct, a belief, a program. Any of these things can be re-programmed if you know how to do it. Recognizing you have the power to do this is the first step. Take it! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Elizabeth and I would like to invite you all to our site ‘Service In Prayer’. For many months we have been led to offer a way for our online friends to have a forum to share our prayer needs with each other.

The purpose of this website is to connect with one another and share our needs for healing in whatever areas we feel we need. Please visit the website or go to the Facebook forum to post any public prayers on the Wall or PM us for private prayers.

We will pray for you or help you to find Prayer Partners to assist you in healing and realization of your Divine purpose and the unfolding of it in Divine order.

Thank you all for your support, kindness and for blessing us with your ongoing friendship. Peace and blessings to all of you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Consultation with Dr. Dean


I’m sure all of you have heard of the acronym for FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real. It is true that fear is an emotion you can experience within that can appear real to you. It is either a primary emotional reaction to an immediate perceived danger or a secondary emotion that arises after many other emotions are layered one upon another and create a state fear.

The focus on what we fear can be evidenced in FDR’s greatest statement that “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” This statement implies it is only OK to fear the state of fear. But is that truly a positive reaction? I will suggest a new term here. We need to TEAR down the walls of obscurity and see things as the Divine projects them into our perceived dualistic reality. True Expression Arranging Reality (TEAR) is in essence the Sprit of God moving the act of creation with Divine love into the dynamic condition of Divine order. In turn, Divine order moves natural order to implement the expression of Divine love into our perceived dualistic reality.

We are in this dynamic ‘omniverse’ soup of many ingredients. We either FEAR life through not understanding how it works or TEAR down the walls of obscurity by understanding how to align ourselves with Divine order. When we are living in fear, we cannot be tearing down the walls of obscurity. We cannot be tearing and fearing concurrently, just as we cannot serve two masters. “No man can work for two masters, for either he will hate one and will love the other, or he will honor one and the other he will ignore. You cannot work for God and for money.” Yeshua (Matthew 6:24 - Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010). In this example Christ illustrates the principle that we cannot focus on both fear and faith. If you fear, you are not living in faith. If you are truly living in faith, you cannot fear. Faith and Fear cannot occur concurrently!

We need to develop and maintain faith in God’s True Expression Arranging Reality to TEAR down the walls of obscurity and perceived illusion and not succumb to FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). When you live in truth you allow Divine order to implement your Divine purpose perfectly and you don’t interfere in the process of unfolding by fearing the results of your unfolding. See the end result AS IT IS. Feel the joy from attaining that wonderful end result. Act as if you already have it and feel the joy.

Wayne Dyer restated this principle revealed in the Bible in his ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ program, “According to what is written: “I have appointed you a father to the multitude of the nations, before God, in whom you believed, who gives life to the dead, and he calls those who are not as though they are.” (Romans 4:17 - Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)). Call forth things and results that are not yet manifested as though they are manifested and Divine order will move natural order to make it so. And so it is! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

There are many fears we experience in our lives. Following are the Top Ten Human Fears:

  1. Fear of public speaking (Glossophobia) – Why do most people fear public speaking? Is it because you ego is in the spotlight and you fear that you won’t say the right thing? Or is it because you want to appear favorable to others and you fear what they will think of you? In this case, false evidence is appearing real to you. Anytime you fear something that you ‘believe’ might or might not happen, you will move from doubt to worry to fear. This is a secondary fear because it is as result of where you are in relation to others and not in perspective to yourself.
  2. Fear of death (Necrophobia) – Why do most people fear death? Is it because they are afraid of their own pain or the pain of their loved ones when they are gone? Or is it that it is a complete unknown and that you feel guilt for not doing certain things in life and you wish that you could have done those things? In this is case, false evidence is again appearing real because you are fearing what you do not know for sure. This is a primary fear because it involves the unknown.
  3. Fear of spiders (Arachnophobia) – Why do spiders conjure up such fear in humans? Could it be that we are pre-programmed from when early humans encountered larger spiders that bit them and caused painful reactions? Or is it the look of the spider and the web it creates that creates an ominous feeling of being doomed by being caught up in its web? In this case, false evidence is appearing real about what a spider could do but it is REAL evidence as well. Why? If a large spider was crawling up your arm right now that is NOT false. You would react with instinctual programming to remove the spider from your arm for fear of being bitten or fear of having such an ominous looking creature in such close proximity to you. This is both a primary fear for some and a secondary fear for others.
  4. Fear of darkness (Myctophobia) – Why do humans fear the dark? Could it be instinctual or could it be just a fear of the unknown? In this case, we are again dealing with false evidence; however, what could be in the dark could be harmful to you if you ‘feel’ that it is. This is a primary fear for some and a secondary fear for others.
  5. Fear of heights (Acrophobia) – Is this really fear of heights or fear of falling from those heights? This is a real fear and there is NOTHING false about it. If you do fall from a great height you probably will die or become severely injured. This ties this fear to fear of great pain and bodily harm and fear of death. It is a secondary fear because it depends on what you do with your perception of your balance and stability with your physical being.
  6. Fear of people or social situations (Sociophobia) – Is this fear a real fear? It is if you fear what people will do to you to threaten your survival. This used to be considered a primary symptom in Asperger’s Syndrome, however, A.S. is now being defined under the umbrella of Autism. This is not a real fear if it is based on what one ‘thinks’ and ‘feels’ will happen to them contrary to convincing evidence. Mostly, this is a secondary fear unless the person is convinced by hard evidence that interacting with others will threaten their self-survival.
  7. Fear of flying (Aerophobia) – Again, is this a fear of flying in the clouds or a fear of falling from the clouds and being severely injured or dying? Thousands of flights occur every day without incident and most people get from point A to B without any problems. The probability of a safe flight is quite high, yet some still allay that fact with the fear that ‘something will happen to them’. This is a secondary fear that feels powerful to some and means nothing to others.
  8. Fear of open spaces (Agoraphobia) – Why would some fear open spaces? Does it hearken back to early humans who felt vulnerable to attack without trees or rocks to hide behind when other animals attacked? Or is it simply the feeling of being exposed to what you don’t know is observing you? This is a secondary fear that is more based on false evidence that appears real. Shut-ins fear being out in the open and spend many years of their lives being secure in a shelter because it inherently ‘feels’ defensible.
  9. Fear of thunder and lightning (Brontophobia) – Why do we fear the sound of thunder? Is it because of a pre-programmed fear of the unknown or is it learned behavior about a God hurling lightning bolts down on the wicked? Why do we fear lightning? Is it because we know that it might kill us or is it the flash of intense light that disrupts our normal experience? Again, is it because of early programming when humans saw lightning split a tree and having a real fear of what it might do to them or is it false evidence based on an internal perception of a deity inflicting punishment? Mostly this is a secondary fear that becomes a primary one when one gets struck by lightning.
  10. Fear of confined spaces (Claustrophobia) – This is the opposite fear of Agoraphobia. Instead of fearing open spaces and being secure in closed quarters, a person seeks refuge from tight spaces by being in open spaces. They feel ‘boxed in’ and ‘enclosed’ and seek freedom at all costs. Is this fear based on the fact that tight spaces inhibit our movement or is it based on an internal perception of being in a casket upon our death for eternity and not being able to get out? This is definitely a secondary fear because it pre-supposes that being restricted in any way inhibits freedom. It is false evidence appearing real.

Not on this list are Fear of Failure and Fear of Success. Fear of Failure is ‘believing’ that you will not do what is necessary to be successful and that you will be rejected by others because you weren’t ‘good enough’ somehow to be successful. Fear of Success is ‘believing’ that if you are successful, the end of your attempts at such and achieving your goals will cause others to reject you for being successful. The key ingredient here is the Fear of Rejection. Tony Robbins once made this distinction. Both FOF and FOS have their roots in FOR. They are both false evidence because it is a perception of how others will ‘react’ to you based on the results of your performance and NOT the content of your character.

As we can see, primary fears are ‘believed’ because they actually can cause us physical harm, whereas secondary fears make us ‘believe’ what ‘might’ happen regardless of the fact or the ‘odds’  that it ‘might not’ happen! Mostly, fears ARE False Evidence Appearing Real but NOT always. Fear can be a useful and effective tool of self-survival when we take its ‘feeling’ seriously. The idea is to not let it rule our lives and cause us to stifle our growth, expansion and progress into fulfilling our Divine purposes in Divine order. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


We have all heard some people say, "It might not be your truth but it is my truth." If YOUR truth is based on something that is not shared with the experience and understanding of others then it should be held up to scrutiny and reduced to the simplest explanation.

What is MY truth? Is it based on your relative truths or on an absolute truth? When we personalize an absolute truth we filter it through our individual belief systems. It becomes ‘truth’ to us when we internalize, accept and believe a concept. For example, when someone says, “Take the garbage out”, this phrase creates a concept in our minds. We not only react to the conceptual picture it generates in our minds, but the tone in which it was delivered.

We become aware that the garbage needs to be taken out. But why? Was the request mad as a command, suggestion or need? We determine which one by changing the intent of the statement in our minds to, “Take the garbage out [please]“, “Take the garbage out [will ya?]” or “Take the garbage out [NOW!]“, depending on the tone of the person making the request. ‘Please’ denotes a request, ‘will ya’ denotes frustration and ‘now’ denotes something either temporal [now because it smells] or a command [to accommodate the person making the command].

What we perceive as the intent of the statement becomes the ‘truth’ to us. But is it the truth that the person making the statement was intending? Whether it was or not we have already convinced ourselves of the ‘truth’ in our minds AND hearts. It is our relative truth based on our perception, reaction and conviction.

An absolute truth is something that we all share and have the same experience NOT dependent on individual perceptions, but understanding in our hearts. It is a feeling of acceptance, a knowing of purpose and a centering of being. It is beyond our perceptions, reactions and convictions. It is what it is; an absolute truth.

When we embrace absolute truth as ‘MY truth’ is when we follow the heart of God in Divine order to fulfill our Divine purpose. Be ONE with the absolute truth of the Divine and express that truth as “MY truth’ every day of your life! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.





What is genius? By definition, genius is an exceptional and ‘natural’ capacity of intellect impressed with intelligence and ingenuity and expressed in creative and original work in science, art, music and humanities. It is the capacity to utilize a ‘natural’ and inherent insight to observe, collate and evaluate situations, circumstances, events, occurrences and the behaviors of others and to understand exactly what the original motivations and causes were that created these expressions. It acknowledges and accepts the observed ‘truth’ revealed by the senses.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe once said, “The first and last thing required of genius is the love of truth.” It takes what appears to be a common and everyday occurrence and awakens us to the marvel underlying its manifestation. Goethe expressed this as follows:” It is the great triumph of genius to make the common appear novel.”

Genius invigorates one’s being with the confidence needed to succeed, even though it might face many challenges in the expression of being successful; take Dr. Stephen Hawking for example. He was told he would die years ago but his drive and determination to seek the truth of our existence literally kept him alive and ‘successful’.

Goethe said, “Beware of dissipating your powers; strive constantly to concentrate them. Genius thinks it can do whatever it sees others doing, but it is sure to repent every ill-judged outlay.” A genius implies that in of and as itself, it is special. However, the fact is that we are all special. We all have the capacity to embrace genius when we seek to be greater than we are.

True genius is in mastering the whims of the ego and allowing the guidance from the Spirit of God to fulfill the expectations of our inner desires and manifest our Divine purpose in Divine order. The following statement sums it up: “For a man to achieve all that is demanded of him he must regard himself as greater than he is.” ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

Albert Einstein, the most recognizable embodiment of genius, once said, ““Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” He also said, “Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work.” Furthermore, Einstein focused on what creates genius in all of us and that is the development and use of our imagination: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Through the development and freedom of our imagination, we can begin to observe external patterns and rhythms of the perceived dualistic reality and organize them into a workable model of universal impression and expression of all that exists. Einstein sought, through his genius, a Unified Field Theory (a unification of the General Theory of Relativity and Electromagnetism), or a Theory of Everything (explanation of all physical constants of nature without a basis of nature to be ‘fields’), that he never found in his lifetime.

Genius always desires to go one step further in order to discover the truth. It requires us to be committed and to act upon that commitment in a ‘timely’ fashion. When we move toward the realization of our desire to ‘know’ and ‘manifest’ it, it moves towards us concurrently; not because it actually ‘moves’, but because our awareness opens up from its possibilities into its probabilities.

Once we make the decision to open ourselves up to a greater perspective, things begin to happen that we hadn’t considered or even thought were possible. The secret to opening up to your inner genius is to start moving toward it NOW! Genius is fully actualized in being bold enough to trust in the Spirit of God and not get in the way of the manifestation of your Divine purpose being unfolded in Divine order.

Being a genius imbues many characteristics that are developed in you by making the choice to act on them at critical points in your life. Geniuses are NOT born, they are made as once stated by Dr. Alfred Barrious. He further stated that geniuses have 24 characteristics in common and each and every one of us can develop these traits in ourselves.

Make that step toward unfolding your inner genius as Goethe revealed in the following statement: “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”  ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.






Is Living In Wealth Your Divine Right?

The Spirituality Guidance Channel


What is grief? Technically, it is a sharp emotional and mental suffering or distress over an affliction, loss or painful regret. It is a reaction to the loss of something or someone that is close to you, resulting in physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual effects. It is ultimately an acceptance of what has been and a resistance to what is now; or should we say, living in the past and not living in the now. When the grief builds and grows daily it becomes chronic and a person begins to identify with this reactive state as being ‘how it is' and that it will never change.

Grief is an ongoing reaction to loss and bereavement is a state of loss that lessens over time. When someone dies most of us bereave the loss of that person. When we internalize that loss and it begins to be a habit that we cannot shake we are suffering from chronic grief. But is there a way out? Most definitely! Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her book, "On Death and Dying" revealed the five stages of learning how to live with the loss of someone or something close to you. The five stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

At first we deny the occurrence out of sheer lack of belief that it happened. When we are faced with the fact that we have to accept the facts, we sometimes get angry. Anger is a feeling that we haven't been treated fairly and why was this person or thing taken from us! It is a reaction from the ego that feels we need this person or thing to survive. We begin to bargain with God, our friends and family to deal with the loss. What can we do to change the occurrence or make it better? Next we fall into a depressive state where we realize that we are powerless to change the situation. Finally, we accept what has occurred and begin to re-construct our emotional belief system to deal with the facts.

This, at glance, appears to be a linear process. However, research has shown that it is cyclical as well. Some people start off at bargaining, go to acceptance and revert to denial for varied lengths of time. These stages are real and we, as individuals, deal with them in our own ways.

In order to accept what has happened we need to live in the now. Treat each and every day as a gift that we have been given and that it is up to us to do the best we can to shine forth our light and give to life. This helps the world and puts our egos in check. It provides a pattern of success that contributes to the mutual growth and expansion of our world AND us.

The first four stages involve getting over your ego and the last stage is accepting things how they are. It is truly the spiritual awareness that we can affect our world, but only a small portion of it. When we collectively apply our portions together, we can collectively affect our outer world. Ultimately, grief is a conscious choice and a subconscious reaction to someone's or something's passage through time. Life goes on, whether we want it to or not.

Accepting things as they are doesn't mean that we cannot change them in the future. We cannot change the past but we can reframe it. We can change our reactions to past events and teach ourselves to deal with them more effectively. By daily seeking the still small voice of God guiding and directing us to actualize our potential, we begin to accept His will in our lives and come to an understanding that we never really lose anything. We are always moving forward with the Divine purpose and in the Divine order. In this realization, grief gradually disappears because your life becomes more spirit-based than ego-based. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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What is judgment? You constantly hear people always saying, “Oh, Jesus said you shouldn’t judge anyone!” Wrong. Jesus said that if you judged someone you would be judged. If you choose to judge another then you will be judged by others as well. He said, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” He also said that if you are operating from the Spirit of God within that your judgment is just. Following are several posts of mine on judgment...


What is life? According to the textbook definitions life is “the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally. It is the sum of the distinguishing phenomena of organisms, especially metabolism, growth, reproduction, and adaptation to environment. The animate existence or period of animate existence of an individual: to risk one's life; a short life and a merry one. A corresponding state, existence, or principle of existence conceived of as belonging to the soul: eternal life. The general or universal condition of human existence: Too bad, but life is like that” [dictionary.com]. But what are the distinguishing characteristics that make life ‘life?

Life is organic, animate, metamorphosizing, reproducing and adaptive to its environment by internal changes in order to survive. It is in a dynamic and ever-changing state of existence and not in stasis. Life has an inherent consciousness that moves towards growth and expansion and not stagnation and reduction. Life is ALWAYS blooming outward and reaching toward the source of its existence (e.g. a seed-sprout pushing through the soil toward the sunlight where it grows and flowers) where death is ALWAYS moving in the other direction.
Are you seeking life or death? Are you moving to become the most loving, giving and sharing individual you can become? Are you moving towards life or death? Death is a state where you inner spirit no longer resides as your consciousness in your body as a living soul. It is a state where the body can no longer sustain itself with physical life because the consciousness that determined the drive for life’s growth and expansion is no longer present. But where did it go? Did it simply just fizzle out of existence? Or did it integrate into the dark matter and energy of the omniverse? Since there is no effective way of measuring this we have to surmise where it went by using the laws of the physical universe known as Physics.

The Law of the Conservation of Energy states “that the total energy of an isolated system cannot change—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can change form; for instance, chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy. A consequence of the law of conservation of energy is that a perpetual motion machine of the first kind cannot exist. That is to say, no system without an external energy supply can deliver an unlimited amount of energy to its surroundings” [Wikipedia.com]. If this is true, then the energy of consciousness (the aggregate of electro-chemical conversions to kinetic energy) that was inextricably tied to your physical body never dies but simply changes form. In that sense, there is no death but an ‘exchange’ in the expression of the form in which the energy is expressed. Is life after death possible? It all depends on how you define life and death.

The spirit within you never dies; it centers all of existence and your mind or consciousness (energy) ‘refolds’ back into the ‘ether’ of dark matter and dark energy because it CANNOT be created or destroyed! Inanimate objects and animate life ‘unfold’ from dark matter and dark energy just like the sprout unfolds from the seed when the external conditions are conducive to its growth and expansion. That same energy that unfolds ‘refolds’ back into from whence it came when its physical existence has been exhausted. Life goes on because the consciousness of you is eternal.

We live in an omniverse of energy exchange ad infinitum. Be secure in the thought that just who you are is beyond your physical limitations. Know that the Divine is always there within offering Divine love; you just have to recognize it, accept it and share it. Sound too easy? That’s why so many don’t live in it because they ‘feel’ it has to be more complicated than that to be valid. Someday they will realize just how selfish and wrong that thought is; hopefully, it won’t be after they refold. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


What is marriage? Is it an ‘institution’? Is it something ordained by God? Is it a ‘religious’ commitment? Or is it simply a public declaration of love for another human being? There are differences between the emotional and ‘legal’ versions of ‘marriage’.

When two people are so satisfied with the love in their relationship and they decide they want to keep that love in their lives they opt for that commitment to sharing exclusively with each other. There is an emotional exchange that feeds both people and makes them feel fulfilled.

However, the legal version is somewhat different. They are now looked at by the state as one. They share property and finances are each held liable for one another. There are many ancillary functions of marriage that need to be addressed by both parties before they decide to make such a commitment.

Marriage, according to definition, is the legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decision of two people to live as a married couple. There is nothing ever stated that it is a sanctity between a man and a woman EXCEPT in ‘religious’ practice. And since when is the religious practice of one of our many religions binding on EVERYONE?

According to the Bible, marriage was instituted in Paradise when ‘man was in innocence’. Monogamy was the original law of marriage. In the patriarchal age, polygamy and concubinage became prevalent. Men were the masters of the marriage and women and children were chattel owned by the man. The man in the family made the choices for his sons and daughters in whom they would ‘marry’. Gaining of favor through work and exchange of money would ‘win’ the hand in marriage of daughters and sons were also dedicated to a ‘chosen’ marriage. Paul furthered the ‘institution’ of marriage as being honorable (Heb. 13:4) and to represent the union between God and His ‘people’. It was compared to the love of Christ to his saints (Eph. 5:25-27).

But what about people who don’t ascribe to the Bible and its tenets? Should they have to be bound by someone else’s backward thinking based on things that occurred over 2000 years ago? People have been homosexual since the beginning of the existence of people. It is what they feel they are and NO ONE has the right to treat them any differently based on their own standards. It is all ‘whipping game’ on someone who is considered ‘different’. Let’s call it what it is; BULLYING!

Jon Stewart made an interesting comment about what Mitt Romney said concerning ‘marriage is between a man and a woman’. He asked if it is still marriage if it’s a marriage between a man and 5 women, like Mitt’s grandfather enjoyed. Marriage has moved from monogamy to polygamy and back.

The Mormon’s instituted polygamy in Utah because when they arrived there, there were more women than men still alive. In order to propagate the ‘species’, men needed to take on several wives. Yet again, MEN made that decision and NOT God! They claimed they were ‘guided’ to that decision by the Divine. This is interesting based on their philosophy that ‘Elohim’ impregnated Mary with ‘Jesus Christ’. The origin of the ‘Elohim’ are the 7 spirits of God in the Torah; not one ‘spirit’ that impregnated Mary to have a son that was the brother of Lucifer.

Those who try to legislate what they ‘feel’ is their ‘morality’ on others are not coming from Divine love. They are coming from their EGOS!!! It is the ego’s attempt to control, dominate and manipulate others into behaving like them. Don’t allow the agendas of self-righteously indignant pious assholes inflict their agendas upon ANYONE who loves another human being. These people are the Pharisees. They ones who tried to trip up Jesus, but to no avail. He put them in their place each and every time. Why don’t you do the same? ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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Some have said time and time again, “I can’t meditate. I try and try and nothing happens. I feel like I’m wasting my time!” Some also say, “It creates fear in me. I feel like I’m opening myself up to dark spirits that take over my being and it scares me. I feel very anxious and not in control.” Let’s address these concerns and issues.

First, establishing a posture of “I can’t” reveals not only unsuredness, but control issues as well. When someone ‘tries and tries’ they are not really serious about accomplishing what they are seeking to accomplish. ‘Trying’ is an attempt at convincing yourself and others that something is worthwhile when in fact it isn’t.

The idea of meditation is that ‘nothing’ happens. It is a slowing down of your perception of the space-time continuum to the point that you embrace the presence of the Spirit of God in the stillness and silence of the moment. It is a timeless awareness of each and every moment and is not ‘wasting’ time. It is making the best use of ‘time’ by allowing your being to relax and ‘feel’ the inner spirit.

Others have a fearful reaction to it. Due to their programming and conditioning by parents, friends, churches and schools, some experience an increased awareness of their fears because their subconscious blocks to those fears are lessened. If they have been exposed to religious dogma they might perceive that ‘spirits’ are taking them over when in fact it is the release of their own ego’s perception that it can control its environment completely. This leaves a feeling of vulnerability that can be frightening to some. As a result, anxiety is experienced due to an increased perception of not ‘being in control’.

The ego does not like NOT being in control and attempts to convince the meditator that this experience is somehow wrong. If the individual follows the ego’s self-survival guidance, this minimizes the state of trust in the Divine that grows and expands through consistent and regular meditation. One can claim to trust in the Divine without meditating regularly, however, when experiencing and dealing with the external chaos of the world the ego begins to thrive on its control and it further looks to itself for guidance and NOT the Spirit of God. This results in a person not being able to ‘tune-in’ to the ‘flow’ of universal thought and creation and literally blocks the experience of the peace, joy and understanding of knowing and feeling your Divine purpose and how to manifest it in Divine order.

There are many ‘techniques’ in meditation but the overall process revolves around a ‘rebound’ effect. One listens to or repeats a mantra, envisions a peaceful reverie or a ‘focus point’ utilizing concentration to create an internal focus. The next step is the key. When this focus becomes so intense, we have to ‘let go’ of it in order to move toward the opposite state of concentration which is true meditation. It is a state of complete allowance of ‘nothingness’ that gives birth to ‘everythingness’.

The external reality exists as a projection from ‘nothingness’ and is ‘realized’ to create concentration and contemplation on experiencing your state of being in your external environment. The internal reality exists as a single point of focus where you allow the projection of duality to reduce itself to its origin of stillness and silence and you experience your true state of Oneness with the Creator of the entire omniverse.

How do you get there? Through removing any and all erroneous beliefs, making the time to ‘practice’ meditation daily and allowing an inner feeling of ‘trust’ in the Divine to swell up in your being from moment to moment. Meditation is a static state of complete and utter trust in the Divine whereby all stress and tension is released and your awareness becomes ‘laser-focused’ on whom and what you truly are.

The subsequent feelings of peace, joy and understanding create a dynamic state of action whereby you ‘do’ what is necessary to fulfill your Divine purpose in Divine order. It is not something to be afraid of; it is something to embrace and commit to in order to feel fulfilled! When you make ‘you’ important enough to remove any and all blockages from fulfilling your Divine purpose, the Divine blesses you with health, wealth, prosperity and abundance each and every moment of your life.

Experience Divine fulfillment and live the life that you were created to live by sharing love and living your Divine purpose each and every day of your life through regular prayer, meditation and service. It is the triune commitment to Divine communication. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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What is realization? It is the fruition of something imagined in the spirit or planned by the ego. However, there is a difference between self-realization (ego) and SELF-realization (spirit). As we grow up and are repeatedly experiencing familial and social interactions we assimilate what we do and what we are told about our behavior with whom and what we are. This eventually comes to a point in early adulthood where we realize our ‘self’. At any time during this ‘self-realization’, we can go beyond the limitations of external reality and come to a realization of ‘SELF’.

But how do we actualize this realization when we become so absorbed with ‘self’? We either come to a ‘dark night of the soul’ moment or we consistently enter into a state of peace within us each and every day. Realizing ‘self’ is a reaction to an external chaotic environment where familial and social ‘pressures’ are exerted on us to perform and ‘step up to the plate’.

Realizing ‘SELF’ is a proaction from consistent internal peaceful experiences where the perceived ‘pressures’ are released and a true ‘realization’ of our connection exists with the Divine. It’s a place where we come to know that we are NOT separate from the Divine but are individualized expressions of the Divine. This is where our true personal power exists! Not in an externalizing of sheer force, but in internalizing the free will, grace and agape freely given to us by the Divine.

Divine realization of ‘SELF’ is the beginning of developing a true understanding of how things truly work. It reveals that being right or wrong is not what is important. What is important is that we share love with humankind because the Spirit of God is within them as it is within us. It doesn’t mean that we allow them to tread upon our understanding of how things work or that we argue with them about how things work; it means that we listen, respect and allow their viewpoint without it affecting our individual understanding of our role in this life.

Respecting others’ connection to the Divine means that even if they don’t respect their own connection, we still need to extend love and understanding into their spirit no matter what they say or do. Be honest and stay focused on the truth in the face of ignorance, posturing and violence for within another is the understanding from the Divine that our spirit can connect with if we share joy, understanding, peace and love. Otherwise, we move from being victorious in our realization of ‘SELF’ into being a victim in our realization of ‘self’.

Be who you are and what you were created to be by being Divine in everything you think, say, speak and do. This way you are truly sharing the gifts you have been freely given. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Throughout our combined cultures the one thread of experience we all share is that we are storytellers. We talk of triumph over tragedy, victory over suffering or fulfillment over loss. We weave these stories to inspire ourselves and others to keep moving forward.

During the discourse of these stories we naturally embellish key points to emphasize the points we are trying to make so that the message is well received and understood. It is human nature to tell a good story and it having a memorable effect on the listener or reader. Some of us love to tell stories to influence others while others don’t relay their stories at all. They hide them either because they fear being judged by others or that they have yet to see the conclusion of their perceived ‘story’.

What is your story? Is it a story of your overcoming a perceived problem or situation? Is it a story of your rebirth into a new way of thinking? Is it a quest for something you have desired your whole life? Could it be your perceived journey through life and a return to an understanding you had wondered about in childhood? Is it a rags to riches or a riches to rags story? Overall, is it a tragedy, comedy or ongoing drama? Ultimately, it is what you have made the story based on what you perceive its value to be. You are the one who ‘brands’ your life by the stories you tell about it. You will subconsciously conform events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and the behaviors of yourself and perceived behaviors of others to your ‘story’ in order to validate its existence.

In the article, “7 Basic Types of Stories: Which One Is Your Brand Telling? Creatives explore humans' archetypal plots By Tim Nudd.” Mr. Nudd describes the ‘types’ of stories that we use to ‘brand’ ourselves or reveal what our brand is telling. We, as humans, operate from archetypal stories whether culturally based or creatively ‘told’ about the courses of our lives.

Again, what is your story? Is it one that has a ‘happy’ ending or is it one that ends in tragedy? Yeshua said quite clearly, “Be therefore perfect, just as your Father who is in Heaven is perfect.” (Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)). Did he say to be imperfect? He gave us the role model of our behaviors by referring us to the Divine guidance we need to unfold our individual stories into fulfillment, joy and the sharing of Divine love. If we truly believe that the Divine is ‘perfect’, then why don’t we believe that simply by listening to Divine guidance we too can be perfect? To live in perfection doesn’t mean that we don’t make mistakes as our stories unfold; it means that we operate from perfection by regularly praying (asking the Divine for guidance), meditating (listening to Divine guidance) and serving (sharing Divine love with all) all of existence. These practices working together are the effective ‘communication’ with the Divine where we understand our Divine purposes and how they will unfold in Divine order.

Tell your story from a Divine perspective; one where we marvel at the expressions of peace, understanding and joy of the harmony of living in Divine love. Be the storyteller that moves others to realize their Divine purposes and shows them how to ‘allow’ them to unfold in Divine order. Your story is your ‘brand’ and it reveals just how much you have effectively communicated with the Divine. Make it a story of peace, understanding, joy and the complete expression of Divine love. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


We have heard this expression time and time again and it pinpoints just what we are feeling at any given time. ‘Vibe’ in this sense is slang for vibration which is a feeling one gets that is not directly sensed but ‘felt’ from another. It is not something that is easily explained but is more known than sensed.

We all pick up vibrations from others as others pick up vibrations from us. But exactly, what are those ‘vibrations’? Are they inner feelings we get about someone based on pre-conceived notions of them or are they actual reactions to their vibrational state? In reality, vibrations are both surmised and real. Our inner psychic mental sense ‘picks up’ on another’s thoughts and vibrations from their body language and the meaning of their words. We react to their vibratory state by either moving away from them or moving toward them.

It’s all in how we are experiencing their energy and our energy. Remembering what has happened in the past concentrates our energy on that remembrance. Imagining a future occurrence is concentrating our energy on that possibility. Accepting where we are right now is concentrating energy on what we are experiencing in the moment.

In each concentration of our energy we are creating a vibrational ‘point of attraction’ that we are broadcasting into our environment. Each time we ponder a thought and feel its vibration, we are broadcasting our vibrations into our environments and the matching vibration will be attracted to us. The more and more we concentrate on our thoughts and feel their vibrations, the more we send out our ‘vibe’ into our environment.

By observing what is going on in our lives we can see if it is matching what it is we are focusing on and emotionalizing in our lives. If it is not, then we are NOT thinking about what we want and feeling the joy from obtaining it. If we were, we would be experiencing it right now.

If we feel unfulfilled, depressed or lonely, then we are not thinking the thoughts and feeling the feelings of joy that come from being fulfilled, happy or loved. When we match the thoughts in our minds with the feelings in our hearts and revisit them every day, no matter whether they are of benefit to us or not, they will slowly begin to manifest in our lives when we allow them to be.

Daily creating a positive ‘expectant’ vibe of fulfillment, joy and accomplishment is what we will receive when we ‘allow’ ourselves to be whom and what we were created to be. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.