“Wait a minute, alternative facts?” Todd said. “Alternative facts are not facts, they’re falsehoods.” ~Chuck Todd, 1/22/2017 on Meet The Press

What is a fact? A fact is something that exists in reality as the truth. Facts are gathered by actual experience that one observes with their senses. Facts are events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and the behaviors of objects or others. Facts are accompanied by information about those facts but are NOT subjective to one’s opinions of those facts. Observation of repeated facts leads to personal evaluation of the facts. That personal evaluation becomes filtered through your pre-programmed belief system to arrive at your perception of the facts. Facts, when emotionalized, lead to opinions ABOUT those facts and are NOT the facts themselves.

As Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” We all have opinions on what we have observed in our lives. But how we arrive at those opinions is either based on untainted physical observation or skewed emotional observation. If what you observe falls in line with your pre-conceived notions and manifest agendas, then you emotionalize those results as being true; when in fact, they are NOT true until you verify their veracity and validate their occurrences. If you don’t, then what you have observed becomes inextricably tied to an erroneous belief. Following is a prime example of trying to revise the truth to suit ones’ agenda manifestation:

“President Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway clashed with “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd on NBC Sunday over the administration’s false assertion that Trump’s inauguration had the largest crowd in history. “You’re saying it’s a falsehood,” Conway told Todd. “Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts.”

On Saturday, Spicer used his first official statement to castigate the media for what he called “deliberately false reporting” on the size of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration. Following is that statement:

“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe,” Spicer told reporters in the White House Briefing Room. “These attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong.” Spicer was particularly incensed about photos shared on social media by members of the press comparing the crowd at Trump’s ceremony with President Barack Obama’s eight years before. “Photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentionally framed in a way, in one particular tweet, to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the National Mall,” Spicer said. Despite the clear visual difference between the two inauguration crowds, Spicer declared that Trump had the largest crowd in history.” ~Dylan Stableford, Senior Editor, Yahoo News, January 22, 2017.

Conway told Todd. “Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts.” What exactly are alternative facts? We have already defined what facts are so let’s define what it means to be alternative. Alternative as an adjective means affording a choice of two or more things or courses of actions that are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE! In other words, one is the truth and the other is NOT! In this definition, and alternative fact is NOT true!!! Stableford further revealed this, “Wait a minute, alternative facts?” Todd said. “Alternative facts are not facts, they’re falsehoods.” Conway tried to pivot to bigger issues that concern Americans by rattling off partisan talking points.” The bottom line is that alternative facts are complete and utter falsehoods based on the spin of those who seek to manifest their selfish and twisted agendas that usually have NOTHING to do with the actual truth and inevitably hurt others.

If HRC received 2.8 million more votes than DJT than how did he become POTUS? The electors from our own Electoral College were given perks of land grabs of prime real estate Russia to make a financial killing. They sold us ALL down the river and violated our Constitution. They were bought and paid for by the SCOTUS supporting foreign interference in our elections through Citizens United. These electors are traitors to our country and to all of us. They should be tried for treason and exiled for their aberrances. Their actions have allowed Fascism to rise to prominence in our country. And for what? Personal financial gain. How despicable can you get!!! The bottom line here is that alternative facts are NOT facts.

They are the fantasies of those who perpetrate them to convince those who don’t know how to ferret out the facts and look to their ‘leaders’ for guidance. Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer are LIARS; just like their boss DJT. The only alternative fact that exists is that DJT is POTUS. He IS a living and breathing falsehood. He should be tried for treason against our Constitution because he will not disclose his tax returns. Tax returns are the only way we could all know who pulls his strings. And now that he is in charge of the IRS, how will we ever know? Only when the FBI investigation on him, Putin and the Russian Oligarchs is released to the public will we know just how fucked we are and how we need to impeach this prick NOW!!! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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There is another solution to all of the craziness and stupidity in our world. Educate the masses in how to think instead of emotionally react!

Until we do, we will remain on the hamster wheel of stimulus and response until we eventually fall off from exhaustion or death.

All of the ills of our world are preventable when we work together in harmony and leave derision behind in the dust of alternative facts. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Elizabeth and I would like to invite you all to our site ‘Service In Prayer’. For many months we have been led to offer a way for our online friends to have a forum to share our prayer needs with each other.

The purpose of this website is to connect with one another and share our needs for healing in whatever areas we feel we need. Please visit the website or go to the Facebook forum to post any public prayers on the Wall or PM us for private prayers.

We will pray for you or help you to find Prayer Partners to assist you in healing and realization of your Divine purpose and the unfolding of it in Divine order.

Thank you all for your support, kindness and for blessing us with your ongoing friendship. Peace and blessings to all of you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Do you want to know where illegal immigrants are coming into this country? Is it only on the southern border or from expired visas? Perhaps it is from the belly of ships and boats?

It seems that this is the preferred way MORE than crossing the southern border so why even build a wall except to keep you distracted while DJT undermines your rights with the gesture of his pen.

See what is really happening more than what you believe is happening. Wake up to the facts and stop believing the lies!!! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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“What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.” ~Albert Einstein

“... what you think is right isn't the same as knowing what is right.” ~E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly


Be Ye Therefore Perfect! by Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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When beliefs are held to be true despite the knowledge that they are not true, nothing that anyone says or does will change those beliefs because they are what people use to define their values and live their lives.

When you believe that emotionally reacting is thinking you alter reality to suit your beliefs instead of altering your beliefs to suit reality. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.




Any type of fighting or resisting on your part is allowing your anger to drive you toward victory.

Victory is only obtained when you allow that which is to be what it is without attaching any emotions to it so that you can build something better and more fulfilling.

Being too angry holds you back from thinking clearly and developing new ideas based on the truth and not prevarications.

Don’t allow that which is clearly selfish and evil to force you to use their methods of co-creation that undermine the equal sharing of Divine love with all. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


If you think that Donald J. Trump is out to help all of us you are ignorant of the truth.

If you believe that Donald J. Trump can save this country from itself you are stupid.

If you know that Donald J. Trump can guide us to prosperity you are a moron.

If you deny the reality of Donald J. Trump’s bigotry, racism and prevarications you are deplorable.

If you continue to support Donald J. Trump after all of the people he has hurt, undermined and taken advantage of you are despicable.

You are NOT being guided by the Spirit of God; you are only listening to your selfish ego that has completely fooled you into believing that he even cares about you. You are misguided, reprehensible and are just like him; only caring for yourself at the expense of others.

May you someday awaken to your aberrances against all of us and see the reality of your embracing of your emotional beliefs over thinking logically about just how sick and twisted this sociopathic narcissist truly is.

YOU are the problem in this country because you haven’t made the time to investigate the facts and research the spin doctors of the facts in order to see their manifest agendas.

You WILL pay dearly for your aberrances and I can only pray for your awareness of focusing on ‘we’ more than ‘me’. May God bless your twisted and wretched souls! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Commentor: Foolish, non productive, hate talk only creates more division.

Dean A Banks Hate talk? How about reality? That's what this man does and people need to know the truth. Those who downplay the truth will always suffer the consequences from not knowing it and living in it!

Does identifying the truth by stating exactly what someone does constitute hate talk? Or does saying nothing in the face of aberrance make you a participant in that aberrance? I have repeatedly stated the facts about DJT with treatises, memes and sayings in order to identify just what this man is doing and yet I am attacked, chastised or ridiculed because I speak the truth about him. For over a year I have detailed just what this man has done to honest business people who provided services to him, how much he has lied, controlled, dominated and manipulated the facts to suit his agenda and detailed just how dangerous he truly is.

Yet, when I post the truth I get from one commenter that my meme is “foolish, non-productive, hate talk [that] only creates more division.” My response was, “Hate talk? How about reality? That's what this man does and people need to know the truth. Those who downplay the truth will always suffer the consequences from not knowing it and living in it!” If you believe that a liar, cheat and deceiver of the truth is somehow going to make your livelihood better then you are not only a fool, but a raging moron as well. You can backbite at me about name-calling all you want by I will call a spade a spade because I live for the truth, in the truth and by the truth.

Yes, I have made many mistakes in my life like all of you; however, I have learned from my mistakes as some of you have. When you soft pedal what a Fascist is blatantly doing you are NOT helping anyone! Speak the truth and stand firm on it. As I have said many times before; I voted for Nixon and I LEARNED my lesson! Those of you who have voted for this Fascist Pig are complicit in what he is doing. He is cutting funding to the social safety net of this country to bolster the military and the military industrial complex for him and his cronies to make TRILLIONS of dollars for themselves. If you are too stupid to see this then no one can help you; except yourself. Don’t believe me! Go to the library and READ about history and what Fascism has done to our world.

Stop denying the deaths of millions when a madman has too much power. See the truth and speak it no matter what and the nay-sayers be damned! They will reap what they have sown and so will you if you live in a lie. May God forgive you for your adherence to your beliefs over the Divine knowledge that you have at your disposal yet refuse to seek it out learn and from it. Stop fighting and resisting and start allowing this world to be a paradise by removing the evil of the plutocratic liars. Stop sprinkling fairy dust on evil and going about your way believing you have done your best. Send Divine love and do something to help all of us. Get involved and be blessed!!! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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A dear friend of mine forwarded this link to me concerning the purpose of DJT becoming elected  despite him NOT winning the popular vote.

If you believe in what is said in this treatise then that is your right. However, flamboyant talk of things interpreted by the writer I have chosen to take with a grain of salt.

If you have the time, then please read this and weigh the conclusions against your own understandings. Please click this link and if you have the time. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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It continues to amaze me that people ignore the fact that fighting and resisting only creates more of what they don't want.

When you allow things to be as they are and proact to co-create a reality that you want instead of re-creating more of what you don't want you are on the right path.

Fighting and resisting only co-creates more fighting and resisting. Wake up everyone! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.








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I am not online to seek approval from anyone. I am not online to convert people to my way of thinking and gain allies. I do not say what I say to influence anyone one way or the other. I am here to speak the truth as it is revealed to me and if you don’t like what I say then challenge me, berate me and vilify me all that you want. I have learned over the past almost 63 years of my life how to investigate the facts; research the proponents of those facts; and to go deep within to my center of well-being to value those facts. If you so choose to not believe what I have to say I could care less. Your beliefs are NOT my concern whatsoever.

My concern is to eradicate all erroneous beliefs with Divine knowing; to teach others how to investigate and research; to teach others to observe and know more than observe and perceive what they want to believe. The devil in the details always comes from erroneous beliefs that yearn to manifest selfish agendas. I have performed my due diligence in spending the time to thoroughly investigate the facts and research the proponents of those facts. I spend the time verifying those facts and validating the occurrences of those facts BEFORE I speak.

If you cannot handle my due diligence and choose to attack me with your passionate and self-serving repertoire of lashes from your yearnings to manifest your selfish agendas, that is your problem and NOT mine. Only until you start listening to your heart that your prime duty is to the truth and not your version of the truth will you keep yourself endlessly on the hamster wheel of mediocrity. I, for one, have chosen a long time ago to stand firm on the truth by making the time to find it out EXACTLY what it is. If you so choose to deny that, again, that is YOUR problem and NOT mine. Your selfish yearnings to win at all costs have always revealed your lack of interest in the truth. Be blessed despite your selfishness and choices to live in that more than the truth. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.




Is Living In Wealth Your Divine Right?

The Spirituality Guidance Channel


I have been made aware by some that I am not only down on successful businessmen, but religions as well. Only small minds with limited scopes would read this assessment into my writings. It is not that I am down on successful businessmen and religions, It IS that I am down on those who take advantage of others in the guise that they are helping people when in fact they are ONLY helping themselves. Take DJT, for example. Some have raved about how much he has given to charity. Hmmm. Have they ever checked that out? Hardly!

He has promised to give from his Celebrity Apprentice show to being a candidate for POTUS and has NOT followed through. His million dollar donation to the Veterans of this country never happened! And now he has signed an Executive Order that could result in a cut in Veterans’ pay. What do you think that a former soldier with PTSD will do when he cannot make ends meet? Will he still support the Spray Tanned Loudmouth or will he lay in wait to plant one between his eyes?

Another one is the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, John Schnatter. This guy is a piece of work. He builds a sprawling mansion from his success surrounded by a moat but had cut his employees hours back because he claimed that Obamacare would ruin his business. Hmmm. My issue has always been WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR SUCCESS? Do you help your employees and others by providing stellar products and services or do you selfishly hoard your profits for yourself only? It is what you do with what you have that you have been blessed with that truly counts.

Take religion, for example. Are the churches in your community reaching out to those ‘less blessed’ than its constituents or are they continually building new buildings and buying the pastors Cadillacs? If you are divinely inspired to help people do you only do that by what you believe you must do or by what your situation demands you must do? Did Yeshua travel on a gold-plated wagon hauled by humans? No, he walked or rode a donkey on occasion. He got down in the dirt with those who had nothing AND ate with Matthew the tax collector that was hated by the other disciples. They had issue with him because he did this. Yeshua took his mission to where it needed to be heard; not only where it was convenient to be heard!

Yeshua defined exactly what was important and both some successful businessmen and some religious leaders totally ignore that message. They redefine what Christ said and rearrange it to make themselves more comfortable. I applaud those who are successful from the dedication of their workers when they allow them to participate in profit sharing and incentives. I applaud religious leaders when they move their constituents to serve the members of their communities with help. I do not applaud anyone who rejects sharing Divine love and hoards their bounty for themselves. Some have come down very heavy on pastors like Joel Osteen and Pat Robertson. Personally I enjoy Osteen’s positive and uplifting message but don’t like Pat Roberson’s dour and divisive message. However, both have contributed millions to helping others around the world. Osteen’s missionaries help many in Africa and Robertson’s hospital ships help many in Africa and India.

WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR BLESSINGS IS WHAT COUNTS!!! Not for others to witness you praying in public at the wall of mass observance; but within your inner sanctum of Divine love. The difference between Trump and Schnatter in relation to Osteen and Robertson is that the latter are helping others with ongoing support while the former are only out for themselves. If you cannot, or will not, see the difference, then you are the one who is so selfishly mediocre that you will never see the truth. The truth moves you from within to do great things in our shared reality. When you don’t serve others with your talents, skills and abilities you are selfishly hoarding the expressions of Divine love because you value fear over faith. Faith brings you into Divine trust and you can only ‘faithe’ your life until you eliminate your choices of doubt, worry and fear. Go to where you are needed and share your gifts with others. Be the change you wish to see by giving of yourself in Divine service to others. You WILL be blessed! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The Spirituality Post


When those who don’t have a clue how to serve others are elevated to a position that requires them to know HOW to serve others we have allowed the fox to take charge of the hen house.

A fox will always do what is instinctively programmed into it and no amount of your belief will ever change that fact.  If you believe that it will, you are foolish, selfish and totally unaware of reality.

You are not only fooling yourself but jeopardizing others to fulfill your sick and twisted agendas. Wake the fuck up!!! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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To all of those who proclaim “Thus sayeth the Lord” or “It is written” I have news for you. Speaking for the Divine has its merits and its drawbacks. Your interpretation of Divine knowledge stops when your ego demands that it is followed to the letter. Wherever it is written, some MAN or WOMAN wrote it down! Which means it is subject to interpretation, agenda manifestation and downright 'alternative facts'!

Preaching fear from sheepherders over 2000 years ago always brings down the house! If you so choose to believe what others experienced so long ago that is your right! It is also your right to uphold and defend Literary Authoritarianism. However, just because you do does NOT give you the right to impose it on ANYONE else! If you do, you are operating more from your own selfish ego than the Spirit of God.

Remember that the next time you feel like telling others what to believe, how to believe it and why they should believe it. It is NOT your job to inflict your beliefs on anyone because you have decided what you read in some book is the truth and nothing but the truth. And the tag line, “So help you God!” ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


What is legal is not always what is right. But how can this be? Legal means that which is permitted and authorized by law. It means that its inherent authority is derived from laws that were crafted by people. In some religions it means that ‘salvation’ is gained by performing good works rather than grace freely given. The origin of the word legal (legalis in Latin) is to gather a collection of rules that we all agree to follow in a social contract. What is right means what is good, proper or just. When something is right it is in conformity with fact, reason, truth or some standard principles that have been agreed upon as correct.

Being right can be a judgment, an opinion or an action that is appropriate, desirable or favorable to oneself or others. It means that what you are doing is in good order as a result of an event, occurrence, situation, circumstance or the behavior of objects and/or people is necessary to bring about desired results that are beneficial to all. Sometimes what is legal is right and what is right is legal. However, sometimes the two do NOT meet the same ends. For example, slavery was legal but was it right? Approaching Native American lands with tanks and National Guard might be legal, but is it right?

Those who are in power that craft the laws use whatever means that are available to them to enforce THEIR version of OUR laws. This is NOT being right even though it MIGHT be legal. We as people of this country need to align what is right with what is legal and what is legal with what is right. If you do nothing you are contributing to what is NOT right; even though it might be legal.

Doing what is illegal is sometimes what is required to bring about what is right. This is the heart of Civil Disobedience. Not to riot or burn; but to bring about positive change into what is right AND legal. Stand firm on what is right even though it might not be legal. Why? Because when you live a lie you will become victim to its repercussions. Be the shining city on the hill by supporting what is right above all else. Otherwise, what is legal will ride right over you and squelch what is right within you. Be firm and always stand on the truth. It IS what is right! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Fret not, dear ones. The evil of Donald J. Trump and his corrupt administration will only last for a season. The saying “nature abhors a vacuum’ comes to mind. What does this idiom mean? “Aristotle once postulated, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Meaning that any empty space must be filled with something, even if that something is hot air. ... First is an active process of creating the vacuum and second is the lack of anything filling the empty space.” ~Wikipedia.

Scientifically, the term horror vacui (Latin) or plenism, which is the philosophical theory that there are no vacuums in nature, is the translation of the idiom. Basically it figuratively means that ‘as soon as a beggar who used to work a corner left, another one showed up.’ In other words, if there is a gap, something will fill it. According to some conservative proponents, this means that because Obama moved us more to the left, that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump HAD to move us more right. However, some psychologists believe that it is human nature that abhors a vacuum and NOT nature. We formulate thoughts in our minds into beliefs by repeating them to the point where they are plausible, and then ultimately believable. When they become engrained in our value system we become passionate about them and believe that they ensure our self-survival.

The vacuum we create is our egos convincing us that our beliefs MUST be manifested in order to maintain OUR order in the soup of collective chaos. This is so far from the truth it is completely ignorant of how the laws of nature, which predicate the laws of human nature, actually work. For one thing, there is NEVER a vacuum. Even empty space contains dark energy which is the major repulsive force in nature. Anytime your thoughts are consistent enough to become beliefs the repulsive force of dark energy co-creates exactly the opposite of what you desire along with what you desire. We live in a soup of unseen energies and matter that influence and are influenced by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, actions and behaviors. We interact in this soup and ignore the unseen in favor of the seen because it is what we have been taught by others and from our own limited experiences.

What is beyond our sensual experiences in this soup known as the Perceived Dualistic Reality we come to know what exists beyond polar opposites and the shades of grey in between. The ebb and flow of this soup is determined by the passionate energies of individuals WHETHER THEY ARE RIGHT OR WRONG; beneficial or detrimental; favorable or unfavorable to ourselves and others. Why is such a Fascist Pig as DJT in power with his over the top lunatics that will try to undo everything that Obama has done? Because they passionately believe that their conservative stance is the Godly one! This is so far from the truth because the only God that they have is the almighty DOLLAR! Watch every move that they make and you will see that it involves them profiting somehow.

Electors voted for Trump because they were promised key land grabs in Russia and its outlying countries. That is why HRC had 2.8 million more votes and the Electoral College nixed her lead. How else could this have happened when they were supposed to align their votes with the popular votes? Greed, avarice and selfishness are the hallmarks of ‘conservative values! (?)’ The pendulum has swung to the other side because fear, hatred and lust for power has been passionately expressed by deplorable, despicable and self-serving people who want to control the flow of our resources. Why? Because every time we use water, energy, land and food they make an enormous profit.

If you can’t see this then I sincerely hope the veil will be lifted someday for you to understand that if you resist and fight, things will continue to present themselves FOR you to resist and fight. It is only when you allow what is occurring in the now will you be able to PROACT with love instead of REACT with fear. May God bless all of you with peace, understanding, joy and Divine love everlasting! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


When you allow that which takes away from life to flourish unchecked and unrestrained by the laws that govern all of us you have committed a grave crime against all of us.

You have made what you believe is important more relevant than what IS important. You have isolated yourself as being better than the rest of us and it is you who truly better at all.

It is you who have sacrificed all that is good and supportive to fulfill what you believe is best for you and you alone. You ARE deplorable! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.










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When you have to cheat to win your own repressed guilt will be the source of your undoing! Listen up Trump! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

When you investigate the facts and research the proponents of those facts you come to see exactly what IS the truth and what isn't. Alternative facts are falsehoods that yield opinions that are based on erroneous beliefs. That's a fact, jack! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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Selfishness is always predicated by an inherent attitude that your needs are more important than others. It is a feeling of entitlement that you justify in order ‘feel’ better about yourself. Why? Because your past decisions have rendered results that you deem less than stellar? Or is it because your self-image needs constant reinforcement because you always seek the easiest path?

Whatever it may be, if you only think more of ‘me’ than ‘we’ you ARE selfish! Learn to think more of ‘we’ than ‘me’ and you will see just what you have been missing. The juice of life is in sharing Divine love everlasting. This is where your true heart resides and until you live ‘from’ there, you will remain on the hamster wheel of self-edification that will tire you out until you fall off and demand that others pick you up.

Stand firm by sharing your talents, skills and abilities with all in Divine service. This is how you put your heart into action and better our shared world! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


I cling to life and the possibilities for growth and expansion despite the appearance of detrimental circumstances. As I am attacked and chastised by those who act holier than thou I am relieved in the knowing that I have done the work that has been given to me by the Divine.

As I pray for growth and expansion I am confronted with threats and challenges that appear insurmountable. Do I choose to believe in their possibilities and supposed inevitable results or do I let these beliefs go and choose Divine knowing? As I meditate to receive Divine guidance I know that the Divine is my source and that abundance is surrounding me despite the appearance of lack and limitation.

I am comforted in the knowing that I have been blessed, am blessed now and will be blessed. Whatever befalls me I will always trust in the Divine to guide me and light my path. I choose to commit Divine service by sharing my talents, skills and abilities with everyone. I seek only to live from my Divine heart and share Divine love.

Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your lives. You have blessed me with friendship, understanding and support. May God bless all of you and your families now and evermore! Be blessed, dear ones. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Melania Trump is the wife of a Fascist and chose to be with him. Her choice to not be at the WH might not be hers at all. However, her call girl past seems to have escaped the evangelicals. Hmmmm. They forgive only when it is convenient for them to forgive.

Just like DJT signed an executive order to install Steve Bannon in NSC and he didn't even know he signed it. Hmmm. And you are worried about Sharia law? What about Trump being owned by Putin and his 5 oligarchs? Doesn't that constitute overthrowing the government?

She cannot reduce women to the level of a dog since that is where she came from. A hooker first lady. Wake up! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Trump supporters: Were you born stupid or did you really have to work at it?

Get off of your ever-widening asses and go to the library to learn the truth instead of parroting Faux News talking points and Kellyanne Con-job's 'alternative facts'!

Pull your head out of your rectal cave of stinkin’ thinkin’ and learn the truth BEFORE you put your foot in your mouth!

Those who parrot and don’t research always reveal just how stupid they truly are! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


How can being what you want attract what you want? Actually, it’s quite simple. When you make the conscious choice to move in a direction of growth and expansion all of the energies you need are co-created from the unseen realm into the seen realm simply by making the decision to move in that direction. But how can this be? Since when do simple decisions or choices affect what cannot be seen? How do conscious choices actually affect the outcome of desires and yearnings?

Just like putting a rock in a stream alters the flow of the water down the stream, our choices deflect the flow of energies both seen and unseen. The rock is making a physical statement or declaration that it will stay focused on occupying this space at this time for a desired purpose. All seen matter congeals along the scaffolding of dark matter; matter that cannot be sensed but possesses gravitational energies.

This is how galaxies, star clusters, stars and solar systems are created. Once they are congealed into dense matter, which are slower moving energies, the dark energy of empty space repulses congealed matter at a rate 3 times faster than the rate at which it was created because in the act of creation empty space grows in proportion to that of creative expansion. Like the rock in the stream deflects the flow of water, your choices and decisions to see the end result fulfilled move the soup of energies that surround you, penetrate you and move through you to co-create that which you hold firm as your desire.

So, if you want to attract that which you desire the most you must BE that which you desire. You must see the end result and feel the joy of living in it. This will move the mountains of the omniverse to co-create that which you desire. It is you that has this power and it is you that must use this power to fulfill your innermost dreams. Be focused, be perfect and be blessed! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


I have been chastised again by some holier than thou types coming down on me because I have a ‘colorful personality’. After digging deeper, I decided to relay the definition of this term psychologically and then define it according to Spirituality.

Psychologically, a colorful personality is one who “seems to have a great deal in common with socially exploitative trait profiles known as "dark personalities" (Paulhus, 2014). The most well-known taxonomy of these profiles is the "Dark Triad"—psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism” [psychologytoday.com].

So, in this sense, a colorful personality is “a subclinical form of histrionic personality disorder, which refers to a pattern of attention-seeking behavior featuring exaggerated, even theatrical displays of emotion and shallow relationships” [psychologytoday.com].

Interesting, but not complete in the sense of understanding Spiritual motivations! In a spiritual sense, “A Colorful Personality” can be one who’s Spirituality is NOT contingent upon others’ assessments of whom and what they are! Following are 5 essentials of Spirituality that determine whether or not one is expressing their true spiritual natures:

  1. My Spirituality is NOT contingent upon your beliefs about how I should think, feel, believe, speak, act or behave.
  2. My Spirituality is NOT contingent upon whether or not I do or do not do something that you believe I should or should not do.
  3. My Spirituality is NOT contingent upon your acceptance or denial of me as a person expressing themselves as they are instead of a person creating a false image of who they are.
  4. My Spirituality is NOT contingent upon how you value my expressions or how you interpret what I believe, say or do.
  5. My Spirituality is NOT contingent upon external events, occurrences, situations, circumstances or the behaviors of objects or beings.

What you think, feel, believe, say, act or do concerning my individual expression of my Spirituality is none of my business. It is plainly your assessment of me and NOT what I am. I am a living, breathing expression of Divine love and your assessment of that is NOT what I need to continue to express myself spiritually.

If you don’t like who I speak of, what I say about them, where I criticize their behaviors, how I speak the truth about myself and others, when I say it or why I even do what I do, then that is your right and I will always support that right. However, know this; I will be who I am because that is what I was created for to express and I don’t care what you think, feel, believe, say or do concerning how I express myself. You shouldn’t care either because you were created to express yourself just as you are.

Never allow the criticism of others concerning you being whom and what you were created to be to change who you truly are because you don’t think, feel, believe, say or do what they believe you should be doing. That is their problem and NOT yours! Being spiritual means that you are an honest relayer of FACTS and not supposition based on agenda manifestation! When you live in the truth, by the truth and for the truth, amazing things happen in your life.

Be amazed and never withdrawn because someone ‘feels’ you should be expressing yourself as they ‘believe’ you should. Be yourself! After all, God does NOT create garbage but instead perfect spiritual beings designed to share Divine love everlasting! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.