As a result of this recent challenge to me from a new friend and her friends, I feel compelled to make a statement. When you claim to someone that you are spiritual and you deny that helping another individual, you are NOT spiritual. I don’t care how many people defend your brilliance and enlightenment; the fact remains, if you were so enlightened you would KNOW that the most Divine act you can commit is to help another. That’s why I responded to this person’s friends in the way I did.

If you feel that you have to correct what anyone else says with your version or ‘belief’ in spirituality, then you are NOT being spiritual. The most spiritual person I know has always said the same thing I have said. I cannot teach anyone anything. You have to go within and find the Divine for yourself.

One of the ways you do this is to serve others with your God-given talents, skills and abilities. I was defriended by another spiritual friend here on Facebook several years ago because I objected to her incessant need to correct me on everything that I said. I do not go to other peoples’ walls and infuse my ‘opinion’ there.

However, our debate started today with a PM from her and I brought it to my wall without mentioning her name. Her friends jumped in defending her and that I had met a ‘master’ and didn’t recognize it. I informed them that she had met her match with me because I will NOT back down to anyone who tries to change what the Divine has revealed to me in meditation. How dare she, or anyone for that matter, tell someone that what has been revealed to them is wrong.

My acid test for my revelations has always been that if it contributes to life and the edification of other AND myself, it is from the Divine. If you teach that you cannot help another find their way, then your teachings are false. If you claim to know ANY Divine truth and it doesn’t reflect love and service, then your teachings are false. If you challenge anyone with your beliefs as being more correct than what the Divine has revealed to them, then your teachings are false. It’s as simple as that. Don’t be fooled by those claiming to be enlightened, a spiritual guide or a master.

As Yeshua said, you will know them by the fruits that they bear. If anyone bears fruits of not helping others, then you should know that they are NOT enlightened. If they were, they would reflect Divine truth and not their own individual relative truth. I wish this person and her friends the best. I want them to know quite clearly that I will NOT back down and accept her version of reality when it is NOT based on Divine truth. May God bless all of you and your families. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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I AM Like by Stephen "Katriel" Wise


Whether the Perceived Dualistic Reality is an illusion or not, doesn’t really matter. What truly matters is that you share Divine love with all by sharing your talents, skills and abilities with other in Divine service.

If you believe that non-duality justifies not helping others, you are fooling yourself. You are clearly revealing that you are selfish, egotistical and NOT caring.

You might help others in your life but until you share Divine love you are spinning your wheels for the recognition of others and not for the sharing of Divine love in your heart.

Be wary of those whose followers claim a teacher’s enlightenment, divinity and brilliance gives them license to NOT share Divine love or help others in need.

Listen to their words, discern their actions and know them by the fruits that they bear. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Buddha clearly said, “You are the enlightenment.” He did not say that your ‘version’ of the world is correct and that you must impose it on others. Christ stated that the “Kingdom of Heaven is within.” He did not say that your version of heaven is more correct than another.

Teachers share what has blessed them within with others WITHOUT imposing their beliefs on others. They give of the Divine love in their hearts freely; not for self-edification, but for true giving.

Anyone who gets aggravated at and challenges anyone who helps others and gives them tools for their individual growth and expansion is NOT operating from a spiritual base. It is pure ego and nothing else. It doesn’t matter whether you believe what I believe or not.

What matters is that you KNOW the Divine within and live from that center of well-being. Everything else is bullshit and self-serving at best. May the Divine bless all of you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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When someone drops bullshit at your doorstep you have choices in how to deal with it. You can attempt to ignore it; however the smell will keep nagging you and your friends won’t come to your door. You can allow it to be and convince yourself that it really doesn’t exist and that you should pay no mind to it at all.

Or you can sweep it up and warn others about who dropped the bullshit so that they can keep an eye out for them when they attempt to drop it on their doorstep. I choose the latter because I cannot stand bullshit; I cannot stand false teachers who try to convince you that what the Divine has revealed to you in your heart is somehow wrong; and I cannot stand followers who have no clue how to lead in their own lives.

You may call me acerbic; you may call me an asshole; you may call me whatever and it will not affect me like water running off of a duck’s back. Why? Because I know that the words of teachers are the fruits of their philosophy. If those fruits reveal something NOT divine, then I will pluck those fruits and cast them into the fire. You see, it’s not about you or me or them; it is about being true to the Spirit of God within by sharing Divine love in service to others.

It is about giving of your blessings to others because you KNOW they are a part of you as much as you are a part of them. Send them packing with Divine love and someday they will realize it and give of themselves to others in Divine service. It is not your problem to convince them or anyone of your version of the truth. It is your problem when you ignore the call of Divine love to help others. Be blessed in your sharing; for in your sharing you ARE blessed! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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A letter to Miss Advaita...

How dare you tell me what I should believe?

How dare you attack my character and put me down as if you are superior?

How dare you accuse me of not giving freely when that is all that I do?

How dare you assume that you have cornered the market on spiritual guidance?

How dare you ask your friends to friend me so they can tout your brilliance?

How dare you condescend to me that somehow you know something about me that you don’t?

How dare you believe that your spiritual understanding is truer than mine?
How dare you?

You do because your ego is so out of control that it feels it must tell me what to believe, how to believe it and why I should believe it. Get over yourself already. Take your beliefs and concepts and sell your packaged contents to those who haven’t spent the time and energy in ferreting out the truth.

Your friends alluded to me that I had met my match when I met you; non-sequitur. It is definitely the other way around. I won’t allow your packaged ‘spirituality’ to influence what the Divine has revealed to me ‘one-on-one’.

You need to grow up and learn that if you are so spiritual, you never tell anyone else what and how they should believe. Take your dual non-duality and keep it to yourself until you learn how to treat people with respect, dignity and equality. Peace, Miss Advaita. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D


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Elizabeth and I would like to invite you all to our site ‘Service In Prayer’. For many months we have been led to offer a way for our online friends to have a forum to share our prayer needs with each other.

The purpose of this website is to connect with one another and share our needs for healing in whatever areas we feel we need. Please visit the website or go to the Facebook forum to post any public prayers on the Wall or PM us for private prayers.

We will pray for you or help you to find Prayer Partners to assist you in healing and realization of your Divine purpose and the unfolding of it in Divine order.

Thank you all for your support, kindness and for blessing us with your ongoing friendship. Peace and blessings to all of you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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Those who have failed to realize that because they managed their own path that it doesn't mean that others have the blessings that they have had.

It's a form of self-inflated ego designed to recognize itself for accomplishment and NOT the guidance of the spirit and the help of others.

Sure, they claim it isn't; but look at it for what it truly is and it is quite obvious. Bootstrapping is OK when it recognizes that we all help each other; however, when it is based alone on individual initiative it is ALL ego! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.





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by Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Be not fooled by those who claim to be spiritual; if they claim to be, they are not. If they are, it is reflected in how well they serve others with Divine love and help them to become whom and what they were created to be. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

I have one nagging question: If it’s all a mind game, and mind doesn’t even exist, then why are the non-dualists even on Facebook seeking converts? Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it? ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Those who see tyranny in the government live in fear of it; the real tyranny is in the corporate plutocratic state of those who think they are better than the rest of us! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Fact remains...one day you are going to ‘wake up’ dead! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Be Ye Therefore Perfect! by Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Be ye therefore perfect means that you act from your inner divinity of Oneness and well-being by respecting all of life. It means that you act compassionately, respectfully and lovingly.

You don’t criticize someone’s values with your beliefs. You trust in the Divine completely without any doubt in being fulfilled perfectly in Divine order.

You step out of your own ego and live from the Spirit of God within. It’s really that simple. However, many make it hard by trusting more in their ego than the Spirit of God.

Be ye therefore PERFECT!!! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Custom Fine Art by F.R. Rittenhouse


What is the Spirituality Guidance Channel? SGC is a video portal designed to introduce spiritually inclined individuals to be exposed to spiritual videos, radio, teachers, music, art, books, resources and links from a selected group of teachers and requests from viewers. Each featured coach/teacher will have their own page highlighting any videos, audios, websites or printed material they have produced. This portal will be regularly promoted on the Internet through social networking and targeted marketing channels. Please visit the website at the following address:
and email me at webproducer@hotmail.com with any suggestions, links or materials. Thank you for your most courteous participation in this project. I welcome your input. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


The Spirituality Guidance Channel

Welcome to our new Sunday Morning Service by Dr. Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Every week Dr. Dean will be engaging subjects that are pertinent to your growth and expansion into recognition of; respect to; and communication with your inner spirit.

Please feel free to comment or suggest topics for review. May the Divine always bless you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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Be whom and what you were created to be no matter what anyone tells you. Go within and allow your inner well-being to flow through you and bless your life. That’s all you need to be fulfilled.

Sharing the Divine love you know is much better than imposing your beliefs on anyone. When form and procedure are more important to you than content and substance you are being ruled by your ego.

Allow that which is the beauty within to shine forth your light into the omniverse. Be ruled by the inner desires of the Spirit of God and not the selfish yearnings of your ego.

You HAVE the free will to choose; choose wisely! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Consultation with Dr. Dean



Read about others’ spiritual experiences to learn more about yours. Do they validate or challenge yours? Are they beneficial or detrimental to an understanding of your experiences?

In learning comes a greater understanding of our collective expressions. Always learn and appreciate the process immensely. Be as a sponge soaking up knowledge and squeezing out wisdom.

What has been freely given should always be freely shared. Be ye therefore spongelike! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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In regard to religious people who believe that they are the chosen ones of God, I say the following: God has chosen ALL of us! When you feel that God has chosen you and you alone you are fooling yourself and filling your egos!

We are ALL children of the Most High and NO ONE has cornered the market on divinity! When any one of us is slighted, abused or neglected it reflects on ALL of us.

Grow up and realize that we are ALL in this together. Stop fighting over what you and the other guy believe! Start loving by knowing what we all have in common.

Be ye therefore an ADULT! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


The Spirituality Guidance Channel



Is it impossible for someone to disrespect us when we respect ourselves? If you believe that then you are being disrespectful of reality. Is it impossible for us to stand by and watch someone else set fire to our house and we do nothing?

We live in a shared reality where people are either selfish or selfless. How we react to or proact from what they do determines whether or not we allow them to disrespect us. Move toward that which edifies all and away from that which takes away from peace, understanding, joy and the sharing of Divine love.

If someone sets fire to your home put out the fire. Don’t just stand there sending them love while you watch it burn to the ground. Be proactive in the aspect of taking care of business first, then be philosophical about it later. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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Extending a helping hand means that you are allowing Divine love to flow through your heart and into your world. It means that know the healing power and that the power doesn’t heal unless it is shared.

When you truly care you help others; whether publicly or privately doesn’t matter. It is the intent of your heart that counts. Never let anyone chastise you for sharing Divine love. If they do, they know not of it.

For in their criticism lies the truth of their real master; their own ego demanding self-recognition. Always share that which was meant to be shared and live in Divine fulfillment. Be ye therefore fulfilled! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.




As long as you believe that things happen ‘to’ you from outside of yourself you are not in touch with the beauty within you.

When you are, you understand that Divine love flows from your inner heart into your world to co-create that which you need to unfold your Divine purpose in Divine order perfectly.

Stop agonizing over things that appear to be happening to you and trust in the Divine within. Until you do, you will be subject to that which ‘appears’ to be controlling you when in fact it is you who is allowing it to be.

Be ye therefore perfect in trusting the Divine! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Mind is a construct of the electro-chemical processes in the brain. These processes are energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed. It simply changes form. The true Pali meaning of non-duality is Oneness, and without the mind how can you even realize that Oneness?

Denying the existence of the mind is like denying the existence of the Spirit of God. Just because you believe in non-duality doesn’t mean that it does not exist. The perceived dualistic reality is what the mind believes is real. Your inner well-being is where your knowing of the Spirit of God resides. It can reinforce and articulate accurate beliefs or dismiss and reject erroneous beliefs.

Without the thought processes in the mind beliefs would NOT exist. However, Divine knowing exists without the mind and is evidenced by the vastness of the omniverse. We are looking back at creation with the consciousness of the mind to realize the presence of spirit. By rejecting the validity of the mind and body does not make us more spiritual; it makes us deny part of that which we are.

Non-duality exists as Oneness and mind exists to bring us from that which is perceived as dual to Oneness from merging our minds with our hearts. Without the mind seeking the heart, then why would anything at all exist? ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Consultation with Dr. Dean



Until you love where you are now you will not be able to move toward where you want to be. Acceptance is the precursor to allowance. Find peace where you are. Understand that it is where you need to be to move forward. Feel the joy of acceptance and allow Divine love to fill your heart.

If you reject where you are too much you will begin to resist it and create more chaos and unrest as a result. You will question incessantly why you are where you are; not understanding that it was you that brought you there. You will not feel joy about where you are and you will probably choose to feel sorry for yourself.

You will blame events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and the behavior of others for what is happening to you. Travel the emotional journey from acceptance to allowance to love instead of from rejection to resistance to animosity.

Love where you are right now and be the perfect beautiful co-creator you were created to be. Be ye therefore PERFECT! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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You are NEVER separate from that which makes you whole. The only separation that exists comes from your negative thoughts and erroneous beliefs that convince you that you are separate.

Let go of everything that separates you from Divine love in allow your inner well-being to flow through you unfettered by negative thoughts and erroneous beliefs. How do I do this, you may ask?

You make the time each and every day to go within and bathe in the Divine presence of the Spirit of God. Inner peace, understanding, joy and Divine love will spring forth and bless you with each and every breath.

Be ye therefore focused on your relationship with the Divine by making a date within every day! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Consultation with Dr. Dean


Look at yourself
What do you see?
A divine being?
Or the root of a tree?

Are you creating
What you were created to be?
Or are you debating
What you believe you see?

Take a hard long look
And go within
It is the only place
Where you begin

To discover the peace,
The understanding and joy
To live in Divine love
And elude the ploy

Of being sucked in
To the world of belief
Where the end of the road
Is the experience of grief

It is up to you
To deny what appears to be
In favor of what you know
And can clearly see

When you look at yourself
See the divinity within
See the end result
Of what you desire to begin

For in that moment
That you feel that joy
You have freed yourself
From believing the ploy

Be grateful for your blessings
And know you are blessed
For in accepting the truth
Your beliefs are confessed.
~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The Spirituality Guidance Channel


After having been told by preachers, doctors, reverends and pastors that I should never talk down another’s religion, I spent some introspective time in analyzing where this expressive pattern of thought, emotion and behavior originates from and where it leads to ultimately. First off, talking down religion, when it is based on erroneous beliefs, is never a bad thing. Religion comes from the Latin ‘religio’ which means a binding together of people with common ‘beliefs’. It never says that the beliefs are true! Immanuel Kant (thanx for the reminder John Marshall. Jr.) illustrated this in the ongoing debate between rationalists and empiricists. His classical argument that experience is subjective without the process of reasoning and that using reason that is not applied to practical experience creates ‘illusions’.

As our knowledge base grows in the analysis of the omniverse we come to reason more accurately. When reason is based on beliefs and it is not working in practical experience, it is erroneous; which means that a person following it is living in an illusion. The Advaita proponents say that all of this is from mind and that mind doesn’t exist; they claim that the only reality is non-dual. The origination of this line of thinking was from the Mahayana Buddhist priests who bastardized what the Buddha said into a ‘purest’ non-dual analysis which leaves no room for the mind or the reality we share in our collective understanding. The Theravada Monks that were close to Buddha knew exactly what he meant and conducted experiments in thoughts, beliefs and the shared reality.

Yes, the world of the perceived dualistic reality is based on the dualism of opposites. However, each and every wave of energy has a crest and a trough that exist simultaneously. They do NOT exist without each other and that’s what makes them ONE! To deny reality as it is belongs to the realm of fools. The spiritual leaders, like politicians, have put being polite over being truthful. Speak the truth from the Source and don’t let anyone hand you a bill of goods that you have never received. Stand firm on the truth that is revealed from your inner well-being and don’t allow erroneous beliefs to proliferate in your environment. What you settle for is what you will continue to experience. Remove religion and belief from your life and come to know the Spirit of God within. Why go through a middleperson when you have direct access? And remember, there is NO monthly fee! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



As long as our political system is fueled by campaign ‘contributions’, business ‘considerations’ and corporate ’perks’, we, the people will NEVER be fully represented by our elected officials. When the acquisition of money for political favors is the key motivating factor in entering politics, we, the people have lost the race. We need to elect representatives that craft campaign finance reform that have stiff penalties.

First, anyone running for office that accepts money for favors should be banned from office forever; serve a term in jail; and have to return that money to the American people. Second, they could never be connected to Congress again as a lobbyist or ‘influencer’. Thirdly, anyone or any company that sought to buy their vote should be fined and imprisoned. Until this happens, nothing will ever change.

Mark my words; elect people who are out for their constituents and NOT for themselves. If you cannot see through their obvious bullshit then educate yourself enough to know what to look for. Whether you participate in politics or not it will ultimately affect you, your family AND your lifestyle. Your vote counts. Make it a good one! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Consultation with Dr. Dean


While you were looking for your dingy it was being sold down the river. While you were focused on that which isn’t important what was important someone else has unfolded. While you were caught up in utter vapidity others were focusing on that which fulfills them.

Why you were allowing yourself to be distracted from unfolding your Divine purpose in Divine order others were taking advantage of this and further convincing you that what you need to do with your life is a waste of time. Go ahead; keep being distracted from who and what you were created to be.

The result of your behavior will be living an unfulfilled life. It is your life. Why do you let what others do affect it to the point that you are completely distracted from fulfilling your Divine purpose?

What you allow is in the now. Choose to make ‘now’ the moment that you are focused on what’s important and not distracted by that which keeps you living in mediocrity. Be ye therefore attentive! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Can you see beyond your eyes? Can you hear beyond your ears? Can you smell, taste and touch beyond what you are capable of perceiving? It turns out that you can.

Your mental or psychic sixth sense allows you to ‘feel’ the thoughts and feelings of others. It has the ability to tap into your seventh spiritual sense of inner well-being by the ongoing use of your imagination.

It is the bridge from what is perceived for outside of you to what is perceived inside of you. It is in the mind where we choose to either resist or allow what we perceive is happening to us.

Only when we allow the mind to be guided by our inner heart of Divine love and well-being do we make the right steps, at the right time, in the right circumstances and with the right people to unfold our Divine purpose in alignment with the Divine purposes of others in Divine order.

Move from seeing to vision; hearing to listening; smelling, tasting and touching the external reality to ‘feeling’ the Divine presence of your internal reality. Be ye therefore sensitive to what is beyond your physical perceptions! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Divine infinite Spirit of God, please bring peace to this fragile rock. Please teach your children to stop fighting over religious beliefs and start loving each other. Bless our children and protect them from harm. Cover them with your Divine love and keep them whole.

We are all tired of the incessant fighting and strife. Guide all of those with spiritual knowledge to help teach the world that peace is the ONLY way we all will survive. Guide us to mutual understanding. Guide us to seek joy and not anger. Guide us from animosity into Divine love.

We know your presence is within us; we know your knowledge is guiding us; we know your power of Divine love can heal all; we know that your Divine creativity works through us to create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Please bless us with peace and allow our children to grow up and live their lives. Please, Lord; deliver us from the evil that our egos entertain. Thank you for blessing us.
~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The Spirituality Guidance Channel


We are the extension of God in this world. When will we learn to honor that by creating peace, understanding, joy and Divine love? How many children have to die before we wake up to the fact that our own inaction is what is killing them?

We have a moral responsibility to create ongoing peace and when we focus too much on ourselves and our mediocrity evil proliferates. Pray for peace. Meditate to understand. Serve others to experience joy. Share Divine love to be fulfilled.

Too simple? That’s the problem. Only when you see the simplicity in life will you be free from the complexities. Peace and blessings to all of you! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Are you giving your personal power away? Are you allowing the demands of life or others to drain you to the point of lethargy? Are you resisting what appears to be against you to the point that you are lashing out at others? If you are, then you are emotionally reacting to events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and others. In other words, they are ‘pushing your buttons’. In order for anyone to ‘push your buttons’, you buttons have to be out there to be pushed. Why would you wear your reactions on your sleeve anyway? Do you believe that you are your reactions? Or do you believe that wearing them on your sleeve will protect you from others?

If you continually end up tired and lethargic from one battle after another you are resisting what appears to be against you. The more you push against something, the more it remains in the forefront of your consciousness. When it repeats itself day after day it becomes interwoven into your belief system and your reaction algorithm is programmed into your subconscious mind. You reaction will then be either ‘fight or flight’ in regard to your acceptance of an experience happening again. When you react you are allowing experiences or people to control, dominate and manipulate your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, actions and behaviors. Your ego automatically goes into self-survival mode and protects you at all costs. Is there a way out of this pre-programmed reactive response? Yes, there is.

Stop putting your ‘buttons’ out there to be pushed. When you feel the immediate urge to react, take a step back and analyze what is happening. Is the experience appearing to be worse than it actually is? Is there something else you could do to prevent the experience from happening again? Is there a way for you to move away from the repeated experience without giving your personal power away? It turns out that there is. You can share Divine love in your heart with your experience. Ask yourself why are you repeatedly receiving the experience? What can you do to not allow it from occurring again?

Move toward the conversion of negative possibilities into positive probabilities by sharing Divine love. Your individual personal power springs forth from the power of Divine love. Use it to allow the Divine to guide your steps without revealing your buttons. You can do this by making the time each and every day to go within and meditate on the presence of peace, the knowledge of understanding, the creativity of joy and the power of Divine love. Be ye therefore centered! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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Do you go out of your way to proclaim that you are not perfect? Are you wearing this proclamation to show how humble you are? Or are you wearing it to just ‘fit in’ with the norm? As long as you claim and reclaim your imperfection you will do whatever it takes to fulfill your prophecy. There is NO honor in defending imperfection. Being humble means several things; one meaning is to feel insignificant, inferior or subservient; the other meaning is that you are courteously respectful toward others.

The origin of the word ‘humble’ is from the Latin ‘humilis’ which means lowly, insignificant; mostly ‘on the ground’. Instead of hovering over everyone else with an inflated opinion of yourself, you are more ‘on the ground’; honest and forthright with others. When you come to understand that you are a perfect Divine creation crafted by the Master Creator you KNOW that you ARE perfect; just as you are! In essence, our physical beings came from the ‘ground’, which initially was ‘starstuff’. We are naturally humble when we connect with our true essence; our inner well-being.

When we allow our egos to elevate our status we move toward imperfection. When we allow the Spirit of God to bathe us in Divine presence we move toward perfection; in other words, back to where we came from before the beliefs of our egos took hold and convinced us that we were imperfect. Be the perfect Divine creation that you are by living ‘from’ your inner well-being each and every day. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Religious scholar Reza Aslan destroys ‘charlatan’ Joel Osteen: Jesus hated wealth!

I wonder how much he was making at this speaking engagement and what books he was selling at the back table.

Yeshua NEVER said that he hated wealth! He did say that when you make it your God you've got it all wrong.

Beware of charlatans like this who use a little bit of knowledge; they are dangerous! When you nay say our natural state of wealth by putting down the gospel as not being prosperity oriented, you are a deceiver, liar and charlatan. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Take a humble journey within by trusting that which is eternal to guide you on your way. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

In the moment I remember where i have put something I remember why I had put it there; then I forget why I was looking for it to begin with! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The greatest joys in life are the moments when you smile openly, act goofy and celebrate the victories of those you love. You are a dynamic ball of energy appearing as matter that has the choice to experience peace or chaos, understanding or posturing, joy or sadness or Divine love or animosity. Which do you choose? ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Ah, the joys of growing older; now that you figured it all out you are too tired to do anything about it! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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What’s in a name? What does it say about someone? Does it reveal something about the person? In proper names it becomes a verbal and written association with a face or a feeling about someone you know. Then there is the topic of name calling. Some people react obnoxiously to anyone that calls someone else a name. They call the name caller immature, egotistic, childish and ignorant all in an attempt to demean the person who calls another a name. Don’t listen to this analysis because it is nothing but ego protecting itself. It is the person trying to control, dominate and manipulate your individual expression and analysis of someone else’s behavior.

In logic, when someone attacks another person’s character it is called an ad hominem attack. Generally, it means that the person attacking another’s character by calling them a name doesn’t have the facts or holds a weak argument. Not always the truth. Name calling is a shortcut to describe the apparent and evidential behavior of someone who relies on other peoples’ opinions instead of researching and confirming their own facts. If a person acts like a moron in regards to an analysis, then they are a moron. If they learn how to think and not emotionally react then they are no longer a moron. A person can act with moronic behavior and not be a moron when they learn how to think instead of emotionally reacting. If they consistently act moronically, then a shortcut analysis is that they are a moron.

I can hear all the new thought people screaming, “Oh, you shouldn’t judge another!” Sorry, that argument doesn’t hold water with me. Why? Judgment is the evaluation of events, people and circumstances in relation to your own self-survival. If you want to move ahead in life do you want to be surrounded by people with moronic behavior? People that daily bring you down and don’t lift you up? People who don’t have the common sense to investigate the claims of others and just blindly follow what someone says because it appeals to their own beliefs and personal agendas? If people display behaviors that indicate that they are emotionally reacting instead of thinking then they are acting in a moronic manner.

Moronic behavior is an individual’s expression that displays a lack of good judgment. Is your judgment of others’ behavior in regards to your survival life giving or does it take away from your life? Clean your erroneous beliefs and erase moronic behavior every day of your life and you will begin to notice that you will move more in a positive direction toward satisfaction and fulfillment. Remember, as Shakespeare said in Romeo and Juliet (1600), “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. The meaning? What matters is what something obviously is, not what it is called. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


However you define it; if the position of any debater is based on opinion and NOT fact, the door to identifying their character is wide open. If their character is that of one who doesn't think enough to do the appropriate research and repeatedly emotionally react to life, then their character is at question and SHOULD be questioned!

Former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts." Identifying where someone is coming from when they are trying to infuse their emotional opinion on you is NOT judgmental.

It is allowing yourself to clearly see that what that person is demonstrating in their behavior is NOT what you want in your life. Move toward that which is life edifying and away from that which isn’t. Be ye therefore more factual than opinionated! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Always remember, the rules of logic apply to those who ‘believe’ that thinking is the be all and end all of life. Those who choose to emotionally react more than think have no concept of the principles of logic.

Those who intuit know that with the Divine guiding both thinking and feeling we come to an inner balance that flows naturally with our inner well-being. Listen within more than speaking without; have vision more than just seeing; and feel more than just believing.

Open up your heart to your inner guidance and follow the path of expressing your Divine purpose in Divine order. Use thinking and feeling to express your inner well-being instead of using it to be the be all and end all of life. Be ye therefore balanced! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


If you believe that living in infirmity, poverty, lack of opportunity and limited resources is being pure in spirit, I’ve got news for you. You are NOT living the message of all of the greatest teachers in life. When you are healthy, wealthy, prosperous and abundant you ARE living in the well-being that the Divine has already given you!

As Yeshua said, “And why are you taking pains about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow without laboring or weaving But I say to you, not even Solomon in all his glory was clothed like one of these But if God so clothes the grass of the field that is today and will fall into the oven tomorrow, does he not multiply more to you, Oh small of faith? Therefore do not be concerned or say, ''What will we eat?', or ''What will we drink?', or, ''What will we wear'? For the Gentiles are seeking all these things, but your Father who is in Heaven knows that all these things are necessary for you. But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. ~Matthew 6:28-33 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English).

Why would Yeshua say this? Because if you spend your precious time on allowing the inner well-being to flow Divine love through you that you will NOT worry about infirmity, poverty, lack of opportunity and ‘the belief’ in limited resources! Having faith in the Divine and trusting Divine providence multiplies your needs being met! In other words, focus on being healthy, wealthy, prosperous and abundant by SHARING Divine love in Divine service to others!

If you believe that the term ‘prosperity gospel’ is not true, then you are going against the very person who taught it! Don’t claim that you love Jesus and deny his very words. That is what vipers do. They wait in the pit of despair and strike when someone stumbles into that pit. It is your EGO that denies prosperity in the belief that it somehow makes you feel more spiritual than others. You are being fooled by your own fears and will pay the price for that in your life. Be ye therefore prosperous! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Once Satan and his demon sidekick were walking down the street, closely watching a man 20 yards ahead who was on the verge of realizing the Supreme Truth. The demon grew worried, and began to nudge Satan, but Satan looked quite calm. Sure enough, the man did, in fact, soon realize the deepest spiritual Truth.

Yet Satan still did nothing about it. With this, the demon nudged Satan harder and, getting no response, finally blurted out, “Satan! Don’t you see? That man has realized the Truth! And yet you are doing nothing to stop him!”

With that, Satan cunningly smiled and announced, “Yes, he has realized the Truth. And now I am going to help him organize the Truth!” (--story heard years ago from Indian sage Jiddu Krishnamurti)

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I want to live my next life backwards:
You start out dead and get that out of the way.
Then you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day.
Then you get kicked out for being too healthy.
You enjoy your retirement and collect your pension.
Then, when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day.
You work 40 years until you're too young to work.
You get ready for High School: drink alcohol, party, and you're generally promiscuous.
Then you go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, and you have no responsibilities.
Then you become a baby, and then...
You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, in spa-like conditions: central heating, room service on tap, and then...
You finish off as an orgasm. I rest my case.


A little girl asked her mother, "How did the human race appear?" The mother answered, "God made Adam and Eve and they had children and so was all mankind made."

Two days later the girl asked her father the same question. The father answered, "Many years ago there were monkeys from which the human race evolved." The confused girl returned to her mother and said, "Mom, how is it possible that you told me the human race was created by God, and Dad said they developed from monkeys?"

The mother answered, "Well, dear, it is very simple: I told you about my side of the family and your father told you about his."


When you deny the bounty of Divine love it is you who is victimizing yourself. It is you who has chosen to not live in health, wealth, prosperity and abundance by your own beliefs!

Stop believing in that which ‘appears’ to be true and real outside of yourself and start knowing the Divine love in your heart!

Experience ongoing peace, understanding, joy and Divine love every moment by trusting in your inner well-being.

It is there that the truth resides and not in the external appearances in life. Be ye therefore knowing! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


You are a success creating machine. When we wake up each morning we all have different motivations that get us out of bed. Perhaps we are late for work; perhaps we are not feeling well; perhaps we have to run the bathroom.

Whatever the reason, we have a thought about what we need to do and we act on that thought creating an end result. What thoughts we accept as true are like the spark that starts the fire of result.

Without those thoughts, we begin to believe that things just happen to us from outside of ourselves; not realizing that our thoughts about something created feelings of moving toward or moving away from the end result.

Either way, we are successful creating machines that manifest what we hold true based on our feelings of what we ‘believe’ will happen. When we choose to know what will manifest instead of believing what will manifest, we enter into the realm of trusting the Divine completely.

We stop worrying about what ‘might’ happen and start allowing what ‘will’ happen; without being concerned about ‘how’ it will happen. That is not our concern. Trusting is!

Be ye therefore concerned with being whom and what you were created to be without worrying about how you will get there. Trust! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.