To all of those who have lost their loved ones to gun violence, know this. The Divine has their spirit in His bosom.

They are now impenetrable and know love completely. Worry not about how violent and painful their deaths were.

They are now at peace and know the purity of Divine love everlasting! It is up to us to stop how violently they died by shutting down the evil ones who live in fear and loathing of the truth.

Be at peace, dear ones. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Guru Question
by Jeff Belyea, PhD.


It is truly wonderful when people stop anthropomorphizing that which is Spirit and start living from the presence of the Spirit of God within.

Why? Because attributing human characteristics to that which is eternal not only limits your perceptions of the Divine but diminishes your ability to share Divine love with all! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Elizabeth and I would like to invite you all to our site ‘Service In Prayer’. For many months we have been led to offer a way for our online friends to have a forum to share our prayer needs with each other.

The purpose of this website is to connect with one another and share our needs for healing in whatever areas we feel we need. Please visit the website or go to the Facebook forum to post any public prayers on the Wall or PM us for private prayers.

We will pray for you or help you to find Prayer Partners to assist you in healing and realization of your Divine purpose and the unfolding of it in Divine order.

Thank you all for your support, kindness and for blessing us with your ongoing friendship. Peace and blessings to all of you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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To all religious believers who assign human characteristics to the Divine, I say this!

When you elevate what some sheepherder or religious leader said over 2000 years ago over the life of a human being, you are despicable, reprehensible and downright evil. Take your bullshit God that you worship and stick it where the Sun don’t shine. I’m sure it will put a smile on your face. You see, when you judge the behavior of others you will be judged and you are too stupid to see that.

May God bless your wretched soul and give peace to all of those whom you have persecuted, disrespected and maligned. You already have your own reward and you are to oblivious to see it. The message of all leaders of the great religions is to love your neighbor as yourself. When you put them down, you are putting yourself down.

Go ahead, make your day by thinking that you are in the right and that nobody else is. You have sealed your own fate while you live in fear and loathing of that which is a part of you. Someday you might wake up and see that your neighbor is yourself. Until then, keep believing instead of knowing and see just where that gets you. May God have mercy on your wretched soul! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Evil only grows when you allow it to exist unchecked by the truth. If you don’t want to see and hear of anymore deaths of innocent people then it is time for you to rise up and make the change. Go to the booth, flick the lever and vote the evil out.

Anyone who allows children, women and men and those with alternative lifestyles to live in fear and die at the hands of the emotionally and mentally unstable, has no place in our government making laws that affect all of us.

They are evil because they take bribes from lobbyists, corporations and billionaires instead of serving, “We the people.” Do what you have to do and VOTE them out! The ball is in your court; volley it towards peace and justice for all! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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The only problem with crooked politicians is that their constituents are low information voters that vote along party lines to keep the politicians’ pockets lined with the fruits of other peoples’ sweat and labors. They are despicable! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Wayne LaPierre and the NRA thugs need to go. They need to lose their non-profit tax status, be disbanded and never again be able to buy off our representatives.

They are despicable, reprehensible and downright evil. As long as they exist, we will be under their wicked influence and will never be able to live in peace.

Get rid of them before they get rid of all of us. BTW, take Mitch McConnell with them! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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by Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Foresight is 20/10 when the spin on history is discarded by those who record the FACTS and NOT the skewed opinions of anyone! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The hands and fingers express what the heart resounds, while the mouth and face reflect the truth that is found! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The mind is a byproduct of the brain and body while the spirit is the originator of both. Go within to the Source of all life each and every day and the mind will be free to learn truth, beauty and order while the heart will be free to feel Divine presence, Divine will and Divine love. Be perfect in peace, understanding, joy and Divine love and all you divinely desire will be added unto you. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

“There is a difference between ignorance and racism. Racism is knowing the truth and denying it. Ignorance is not knowing the truth and thinking you do.” ~Leland Small

Be Ye Therefore Perfect! by Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Custom Fine Art by F.R. Rittenhouse


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Welcome to our new Sunday Morning Service by Dr. Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Every week Dr. Dean will be engaging subjects that are pertinent to your growth and expansion into recognition of; respect to; and communication with your inner spirit.

Please feel free to comment or suggest topics for review. May the Divine always bless you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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Here is a picture of an American traitor. His treasonous behavior has resulted in gridlock, lack of initiating needed laws and his shady family business dealings where their businesses’ ships have been caught smuggling cocaine into this country.

This man is evil. He cares not for anyone except himself and his cronies while he makes millions off of the backs of decent hardworking Americans.

Get rid of this miserable excuse for a human being and maybe, just maybe, we will be able to move forward in a positive direction and remove the stench of this selfish and evil man! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Conservatives always prove the entire point of a liberal or progressive expression because they can’t help themselves from taking the bait. Give a conservative a bone and he'll rip off all of the meat without any care about anyone else. Regressive intelligence at its peak because the conservatives’ whole belief system is based on having more than the other guy because they fear that there is not enough to go around and that they will be left out. They simply can’t tell the difference between ego and spirit because if they did, they wouldn’t be living in fear and they would be living in love.

There is no way that they can get around this yet they still take stabs at those who clearly see their fear and loathing and how it is paramount in their lives. They will lie, cheat and steal the truth to meet their manifest agenda while they don’t give a damn about anyone else in life. Liberals and progressives! Learn that no matter how much you tell them the truth, backup what you say with cold hard facts and demonstrate to them that they are dead wrong, they will always run in fear to protect their erroneous beliefs and remain steadfast on their opinions instead of looking clearly at the facts.

Don’t allow their inability to clearly see the truth to frustrate, diminish or anger you. They cannot, and will not, ever see beyond their own reflection because everything that they have built their lives on will crumble right before their eyes. Without exercising fear, they have no purpose and will to live. Let them be and go about your way. Spend your time living with people who appreciate each other and contribute to the growth and expansion of ‘we’ instead of just ‘me’.

Conservatives eat their own and will die out eventually along with their antiquated and evil agendas. Remember, the difference between you and them is that you always allow the truth and spirit to guide you while their fear infuses their egos with control, domination and manipulation. Trust in the Spirit of God over your limited ego and know that living for the mutual respect of ALL living beings is the path to peace, understanding, joy and Divine love everlasting! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The Spirituality Guidance Channel


When Conservatives continually use temporal egoic definitions in the face of spiritual hard facts it is most disconcerting. Every time things are explained in spiritual absolutes based on the facts, Conservatives try to diminish their value by attempting to make them egoic and temporal. Close, but no cigar. They will always keep trying!

As with all conservative fear shrouding, it can only go as far as those who are ignorant of the facts 'believe' it is so. If you drop a hammer over your toes it will hurt depending upon how far it has dropped.

Don’t allow any conservative ‘spin’ of the facts to diminish the obvious results based on their limited scope of the situation and the possible fear that something ’could’ possibly happen over what would probably happen. Be discerning more than being judgmental! Peace. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Republicans remind me of the ‘boy who cried wolf’. They continually and repeatedly make up things to justify their antiquated and morose political positions. They do this to feel justified in what their limited tunnel vision observes. You see, if you believe in limited resources, you must find a way to profit from the flow of those resources or you will be left ‘out in the cold’. This way of thinking is fear based and NOT trusting in the Divine Spirit of God to guide you to discover ways and means of tapping into resources that you hadn’t even thought of and considered.

However, there are some Republicans who know that resources aren’t limited but, by design, want to make as much profit off of those resources by ‘spoon-feeding’ them to us at a huge profit to them. They care NOT about you, your family or friends; they only care about their bottom line! Don’t be fooled by their cries that the wolf is coming; that the wolf is here; or that the wolf has slaughtered your way of life. Don’t buy into their fear mongering! Allow the Spirit of God within you to mold and shape your experiences to reflect that which you were created to be by unfolding your Divine purpose in Divine order perfectly.

Their skew on reality is what causes the cost of goods and services to rise while the wages you are paid to help them generate profits stay the same. You are being baited while they switch their investment strategies to milk the earth of all of the oil, natural gas and coal while the best source of energy, the Sun, remains largely untapped until they can strategize their profit margin from it. They are unscrupulous, self-centered and EVIL! Stop listening to their false cries and sooner or later the wolf will arrive and eat them while we are developing our own collective strategies to incorporate ‘free’ energy into our lives! Be perfect and patient in how you live while blocking out the din and chaos of their negative chatter. Peace be with you all! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.





















Racism is when a person down deep inside knows better about the equality of another and chooses to believe what they want them to be over what they actually are!

It is altering the reality that we are all one in the spirit in order to separate, divide and distinguish others for their own personal agenda and self-aggrandizement.

It is choosing ‘me’ over ‘we’ and using that choice as an excuse to justify their selfish yearnings over our mutual desires to live in peace, understanding, joy and Divine love everlasting.

Be perfect in knowing that we are all the same on the inside no matter how we appear on the outside. Peace. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.




Is Living In Wealth Your Divine Right?


We are watching online the demise of the Republican Party, the demise of lobbyists and corporate bribery and the demise of big money controlling our representatives to do their bidding. WE THE PEOPLE have risen up to take back control of our democracy.

WE THE PEOPLE have had enough of greed and avarice. WE THE PEOPLE have decided to take our power back.

Stand with all of the representatives sitting in on our democratic process and STOP the evil ones who care not for you or me and only care to get richer and richer off the back of decent middle class hard working people.

Jam up the social network! Call the representatives! STAND YOUR GROUND!!! Pray for all of those who have said, “I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!” ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The Spirituality Guidance Channel


House Speaker Paul Ryan stated that “this is nothing more than a publicity stunt by the Democrats.” Another Republican puppet stated that the Democrats are using the sit-in to raise money by emails. This is exactly why the Reps don’t get it! They have NO heart! They NEVER will ‘get it’ because their strings are being pulled by unscrupulous and evil people who put profit over lives, greed over happiness and selfishness over selflessness.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, when speaking to the crowd outside of the Capitol Building said, “You have given us hope. Hope is not lost. It’s where it always has been; right between Faith and Love!” Our awakened and aware leaders of Congress on both sides of the aisle KNOW what the people want and are willing to stand up to the iron hand of big business. I could not sleep tonight because of their courage. I got up and prayed and thanked God for their tenacity and bravery.

Some gun toting yahoo might drive by on his pickup shouting “I’m proud to be a‘Merican based on some stupid erroneous belief he has dreamt up in his head and felt in his tiny heart; but tonight, this morning and from now on I am proud to be an American because of what those people of courage and honor have done. They have the spirit of the colonists who stood up to British tyranny in the late 1700’s. They said we will not be ruled by an iron fist that is only out to serve itself while stepping on those who serve its ‘image’.

Email, call and post on Social Media. Sing with those who have heart, soul and Divine purpose. Sing with them, “We shall overcome!!!” ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The Spirituality Post


Wait a minute! Didn't Rush Limbaugh say that there is no such thing as global warming? Do you mean, Rush is wrong? Oh my God. It's true that some people make a living talking out of their big fat asses! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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What does it mean when someone is negligent? Does it just mean to be lazily careless, to disregard, pay no attention to, be remiss in care or treatment of, omit through indifference or fail to carry out or use? Or is neglect the product of a focus on the yearnings of one’s ego over the needs, wants, desires and expectations of others? In the legal world there are two types of negligence: contributory and comparative. If you contributed to the cause of an accident by acting in a manner that broke established driving laws, then you have ‘contributed’ to the occurrence of the accident. If you didn’t break any laws in the occurrence of the accident, then your involvement is ‘comparative’ to the one who caused it.

When your percentage of liability in the accident is below 50%, most insurance companies pay off your claim because your comparative involvement in the accident did NOT cause the accident. In determining negligence, there are 4 main elements of negligence: Duty, Breach of Duty, Causation and Harm. But how does this apply to our lives directly? Are we purposefully negligent of ourselves and others to convenience our selfish yearnings? Or are we simply making excuses to be negligent because we believe it is too much work and takes too much of our time? Whatever it may be, we contribute to our negligent behavior by comparing our needs, wants, desires and expectations with others to determine what is of value in our lives. We all have a duty to each other to respect, care for and love one another.

We need to understand the laws of the omniverse and obey them in order respect one another. It is when we breach that duty that problems arise. How do we do this? By listening mostly to our selfish egos and NOT the Spirit of God! The spirit within continually guides us through its still small voice; it is we who choose to listen to the chaotic loud voice of our egos more than the inner spirit. When we focus more on ‘me’ than ‘we’, we set singularities of causation into effect in the soup or sea of “unseen” energies present in the omniverse. Causation can be divided into two areas legally; causation in fact and proximate cause. If someone does something that interferes with, hurts or harms you in some way, then their behavior is ‘causation in fact’. If the causation of your harm came from only them and not something else, then the proximate cause of your harm, in actuality, came only from them.

If what someone does actually causes harm to you, then you have a right legally to seek compensatory damages from them. If the sequence of events in the causation of your harm came directly from a particular person, then they are not only responsible for its cause but also accountable for the result of their causal behavior. This not only applies to what others do to YOU, but what you do to yourself! When we neglect listening to the still small voice of the Spirit of God within, we are, in effect, causing our separation from the wisdom of the spirit and putting trust in our selfish and limited egos. We are, in effect, causing our own problems by choosing the low reactive road of mental concepts, emotional beliefs and physical manifestations over the revelation of the inner spirit. Our duty is to listen to our intuition and stop allowing our egos to rule our lives. We breach this duty when we allow our selfish yearnings to take precedent over sharing our talents, skills and abilities in Divine service to others.

By actively sharing Divine love with all we are co-creating singularities of causation (projections) that set “unseen” energies into motion that manifest our deepest desires (reflections). We ARE the cause of our effects! Are we causing harm to ourselves and others or are we causing joy? Are we giving and sharing Divine love or are we only out for our own gain? Are we damaging the fulfillment of our innermost desires by the choices we make in following our inner spirit or our egos? We are responsible for the choices we make and we are accountable for the results that are manifested. When we learn this important lesson and apply it each and every day to our lives, we begin and continue to live in ongoing peace, understanding, joy and Divine love. We create our own fulfillment of our desires and live in health, wealth, prosperity and abundance each and every day of our lives.

We ARE living from our own heaven on earth instead of the chaotic hell of egotistical confusion and self-aggrandizement. Be perfect in your following your duty to yourself and others by causing no harm to anyone; especially yourself! Peace. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Some Republicans have stated the ‘sit-in’ that occurred this week was a waste of time. What is a waste of time for some is making a statement for others.

When those who control the power of the parliamentary procedures (Republicans) ignore those who are actually defending their constituencies (Democrats), reveals that their ownership of power is more important than the statement being made.

By their selfish actions the statement became louder, more clear and indisputable. The overlords are on the way out! The only way they ever get power is in the mid-terms when voter turnout is low.

Don’t allow it to be this way again. Stop the obstructionists from riding herd on the majority of people seeking a good life for their families. Stand up, flick the voting lever and be heard. That is what will stop them; and YOU can do it! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


What is knowing? Is it the deliberate revelation of some secret knowledge? Is it an astute intention from perceiving and understanding the truth? Is it the highest form of the elevation of possibility through probability into certainty? Or is it your perceptions being fixed in your memory due the repeated occurrences of your experience yielding similar results? Knowing is not only an understanding of your experiences; it is the ability to differentiate between common occurrences and integrate a working pattern of behavior that yields similar experiential results.

The origin of the word “know” means "with knowledge of truth." Truth is the unfettered, untainted and unchanged knowledge of factual information gathered from individual and collective experience that is repeatedly validated by ongoing experience. When one speaks with authority, it comes from a “knowing” that cannot be understood simply by shared experience. How do we make what is unknown to us known? How do we make what is known to us unknown?

By living from the experience of the Divine presence within. The more we live in the temporal self-centered world the more we separate ourselves from knowing what is unknown by most. The more we live in the spiritual self-sharing world the more we integrate ourselves into knowing what is unknown by most. By daily practicing meditation and bringing your Divine inner presence into your world you enter into the realm of knowing and not just thinking and reacting to your experiences.

You learn to share Divine love with all and bring forth your talents, skills and abilities to the forefront in Divine service. Be perfect in your knowing by allowing Divine intuition to guide your every step. Knowing takes what appears to be separated and integrates it into a working pattern of behavior that always yields similar results. Be ye therefore knowing more than believing! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.






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Me And Friends Sunrise At Two Lions Dawning Of Erato Spiritual Growth: Articles Of Expectation Seventh Major Understanding I Ordered My Future Yesterday Zendor The Contrarian The Prayer That Jesus Prayed Re-Entering Eden A Dialogue With Jesus The Fun Way Of Physical Immortality Philosophy Shift: Twelve keys To Shift Your Life Spirituality: The Awareness Of Reality An Ethiopian Odyssey My Life As A Heathen Miraculous You Bigger Than The Sky Little Book Of Light (Volume 1) The Essential Mind Attract Money Now Love's True home Prosperity Now

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Wait a minute! Didn't Rush Limbaugh say that there is no such thing as global warming? Do you mean, Rush is wrong? Oh my God. It's true that some people make a living talking out of their big fat asses! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Are you worshiping a personal deity or respecting an infinite one? ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



Asking, Seeking, Knocking Aspects Of Humanity Attitudes To Be A Foursquare Approach To Unfolding Your Divine Purpose In Divine Order What Is Judgment? Maturity Overcoming The Seven Habits Of People Who Completely Trust In God How Do I Discover The Truth?

Live It On The Outside Love Cures A Step Away Thunderfunkfusion Angel Life


The unseen exists as that which cannot be sensed but can be known. Knowing the truth creates an individual feeling of surety that cannot be dismissed by the seen world of the senses. Truth is the unfettered, untainted and unchanged knowledge of factual information gathered from individual and collective experience that is repeatedly validated by ongoing experience.

Beliefs are repeated thoughts that you accept as true without testing their veracity and validating their occurrences. Your faith in their truth organizes your beliefs into a belief system. A belief system is a fixed and apparently coherent set of beliefs that you have accepted as true without being able to prove their veracity and validate their occurrences.

Our belief systems become our core values that guide us in the temporal world. However, learning to allow your inner knowing to guide you affords you the opportunity to have your imagination stimulated to allow you to see beyond your senses into the realm of the unseen.

Accepting only the 'seen' and denying the unseen leaves you cold, clinical and unaffected by the spiritual feelings of Divine love that transcend from the unseen into the 'seen'. Live from your center of well-being and co-create more from your knowing than your believing. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Beliefs are nothing more than repeated thoughts that you accept as true without testing their veracity and validating their occurrences.

They are based on observed information, emotional reactions and subjective perceptions. It is your brain that fools you into believing that they are true! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Knowing comes from within. It is the ability to see beyond by feeling the unseen underlying the ‘seen’. Knowing is NOT belief!

It is the perceptions and feelings from the unseen affecting the ‘seen’. Knowing is not confined to the physical perceptions of our five limited physical senses.

It comes from intuitive guidance that is received from the unseen and validated by the ‘seen’. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Atheists think that they know the truth when in reality they only believe they do. They base their reality on the reflections observed by the five physical senses, the filter of their own belief systems and the perceptions of reality made in their brains.

Since our brains always guide us to selfishly seek safety, security and comfort we are always being fooled by what we believe more than by what we know. Knowing only comes when we go beyond our limited senses and ‘see’ the unseen underlying and expressing the 'seen'.

How can you tell that Atheists believe more than know? Because in their arguments concerning reality they are dogmatic, inflexible and limited in their abilities to see beyond what is sensed. Don’t buy into their weak argument.

They cannot prove that the Divine doesn’t exist and will NEVER be able to because as long as they live only by what is physically sensed, they are ‘believing’ more than knowing! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


What we perceive as being ‘empty’ space in the omniverse is, in actuality, matter, energy, dark matter and dark energy existing in potential form. It appears as being a fabric of nothingness in a vacuum because our senses cannot observe its quantum interactions. Matter and anti-matter annihilate one another and cancel each other out releasing pure positive and negative energy. But where does this pure energy go? It refolds into the positive gravitational forces of dark matter and unfolds into the negative anti-gravitational forces of dark energy. High frequency pure energies move freely throughout the omniverse while low frequency energies congeal into all of the matter that we observe with our senses.

Just because we cannot physically sense something doesn’t mean that it is not there. It simply means that we cannot observe it and hence, perceive it with our brains. We can ‘imagine’ its existence by observing its results, however. Mathematics helps us explain the possibilities of what we cannot observe and it also allows us to calculate the probabilities of its existence. However, in order to prove the model of matter, energy, dark matter and dark energy we need to observe it and apply the scientific method; which is limited in by the experimentation of only observed phenomenon with our limited senses. How can we prove anything physically if we cannot see it, hear it, smell it, taste it or touch it?

We can observe and measure the mass of matter and exchange of energy; which comprises only 5% of the entire omniverse. However, we cannot observe and measure the mass of dark matter; we can observe and measure the gravitational force it generates in congealing matter. We cannot observe and measure the energy exchange of dark energy; we can observe and measure the fact that galaxies are accelerating a moving away from the Big Bang at remarkable speeds. It is in the inference of dark matter and dark energy that most people refuse to acknowledge its existence. If things occur in a certain way that have been caused by something that we don’t understand; that is why dark matter and dark energy are call dark; because we cannot observe them directly but we can observe their overall effect.

In fact, the omniverse contains approximately 23% dark matter and about 72% dark energy. It is because of the disproportional amount of dark energy that space ‘appears’ empty. This is where the pure energy of matter and antimatter annihilation goes; into the ‘potential’ energy of ‘empty’ space. It is woven into the fabric of space-time that replicates itself over and over again pushing galaxies away from the Big Bang and expanding the omniverse ad infinitum. Within this fabric of space time the potential energy is equal to that of our Sun burning for billions of years! We cannot directly observe this in ‘empty’ space but we can observe the results and surmise the reason why this is occurring. It is in our imagination that we can combine knowledge obtained from the measuring of facts that become information and the intuitive possibilities that become probabilities that eventually become perceived certainties.

Wisdom is knowing how to use the knowledge that we have obtained by measurement, inference and intuition. Too many scientists get locked only into the world of measuring and observation while not giving enough credence to inference and intuition. It is very much like matter, energy, dark matter and dark energy; that which can be seen is caused by that which is unseen. Only those who have seen beyond the limitations and constraints of measuring and observing know how to infer and intuit that the unseen manifests the 'seen'. Our very consciousness is what gives birth to the majesty of the omniverse.

Don’t allow anyone or anything that is limited by their observations, perceptions and beliefs to convince you that they know something when it is based on limited experiential and sensed evidence. They are the fools who refuse to look behind the curtain and see the Divine intelligence setting the mechanism of the omniverse into motion and re-creating itself over and over again ad infinitum. Be blessed by removing the shroud of limited thinking and KNOWING the truth of Divine creation. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.