In this modern day world of the ‘politically correct’ we hear terms on the news that denote those who are ‘involved’ or ‘associated’ with a ‘possible’ crime. No wonder frustrated and egotistical people lash out to get their 15 minutes of fame when the media uses terms to downplay their aberrant behaviors.

In our society the quest to be fair and just has gone too far. Criminals who commit crimes in a ‘grey’ area often get away with their crimes because technically, “they haven’t committed a crime yet.” Even though in the face of incontrovertible evidence of past behaviors and results our own laws constrict the enforcers of those laws to act in favor of the victims. Our system is truly a “Criminal Justice System” and NOT a “Victim Justice System” where the laws protect the VICTIMS of crimes.

When the focus is put on the criminals and NOT the victims we have the current system that ties the hands of the police to act in the true PREVENTION of crime. Please read the following definitions and notice the subtle differences displayed and the obvious focus on the protection of the criminals and NOT the victims:

["Person of interest" is a phrase used by law enforcement when announcing the name of someone involved in a criminal investigation who has not been arrested or formally accused of a crime. The phrase was adopted by the media and widely disseminated, thus most law enforcement agencies have picked up the term. It has no legal meaning, but it is a "catchy" term. "Law enforcement officials say that the term simply reflects the new tactics required to fight terrorism. But some legal scholars say officials are trying to create a more benign public image, even as their power expands." While terms such as suspecttarget, and material witness have clear and sometimes formal definitions, person of interest remains undefined by the U.S. Department of Justice.[2] It is often used as a euphemism for suspect, and can sometimes result in a trial by media (Wikipedia.com).]

[In the parlance of criminal justice, a “Suspect” is a known person suspected of committing a crime. Police and reporters often incorrectly use the word suspect when referring to the perpetrator of the offense (perp for short). The perpetrator is the robber, assailant, counterfeiter, etc. --the person who actually committed the crime. The distinction between suspect and perpetrator recognizes that the suspect is not known to have committed the offense, while the perpetrator -- who may not yet have been suspected of the crime, and is thus not necessarily a suspect -- is the one who actually did. The suspect may be a different person from the perpetrator, or there may have been no actual crime, which would mean there is no perpetrator (Wikipedia.com).]

Contact your representatives and law enforcement. Work within your community to afford the victims of crimes to stand a chance against those who seek to hurt others and manipulate the system to their advantage. Truly take a stand for justice! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Just below the surface of your consciousness lies a limitless multiverse of possibilities available to you when you choose to get out of your own way. We are the only impediment to our individual and collective progress.

Discharge any and all beliefs that don’t align with your inner reality, sense of Divine purpose and the actualization of that purpose.

It is a moment to moment challenge that you can master when you choose to listen to the still small voice of God guiding and directing you in Divine order. Peace in this moment and forever more. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.








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Be thankful for each and every breath. It is the beginning and ending of an ongoing cycle of existence that gives you the opportunity to share love into your world. Don’t waste another breath on anything else but fulfilling your Divine purpose in Divine order. That is the reason for your very existence. Cherish it. Express it. Be it. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Be true to the Spirit of God within you and you will experience peace, joy and understanding beyond what anyone, any book or any concept can reveal. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

What is desire? Is it something that you should repress and reject? Or is it something you should embrace and manifest? Observe the way the universe works and follow its laws to arrive at a state of complete peace. Pursue Your Divine Desires. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Just as it is the nature of humankind is to be greedy when we are not aware of our infinite abundance, it is our nature to be giving when we become aware of our blessings of the universal bounty of creation. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

When you operate from health, you create health. When you operate from wealth, you create wealth. When you operate from prosperity, you create prosperity. When you operate from abundance, your create abundance. Operate from the Spirit of God within and everything that is possible becomes probable. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Life is what it is and it will be what it will be. Our perceptions of the struggles always seem real at the time and later on we sometimes wonder why we struggled at all. Be confident in the unfolding of the Spirit of God in Divine order and all will be added unto you when it is appropriate; despite of when you deem it to be appropriate. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Expect the Divine to meet your needs, channel your wants, fire up your desires and meet your Divine expectations. Let it go and allow the Spirit of God to weave the results for the betterment of everyone. Step out of the situation and the stress of the situation will step out of you. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.








How many times have you allowed the greed and manipulation of others to steal your peace? Have you ever realized that their issues with reality are the very things that you have mastered and moved on from? That’s why that inner feeling of irritation prods at you and makes you feel uncomfortable.

In that initial moment of discomfort send them love, healing, forgiveness and thanks. Love for their divinity within, healing for their growth and expansion, forgiveness for your inner peace and thanks for their reminder to you of what you have accomplished and for what they will someday accomplish.

Don’t allow their lack of perception, insight and selfish agenda manifestations to steal your peace. You are in command and no one else can truly manipulate you unless you allow them to do so. Trust in the Divine to work through you and the transgressions of others will melt away into oblivion. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Too many run and 'a'void the very situations that help them to grow and expand. From nothing comes something and returns to nothing.

Our universe is mostly composed of things we cannot sense that give birth to what we can. 72% dark energy, 23% dark matter and 5% matter and energy comprise all of 'existence'.

We only sense a slice of it all and remain comfortable in its limitations. As more us venture into the void we will discover that reality is layered and perceived at different levels of consciousness. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


When you give to others what you desire the most something wonderful happens. You become free of that desire and allow it to manifest in your life.

Participate in the joy of others in receiving what they desire the most. It blesses everyone with fulfillment, joy and the peace that results from Divine creation. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


I want to live my next life backwards! You start out dead and get that out of the way right off the bat. Then, you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day. When you are kicked out of the home for being too healthy, you spend several years enjoying your retirement and collecting benefit checks. When you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day. You work 40 years or so, getting younger every day until pretty soon you're too young to work. So then, you go to high school: play sports, date, drink, and party. As you get even younger, you become a kid again. You go to elementary school, play, and have no responsibilities. In a few years, you become a baby and everyone runs themselves ragged keeping you happy. You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, spa-like conditions: central heating, room service on tap. Until finally...You finish off as an orgasm [~Dean A. Banks, D.D. paraphrased].

Original: “In my next life I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people's home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day. You work for 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You party, drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous, then you are ready for high school. You then go to primary school, you become a kid, you play. You have no responsibilities, you become a baby until you are born. And then you spend your last 9 months floating in luxurious spa-like conditions with central heating and room service on tap, larger quarters every day and then Voila! You finish off as an orgasm!” ~Woody Allen




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Who am I? I am the Spirit of God expressing itself through my physical body as a unique and individual living soul.

What am I? I am an individualized expression of the Creator that exists in corporeal and non-corporeal form simultaneously.

Where am I? I exist as an infinite spirit and a finite body in the Divine projection of the perceived dualistic reality.

How do I exist? Through the unfolding of spirit into energy and matter and the refolding of matter and energy into spirit.

When do I exist? I exist in the timeless reality of spirit and change form in a boundless state of infinite expression.

Why do I exist? To bring light and love into the darkness by fulfilling my individual Divine purpose in Divine order. When I choose to be who and what I am, I attain inner peace. When I choose to accept where and how I exist, I attain infinite understanding. When I allow when and why I exist to flow through me unfettered by my thoughts, beliefs, actions and behaviors, I attain eternal joy.

Any perception of separation of my being from the Spirit of God is a delusion that I have chosen to accept as reality. Therefore, no matter what appears to be real and true to dispute that fact is erroneous and designed to lead me away from my Divine purpose.

I accept and allow my Divine purpose to be manifested through me with each and every breath I take. I am a child of the Divine Creator and I choose to co-create from that reality each and every moment of my eternal life. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Forget about what is worrying you. Let it go. It is there to separate you from your eternal knowingness of the reality that deep within you is your connection to everything everywhere at every moment. When you give too much attention to your perceived worries the manifestations of those worries are being created by your focused attention on them. Instead, focus on the results that you know are aligned with your Divine purpose being unfolded in Divine order. Worry is based on a perception of not knowing what could happen. When you are One with your Divine purpose you know what that is and you let it go for the Divine to create it in Divine order. That is the power you have as a co-creator in this multiverse. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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