In electronics there are no such things as positive and negative; it is positive and less positive, which is a difference in potential. The so-called ‘opposite’ poles are in fact just a range of potential that is required to cause an ‘attraction’ or ‘repulsion’.

When like charged particles in close proximity are supported in the skeletal network of dark matter (the attractive force), they clump together because dark matter’s gravitational force brings them together. When ‘opposite’ or significantly different charged particles are in close proximity they are supported in the less dense skeletal network of dark energy (the repulsive force), they repel each other.

The omniverse is composed of 72”% dark energy, 23% dark matter and only 5% of energy and matter. Matter is a more dense form of energy as Einstein demonstrated (E=mc2 where Energy is equal to the mass of an object accelerated to the speed of light squared. Dark energy and dark matter are unobservable to our senses; hence the descriptive term ‘dark’. In reality, a difference in ‘potential’ is all there is; things are either ‘positive’ or ‘less positive’ based on their charges and not truly ‘positive’ and ‘negative’.

Never ignore the difference in potential because it is the opposing force that drives the omniverse in its delicate balance between gravitational attraction and cosmological expansion that eventually ends in entropy or ‘heat death’. We are in a closed system where attraction and repulsion exist as a matter of course.

The same applies to our thoughts and feelings, which are energy. They are not strong amounts of energy but their consistent application of concentrated energy trips the omniversal relay which DOES control significant energies.

What Star Wars called the ‘Force’ is, in actuality, the opposing forces of dark matter and dark energy; each carrying a potential of ‘likeness’ or ‘difference’. Think and feel the energies of positivity, co –creation and dynamism to ‘re-create’ the existing energies available to manifest your dreams.

The Divine desires in your heart are there for a reason. Manifest them by seeing the end result in your consciousness and feeling the joy of accomplishing them. This is how Divine order moves natural order to fulfill your desires. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Spiritual Books

Loving Yourself by
Jeannine Sanderson-Phenis


There are many levels to the intensity one projects after understanding and committing to the unfolding of your Divine purpose in Divine order. Certain states of being are expressed by the thoughts and ideas that we entertain. If these thoughts and ideas stand alone for our observation, we compare them to what we have learned in the past in order to validate their possibilities. If we have experienced similar thoughts and ideas that haven’t worked out well, we’ll have an emotional ‘reaction’ to them and lessen their validity. If we contemplate these thoughts and ideas into different possibilities, we can either reinforce our reactive feelings or dismiss them based on newer possibilities that weren’t apparent when things didn’t work out well.

The flow of time is forward for our beings but backward in our retrospection. When a thought or idea bubbles up to the forefront of our consciousness, we can either accept it or reject it. Thoughts and ideas are continuously being compared to our past experiences as they are filtered by the subconscious mind. Their validity, more often than not, is determined by emotionally reacting to them instead of THINKING about them. Emotional reaction appears automatic, but in reality it is an instantaneous comparison within of what hasn’t worked in the past and what could work in the future.

When we learn to think effectively, we can reason out the possibilities and minimize the overwhelming emotional reactions. Our thoughts and ideas are the fire and our emotional investment is the fuel. Acceptance and rejection require a lesser amount of emotional fuel. They are more based on reasoning out something than they are in an emotional investment. Allowance and resistance are more based on an emotional investment than they are on reasoning. The former involves more reasoning while the latter involves using more emotional fuel to elevate the states of either reaction or proaction.

The reactive states are rejection and resistance and the proactive states are acceptance and allowance. Each state is at different ends of the emotional continuum. For example, it requires less emotion to reject something outright through reason than it does to resist something. Resistance requires the reactive emotional fuel to reinforce the conviction of rejection. Allowance requires the proactive emotional fuel to reinforce the conviction of acceptance.

Carl Jung once said, “What you resist persists.” Why? Because you actively push against something that you vehemently deny and you put emotional energy into it; and whatever you emotionally focus upon becomes your point of attraction. As you intensify your ‘emotional attachment’, more and more of the same experiences occur in your life because that is what you are attracting into your consciousness!

I have formulated and opposite to Carl Jung’s statement: “What you allow, is in the now.” What does this mean? When you decide to direct your emotions more toward proaction than reaction, you recognize and remember NOT to fight things but to let them pass through you without emotionally attaching to them. Emotional reactions are valid to you because they involve what has happened as benchmarks of actuality to either change future occurrences or prevent them from happening again to your disadvantage. In other words, emotional reactions involve past occurrences and future possibilities; they put focus on the past or the future.

When you direct your emotions to allow Divine order to move through you unfettered by your perceptions of what is happening, you move your acceptance of natural order into the allowance of Divine order. You are existing in the ‘NOW’ through proaction. Anytime you add emotion to thoughts and ideas you are adding ‘fuel’ to the fire. Being conscious of what is actually happening allows you to grow and expand. When you merely exist without introspection, you wallow in mediocrity and tread water your entire life. You move from one scenario to another carrying your emotional baggage with you and reverting to it when the going gets rough.

Your ‘emotional baggage’, in reality, exists as the walls of your comfort zone and you will prop them up to protect your protracted image of whom and what you perceive you are. When you discharge any and all erroneous beliefs that reside in your belief system, you are in effect removing each piece of useless luggage from your collection of emotional baggage. “But how do I discharge these erroneous beliefs”, you might ask? Spend an hour a day on you by meditating, visualizing and programming positive into your life.

Add emotional fuel to your goals and objectives by allowing Divine love to flow from your heart into your world. It will benefit others and you immensely. It will clear a path through the gauntlet of resistance into the realm of allowance. Your point of attraction will move from living in what you don’t want into living in what you do. Be proactive and fuel your thoughts and ideas with Divine love. It is pure and it moves you toward fulfilling your Divine purpose in Divine order perfectly. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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The purpose of this website is to connect with one another and share our needs for healing in whatever areas we feel we need. Please visit the website or go to the Facebook forum to post any public prayers on the Wall or PM us for private prayers.

We will pray for you or help you to find Prayer Partners to assist you in healing and realization of your Divine purpose and the unfolding of it in Divine order.

Thank you all for your support, kindness and for blessing us with your ongoing friendship. Peace and blessings to all of you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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You reality is predicated by what you believe. Without you or your beliefs, you have no reality. In actuality, reality is what you perceive and then believe to be true. No matter what spin you put on it, it is subjective to the observer; you. There has recently been some debate that Actuality is NOT Reality. Reality to us is different than Divine reality; which some say is not reality but actuality. Is not what is actual, real? Is not what is real, actual?

Our subjective reality is retrieved by our senses through the action of feeling. It is then perceived by our brains as electro-chemical copies of ‘reality’. It is then either believed to be true/false and running away from or running toward (flight/flight). In essence, the pattern is retrieve, perceive and believe. Our brains then conceive what this all means and we compare it to what we have learned from our experiences and the experiences of others. We discern what is correct and judge whether or not it is good/bad for us.

Our reality is a perceived dualistic observed collation of hot/cold, black/white, close/far extremes and varying degrees in between. It is a result of our inextricable interaction with our environments. We are all immersed within our environments and it’s like being in a pot of soup and only seeing the other ingredients without being able to perceive the pot we are in; this is our subjective reality.

The Divine reality sees all. We are privileged to be able have flashes of insight into this Divine reality and some say that this is Actuality and NOT Reality. Whatever they say limits what it is. Reality is all inclusive in actuality. There IS nothing separate. Because we don’t perceive the ‘pot’ doesn’t mean it is not there. Everything we sense has been imagined, conceived and created into a temporal perception of existence. It is a projection from the source and not a lie, illusion or inconvenience to your view of the world. It is what it is.

Your descriptions and analysis mean nothing to the fact that it exists regardless of your perception of it. Consciousness of the observer co-creates the reality in which it exists; so if you choose to create your own subset of rules they will be implemented in your mind as to their individual reality, and not the collective reality of the Divine. Can you see the whole country from your porch? You might be able to see Russia from yours, but is it really Russia that you are seeing? Or is it simply your perception of what you believe is Russia? ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Those who blindly accept what they read, hear or feel without testing its veracity are opening themselves up to misinterpreting what the truth reveals. We sometimes don't receive the truth in flashes of divine insight but get it in palatable chunks of information that we need to absorb emotionally before we can understand the whole picture.

As the truth unfolds in our understanding we build upon what it reveals in accordance with our inner and outer experiences. To say that a religious book is right without looking from whom and where it came, testing its veracity with life experience and understanding the context in which it was presented is complete and utter foolishness. It is a stand made on belief and not fact.

If you test the validity of the tenets of a religious book and it reveals a deeper understanding of what you have already experienced, then its principles are sound and on solid ground. However, if that same book teaches in any way that we should NOT love one another for any reason, then what it says is suspect at best. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.























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Consultation with Dr. Dean


“I am also saying to you, Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened to you.” ~Jesus, Luke 11:9

Is it better to just allow things to happen that you perceive you can do nothing about? Or is it better to wield your perceived personal power to ‘make’ things happen? Or is it the ability to practice ‘passive resistance’ or ‘active allowance’ effectively? You decide!


Have you ever heard of ‘passive resistance’? It is the ability to achieve social results through actions that are non-violent. It was the process by which Gandhi effected many social changes. I propose a new system inspired by this theme to be known as ‘active allowance’.


But isn’t allowance simply stepping back and not doing anything? Hardly! Allowance involves an active choice to NOT resist the things we feel are happening that are beyond our perceived control. It means that we understand what we observe in our environments and we choose to make positive steps toward the realization of manifesting our Divine purpose in Divine order.


In effect, out first step is to ‘decide’ to make a change in order to yield our desired results. In Latin, decide comes from the word ‘decisio’, which means to cut off ANY other possibility and remain focused on what you have decided upon. It means to choose ‘what’ you want but not ‘how’ you get it! It comes from observing what works and what doesn’t and choosing to do what works.


The second step is to ‘ask’ the Divine to provide the necessary guidance to unfold your Divine purpose in Divine order. We do this by ‘praying’ with positive thoughts and visualizing positive outcomes without worrying about ‘how’ it will happen. It means seizing the ‘good’ things that we experience and know and filling in the blanks with the positive things we ‘expect’ to happen.


The third step is to ‘seek’ out the answers to manifesting our Divine purpose in Divine order by understanding ‘why’ we are even asking the question. Purpose becomes clearer when we understand why we are seeking a desired result. Understanding why we move towards positive results and why we move away from negative results is paramount in driving us to accomplish our Divine purpose in Divine order. We do this by making the time every day to commune with the Divine in uninterrupted meditation. It is in this state that we release the stresses of the chaotic external world and become centered in the internal peaceful world. It is here where we ‘listen’ to the still small voice of the Divine guiding and directing us to what we need to do to unfold our Divine purpose in Divine order.


The fourth step is to take what we have learned from the Divine and put it to effective use by serving our family, friends and neighbors in our community with our skills, talents and abilities the we have been blessed with in order to express the love from the Divine. This is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ and we ‘hit the ground running’. It is where we move the ‘talk’ to the ‘walk’.


The final step that we need to accomplish in actively allowing the grace of the Divine to unfold our Divine purpose in Divine order is to ‘follow up’ on our progress and the progress of others by using our free will to ‘be there’ for them by sharing Divine love. This could be accomplished in many ways including ongoing prayers, communications that show your concern or just showing up to help them feel that they are loved and appreciated.


These steps are truly practicing ‘active allowance’. Nothing will ever just passively ‘drop into your lap’ from the omniverse without an express purpose of manifestation. It has been brought to your attention for a reason. Embrace the gifts that you have been given and actively allow them to manifest through observing and deciding, asking and praying, listening and meditating, acting from love and being of service and following through by extending yourself into helping others.


Be the solution to positive growth and expansion and move from being a part of the problem by simply being a passive participant in the perception of ‘the way it is’. Get out of your comfort zone and participate in life by bringing the love of God out of your closet and into the world! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



I’m sure all of you have heard of the acronym for FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real. It is true that fear is an emotion you can experience within that can appear real to you. It is either a primary emotional reaction to an immediate perceived danger or a secondary emotion that arises after many other emotions are layered one upon another and create a state fear. The focus on what we fear can be evidenced in FDR’s greatest statement that “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” This statement implies it is only OK to fear the state of fear. But is that truly a positive reaction?

I will suggest a new term here. We need to TEAR down the walls of obscurity and see things as the Divine projects them into our perceived dualistic reality. True Expression Arranging Reality (TEAR) is in essence the Sprit of God moving the act of creation with Divine love into the dynamic condition of Divine order. In turn, Divine order moves natural order to implement the expression of Divine love into our perceived dualistic reality. We are in this dynamic ‘omniverse’ soup of many ingredients. We either FEAR life through not understanding how it works or TEAR down the walls of obscurity by understanding how to align ourselves with Divine order.

When we are living in fear, we cannot be tearing down the walls of obscurity. We cannot be tearing and fearing concurrently, just as we cannot serve two masters. “No man can work for two masters, for either he will hate one and will love the other, or he will honor one and the other he will ignore. You cannot work for God and for money.” Yeshua (Matthew 6:24 - Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010). In this example Christ illustrates the principle that we cannot focus on both fear and faith. If you fear, you are not living in faith. If you are truly living in faith, you cannot fear.

Faith and Fear cannot occur concurrently! We need to develop and maintain faith in God’s True Expression Arranging Reality to TEAR down the walls of obscurity and perceived illusion and not succumb to FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). When you live in truth you allow Divine order to implement your Divine purpose perfectly and you don’t interfere in the process of unfolding by fearing the results of your unfolding. See the end result AS IT IS.

Feel the joy from attaining that wonderful end result. Act as if you already have it and feel the joy. Wayne Dyer restated this principle revealed in the Bible in his ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ program, “According to what is written: “I have appointed you a father to the multitude of the nations, before God, in whom you believed, who gives life to the dead, and he calls those who are not as though they are.” (Romans 4:17 - Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010). Call forth things and results that are not yet manifested as though they are manifested and Divine order will move natural order to make it so. And so it is! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


As DNA strands transmit genes in order to reproduce, so do the beliefs of others transmit into others by repeating and accepting them as the truth without testing their validity? Beliefs are nothing more than repeated thoughts and ideas that one accepts as true. Beliefs don’t require the actual implementation and testing of thoughts and ideas in order to become accepted as true. It is only when we do test our beliefs that we are seeking to validate their being either erroneous or accurate.

When accepted beliefs are transmitted to others and they accept them as true they become cultural ‘memes’. A meme is nothing more than an idea or element of a social behavior that has become an individual belief and is passed on to, and accepted as truth by others in a particular culture. It leads to others emulating or imitating those memes as standards of behavior that other individuals ‘should’ adhere to in order to be accepted by their peers. If memes are birthed from individual beliefs transmitted and accepted by others, then where do individual ideas come from?

In Jungian psychology, ideas are birthed from ‘archetypes’, which are “collectively inherited unconscious ideas, patterns of thought or images, which are ‘universally’ present in individual psyches.” [dictionary.com] In other words, pre-programmed archetypes of subconscious established patterns of existence bubbling to the surface of the conscious mind as thoughts and images become ideas from which we, when repeated enough to become beliefs, eventually accept as true even though they haven’t been validated by thorough scientific testing. Cultural memes become accepted forms of behavior because of our social yearnings to ‘fit in’ and be accepted in particular social groups.

We are successful living organisms that have subconsciously learned what we ‘feel’ we need to survive. We specifically don’t ‘think’ most of the time; we emotionally react to events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and the behavior of others and ‘believe’ that it is thinking. Thinking is a rational process of observing, evaluating and ‘reasoning’ out what is actually happening in your environment. It is discerning the reflections of the projections of the ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ energy and matter in ‘perceived dualistic reality (PDR)’ on the omniversal stage of reality.

Reality, in actuality, is an electro-chemical copy in our brains that we view as graphical images and file away into our subconscious minds as being the ‘truth’. The problem is, that all of our perceptions are ‘filtered’ through our individual belief systems (which are constructed by our experiences in our environments) which don’t require us to validate their complete truthfulness. When we observe the results of others’ behaviors we move from discerning our individual reality into ‘judging’ the reality of others as to whether or not those behaviors would benefit us. The missing factor here is that we have not experienced what others have and they have discerned their beliefs and behaviors based on ‘their’ individual experiences and subsequent beliefs about their experiences. In effect, we have NOT ‘walked a mile in their shoes’ and what our experiences have taught us has nothing to do with what their experiences have taught them ‘except’ with the accepted cultural memes that we have collectively accepted as true.

The only way to see if collective experiences have the same result is by testing their validity. Erroneous beliefs crumble when scientific experimentation denies their validity. Accurate beliefs are validated when scientific experimentation proves that they are true; most of the time. This omniverse is a giant clock that moves and exchanges seen and unseen energy and matter. There are so many variables, combinations and perceptions of those variable and combinations that we tend to go with the beliefs that ‘make sense’ of it all without testing the validity of those beliefs.

The problem with scientific experimentation is that it relies on the sensory input and ‘observation’ of the experimenter. Since the sensory input of the experimenter does not ‘feel’ all of the frequencies of energy and matter it is limited at best; coupled with the fact that anything that we observe is ‘filtered’ through our individual beliefs systems whether we recognize that or not. The belief system filter ‘colors’ our perceptions in order to maintain our self-survival; which is generally predicated on being ‘accepted’ and ‘validated’ in our cultural and social circles. Our observation of ‘any’ experiment is skewed at best! That’s why when a scientific hypothesis becomes a theory the results of the experiment are the ‘same’ every time the experiment is conducted regardless of who performs the experiment.

Most of our experiences in life are subjective because we rely on our ‘skew’ of ‘reality’ to determine whether or not something is accurate or erroneous. The only way to truly know is to as ‘objective’ as possible. This can only be obtained when you go deep within your being and let go of all the perceptions and beliefs that blind you to the truth; allowing the Divine within to reveal a complete understanding of the processes,  subsequent results, perceptions and beliefs about the experiences in your environment. Only then can you have clarity amid the din of existence. Where there is chaos, there is noise. Where there is peace, there is stillness and silence.

Retreat each and every day into your personal realm of peace within. It is there that all suppositions, feelings and beliefs about your perceived dualistic reality will be shattered by the light of Divine truth. Otherwise, it’s like trying to have an important and critical conversation on your cell phone while in a crowd of people trying to do the same. Some of your attention will be distracted by the shrill of noise that exists in the outer world. Focused attention on the source of Divine love within requires peace amid the chaos.

Make the time daily to commune with the Divine and reap the blessings of peace, understanding, joy and Divine love. Albert Einstein once said, “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don't know how or why.” Place yourself in the space where peace rules and the clarity of Divine communication will be revealed. Make time for Divine communication every day in meditation and you will be reaping the rewards of peace and clarity amid the chaos and noise of the outer world. God bless you in your inner journey to a complete understanding of your inner divinity. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.
















One night before a battle in the Civil War a lone soldier began to sing out with his tenor voice, “There’s no place like home.” Within minutes he was joined by a chorus of voices in the Confederate side. Soon after, on the other side of the river Union soldiers began to echo the voices they heard. Their perspective was one of fear and impending death yet one lone voice altered, if just for a few moments, their perspective. Your point of view is so integral in your outlook on life. Where is your point of view? Do you take a stance based on facts, beliefs or what someone else has told you how it is? Examine where it is you are coming from and where it is you want to go. Select a perspective based on where it is you want to go.

There is an old story about the two hunters who were on opposite sides of a hill. A big dog ran down the hill in between both of them chasing a bird. When the hunters got together and talked about the dog running down the hill their stories were a bit different. One hunter said it was a yellow dog, but the other said it was brown. They argued because their perspective was different. Prior to running down the hill the dog rolled in the mud on one side and when the mud dried he appeared to be brown. Both hunters were correct in their observation that it was a big dog; they just differed in what color the dog appeared to be. It’s the same with religion and God. Most spiritual people agree that there is a God; they just differ in how He appears to be to them. Appearances are deceptive because they are based on our limited sensory input. We cannot see beyond an octave of frequencies. We cannot hear beyond 7 octaves of frequencies and we cannot smell, touch or taste beyond an octave of frequencies.

Perspective can be further illustrated by the story of the glass being half empty or half full. If the glass started out being empty, and water is poured in half way, it is half empty. If the glass started out being full and water is removed half way down, then it is half full instead of being half empty. This analogy could be turned into an endless loop argument but suffice it to say that one’s expectations of the end result are what determine one’s perspective. What are your expectations of your end result? Do you declare every day that it is going to be a great day or a lousy day? Do you set the intentions of your day to derive positive results or do you simply wait for someone to tell you who or what to believe in? Are you an active participant in your life or a passive acceptor of the way it is?

When you think positively about your outcomes and expect the best result it is impossible for the results to turn out badly. When you consistently feel badly about something does it ever turn out good for you? Examine the converse and realize that your mind is a broadcast mechanism that directs electrical energy in your brain and manifests exactly what you are consistently focusing on. Are you focusing on health, wealth, prosperity and abundance or are you focusing on illness, poverty, lack and limited resources? When negative thoughts appear in your mind just change the channel. Don’t accept their possible outcomes as true. Your feelings are your emotional guide to let you know how to proceed. If you are feeling badly about occurrences in your life then project positive outcomes from these occurrences. Don’t accept that just because it appears to be bad, that’s the way it will turn out! We are all designed to be healthy, wealthy, prosperous and abundant. Don’t allow the possibility of other than that to be the resultant outcome. Change your thought channel from doom and gloom to peace and actualized potential. Christ gave us the authority to speak greatness into our lives! “Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done (Matthew 21:21).

When you focus on positive states of mind, give attention to these states and consistently practice changing your attention to positive outcomes, the Law of Attraction yields to your command and brings about the positive state your desire. Just like when you succumb and give your attention to negative thoughts and practice these debilitating reactions leads to the desired outcome of lack and limitation. You have control over your reactions and your pro-actions. Expectation creates an exact match of what you expect. Expect only the best in your life and tune out the outcomes that don’t match your positive intentions. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.




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What happened when Andy Rooney went to heaven?

When Andy Rooney encountered St. Peter he said, “Why is it that the line is so long? I want to get to my next assignment and set up my office. I never waited in lines this long on earth! And what is that you are wearing, St. Peter? You would think that since you are in charge of the pearly gates you would have been adorned with better garb. And I have a protest; there are no pearls on the pearly gates! Is that truth in advertising? I bought into this heaven concept expecting to see pearls and I see rusted iron. Where’s your quality control? I see I have my work cut out for me. Where do I go next, St. Peter?” St. Peter responded, “The down elevator on the left.” ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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Alright, let’s strip away all belief for a moment and take a look at our lengthy history as a civilization.  Whether you believe the myth of Adam and Eve or the Darwinian explanation of genetic mutations and survival of the fittest, let’s take a discerning eye at who we are, what we are, where we came from, how we got here, when we got here and why we are here now.

Who are we? Are we individuals seeking our own self-survival, or are we part of a collective of individuals growing and expanding within our communities? Have we learned from our collective past who we are? Are we currently sheepherders living from day to day to survive in the wilderness? Or are we technologically enabled individuals that are discovering a new sense of community through social networking? We have the resources available to us to know just how the omniverse works and that it has existed beyond our comprehension to explain it. Our sheepherder ancestors did not know what we know and explained things as a result of seasonal experiences, societal interactions and relegating what was unknown to a deity far off in the heavens. We have grown in our knowledge of time and space and some have discovered the hidden wisdom and intelligent design in the omniverse. Some believe that our lifetimes are limited. Some believe that we die and change form and continue to exist and some believe that when we die it is all over.

What are we? We have come to know more about what we are as well. We are electro-chemical conglomerations of trillions of cells working in tandem and being mostly water-based. We interact with our environment and electro-chemical interactions in our brains create thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, actions and behaviors. We look into the mirror of the omniverse and see ourselves as human beings in physical forms and call this reality; when in actuality, some believe that we are seeing the reflections of the projections of our inner spirit. Others believe that we are reflections of a deity’s projection and still others believe that our consciousness is a result of our brains existing in a temporal environment.

Where have we come from? We have come into existence on this planet and have used its resources to survive and thrive as a species at the expense of other living beings and the planet’s natural resources. We have discovered the inner workings of the deepest levels of observed existence without knowing exactly how it all came into being. Were we created here? Did we evolve here? Or were we the result of other living beings interacting with already existing species on this planet?

How did we get here? We theorize as to how things came into existence and use the principles of experiential unfolding to replicate the expressions of certain physical laws. We don’t exactly know how and why magnetism works; however, we wouldn’t have most of the technology we use regularly without harnessing the forces of magnetism. Just because we don’t know how it works doesn’t stop us from using it to our mutual benefit. We have a host of theories from creation to evolution to alien insemination as to how we have gotten here. We don’t know exactly how, yet we survive and thrive as a species.

When did we get here? Some believe we have always existed here from simple life forms evolving into more complex ones. Others believe we were created in seven days from a deity hovering over the waters. Still others believe that we were deposited by or inseminated by alien life forms on a spatial road trip. Our history reveals more fighting, resisting and death seeking due to misunderstandings, conflicts and familial hatred. It is amazing how we have even survived our own lust for power and dominance.

Why are we here now? We are here because we have access to the most powerful force in the omniverse; a force that guides us to seek peace, understanding, joy and love. It is the power of love that we ‘feel’ in our hearts when we allow ourselves to experience order amid chaos, listening amid the noise, happiness amid the confusion and seeking the love of that which is beyond our comprehension.

Do you listen to and believe what someone ‘observed’ and surmised thousands of years ago and allow it to determine your life right now? Do you base your life on some book written by men with agendas over feeling the love in your brother’s and sister’s hearts? Do you insist that what you believe is more correct than what someone else believes and you will do whatever you can to prove them wrong by intimidating, demeaning and rejecting their experience in order to prove yourself right? If you do, then you haven’t learned a thing about the quality of life and the strides we have made as a collective civilization.

Your viewpoints are NOT the be all and end all of life. They are your OPINIONS of it and should always be relegated to sharing and not IMPOSING their content on others. When you step into the realm of convincing, converting or coercing others into believing what you believe is the truth, you have dismissed love from the equation; DESPITE your beliefs as to why you are trying to convince them. See beyond your vain attempts at control, domination and manipulation of what others believe in order to elevate your perception of just whom and what you are. You are a child of the omniverse looking back at itself in wonder. Be open and appreciate life for what it is and NOT what you want it to be. Be ye therefore caring and fruitful! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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All we have is NOW! We can reflect on the past and meditate to release its stresses in order to accept the current conditions we are experiencing. We can refract on the future  and contemplate its possible stresses in order to reject possible conditions that could arise in preventing our vision from manifesting. Or we can just allow what is going on NOW to fill us with Divine love by concentrating on the blessings in our lives, meditating to relieve the perceived stresses of our past and contemplating our possibilities into probabilities. This creates a dynamic state of allowing the unfolding of the realization of our Divine purpose in Divine order in our immediate future.

We exist in the NOW and we perceive the movement from our past into our future in the perceived dualistic reality. We project our understandings of the perceived dualistic reality into its dynamic illusion in order to affect our ‘world’.

In reality, we only have what we perceive is occurring from moment to moment. Moments turn into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and years into lifetimes.

Are you expressing what you were created to contribute to the growth and expansion in this world? Have your moment to moment realizations yielded the inspirations necessary to drive you into expecting the Divine desires in your heart? Or do you just dismiss them and live in mediocrity because you doubt your ability, worry about what ‘might’ happen to disillusion you or fear what you perceive as the ‘unknown’? If so, then it’s time for you to drop all of your doubts, worries and fears and completely trust in the Divine to guide your thoughts, beliefs, words, actions and behaviors toward the actualization of your innermost dreams.

The Divine created you to manifest those dreams and it is YOU that hasn’t effectively acted upon them. It is you that hasn’t had the faith to follow through to their complete realization. It is you that hasn’t seen the reality of the Divine within you to co-create the fulfillment of your Divine purpose in Divine order.

The YOU is the smaller ego self that chooses to protect itself from any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harm. In its zeal to protect, it constricts. In its love of self, it denies SELF. In its desire to please itself, it dismisses your Divine desires.

Don’t allow your smaller self to steer the wheel alone. It cannot see beyond itself in order to grow and expand. It does not care about what happens to others. It only does what is necessary to protect itself and ensure its own survival.

Prayer is the first step that tells the smaller self that there is a Divine reality beyond its own purview. Meditation is the second step that tells the smaller self to listen to the still small voice of the Divine within. Service is the third step that shares the guidance from the Divine into contributing to the growth and expansion of all. Realization of your Divine purpose is ‘following through’ with the co-creation and is the final step that allows the smaller self to see that it is a part of a grander scheme and not an isolated island in a sea of obscurity.

Be the divine creation that you are by living in the NOW and co-creating a future where we all live in peace and harmony through understanding and sharing love with all. It all begins when you live in the NOW! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Leave your prejudices, dogmas and erroneous beliefs at the door. You are welcome in my life when your mind and heart are open to learning, growing and expanding. If you aren’t, I wish you well on your path.

It is up to me to decide whom I interact with just as it is up to you to decide that as well. When someone is closed and unwilling to learn it reveals that they are secure in their comfort zone and don’t desire to break free from their self-imposed mediocrity. They view the world as they ‘believe’ it to be and not how it is.

I welcome those who challenge what I say, write or reveal. For in the challenge we all learn what is real and truthful. However, when someone says, “It’s in the Bible” as their only evidence without knowing where it is in the Bible or from whence it came, I seriously doubt their veracity and their intelligence.

Research everything before you speak it, write it or reveal it. Know the facts and not the opinions of others. Temper your revelations with the understanding that if they are truthful they will withstand any and all scrutiny.

Don’t fear what has been revealed to you. Think about it, feel it, know it and be it. It was given to you for a purpose that will become apparent to you when you focus on the context in which it was revealed to you.

All revelations are Divine gifts that guide you on your path. Follow that guidance and step confidently even though you might not know the way. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Are you permitting others to steal you joy? Are you feeling great and someone else tries to make you feel guilty because you feel good? Are they saying that you are being selfish because you choose to experience joy while others are suffering?

In everything that happens to us we have choices to make. Do we internalize our experiences and create emotions that drive us to either worry about what ‘might’ happen or be confident in what we know ‘will’ happen!

In other words, are we in command of our feelings or are our feelings in command of us? Do we operate from faith in the Divine by trusting completely or do we operate from fear by doubting in ourselves enough to let the imposed guilt of others stifle our progress?

When we accept and believe in the guilt that others impose on us we are allowing them to steal our joy. What right do we have to be joyous when the rest of the world appears to be suffering? Who do we think we are, anyway? Do we think we are better than others? Or is it that we simply KNOW that we have everything to be thankful and joyous for because we understand just whom and what we are in the grand scheme of things?

When others try to convince you that you have no right to be joyous just thank them graciously, pray for their understanding and move on. The truth is that it is THEY who have no right to impose their limited, subjective and personal viewpoint on you simply because you are experiencing joy. They want you to be ‘like them’ for them to feel secure in their viewpoint of the world. It is a selfish act and you should have nothing whatsoever to do with them and their ego trying to control, dominate and manipulate who and what you are.

Never let anyone steal your joy; it isn’t worth it. It is more important to be truthful than polite, in control rather than being controlled and joyous for your blessings rather than worrying about ‘what if’. When you take the ‘what if’, let it go and follow Divine guidance you are being true to yourself AND others. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.






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You are correct to believe that there is no way out of this physical experience of the life that you currently have. You are also correct that there are things beyond your ability to perceive and experience because you simply don’t sense the entire physical reality.

We are tied to this physical plane by our agreement with each other that it exists. We share common perceptions of this physical plane and either agree or disagree as to the depth and meanings of our perceptions.

What’s truly important is not what we believe we experience but how we feel about how our experiences contribute to unfolding our Divine purposes in Divine order. If we feel unfulfilled it’s an accurate indicator as to the fact that we are not aligned with Divine order. If we feel fulfilled we are aligned with Divine order and we perceive the bounty of the omniverse unfettered by erroneous beliefs.

Our brains fill in the blanks in our perceptions in order for us to resolve our experiences into something that we can understand. In essence, we create electro-chemical copies of reality in our brains that we perceive as reality. It is in how we feel that actually manifests our reality because we subsequently choose the thoughts that are necessary to move forward and allow the complete unfolding of our Divine purposes in Divine order.

Our interactions with others and our ongoing choices of Ego or Divine guidance create the ‘feelings’ that we use to truly know if we are living from selfishness or the spirit. Choosing Divine guidance is always the best way to proceed because it takes into account the ‘greater’ picture of the omniversal unfolding in Divine order.

The perceptions of our egos are extremely limited and are focused on self-survival only. It is a viewpoint from the valley and NOT a viewpoint from the mountaintop. When you spend your life operating from a greater perspective, you are more likely to experience the feelings of Divine alignment instead of ongoing ego frustration.

As always, it is your choice. Make it a good one. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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In 2004 the Hubble Telescope peered out at Orion and took a time lapse photograph over a period of 11 days. When the picture was analyzed the furthest objects appeared to have a mysterious red glow. What does that mean? According to the Doppler Effect it means that all of the galaxies at the very edge of the universe are moving away from us. In other words, the omniverse is ‘expanding’.

As we grow in the understanding of our immediate, global and omniversal environment, we come to see that everything is expanding. Growth and expansion is the ‘direction’ in which the omniverse moves and exists.

Our perspective is the only thing that can speculate on an eventual reduction and contraction of what we experience. Everything is composed of waves of energy that demonstrate a peak and a valley simultaneously know as crests and troughs. They do not exist without each other. In order for something to be ‘up’, there must be a ‘down’. For something to be ‘hot’ there must be a ‘cold’. In order for something to be ‘far’, there must be some ‘close’. These perspectives are the sensory conclusions of ‘projected’ opposite pairs in the perceived dualistic reality.

Our outer experience reflects our inner perspective as we derive meaning from sensing our environment. We experience events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and the behavior of people and ‘things’ in our environment and filter those experiences through our individual belief systems to ‘make sense’ of it all.

Our belief systems are forged by past experiences that we have accepted as real. Most often, they are rigid and unyielding. Our beliefs take a stance that ‘this is the way it always will be’ and refuse to change their viewpoints because it will make us feel ‘uncomfortable’. We begin to ‘fear’ change because our beliefs give us security and comfort.

In essence, what we believe filters our experience with a skew that ‘bends’ reality, much like the way gravity ‘bends’ the space-time continuum. It is as science has discovered through quantum mechanics, the point where the ‘observer’ views the omniverse as ‘particles’ instead of waves. It is a deterministic viewpoint that we surmise as being correct simply because we participate in the growth and expansion of our environment.

For us to derive our individual meaning of life we have to be an integral part in that meaning; otherwise, why do we even exist? The ego has to justify its own existence and it conveniently ‘bends’ the facts to suit its purpose in self-preservation. Originating out of the reptilian brain its mission is self-survival and propagation of the species. It seeks to grow and expand from itself in order to justify its own existence.

We have grown and expanded as a ‘species’ and as we experience more and more of life we move from the ego-child ‘viewpoint’ through our current adolescence into becoming an adult. The adult perspective is recognizing the Spirit of God within all of existence and simply ‘allowing’ it to unfold natural order by understanding Divine order. We are a part of this ‘omniversal’ clock which ticks out our experience each and every day. If we react and resist what it reflects we lose our alignment with Divine order.

If we proact and allow what it reflects we align ourselves with the eddys and currents of Divine order moving and influencing natural order. Forcing experiences to occur co-creates ripples that bounce off and distort the natural progression of Divine order. Gently massaging the inherent results of Divine order align ourselves with its natural flow in growth and expansion of all of life. Every day alignment with natural order and most importantly, Divine order, affords us the ability to flow naturally in the eddys and currents of unfolding experience.

How do we align ourselves? By recognizing the Source of all existence through prayer and visualizing; listening to the Source through daily regular meditation; and serving others in the unfolding of natural order. Participate in the unfolding of Divine order into natural order by aligning yourself every day through an ongoing experience of Divine love actualizing your Divine purpose. Feel the motions of the omniverse and enjoy the ride! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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In his book, “The Purpose Driven Life”, Rick Warren delineates the following ‘purposes’:

“The Purpose-Driven Life is a manifesto for Christian living in the 21st century...a lifestyle based on eternal purposes, not cultural values. Using biblical stories and letting the Bible speak for itself, Warren clearly explains God’s five purposes for each of us:

  1. We were planned for God’s pleasure, so your first purpose is to offer real worship.
  2. We were formed for God’s family, so your second purpose is to enjoy real fellowship.
  3. We were created to become like Christ, so your third purpose is to learn real discipleship.
  4. We were shaped for serving God, so your fourth purpose is to practice real ministry.
  5. We were made for a mission, so your fifth purpose is to live out real evangelism.”


Now, if you accept these ‘purposes’ you will become ‘Christ-like’. Will you? Are your purposes in life external or deep within? Are your purposes based on a second generation book that derives its purposes from another book that was put together by liars and murderers and then declared the ‘holy word of God’? Or are your purposes in fact just one purpose of expressing the growth and expansion of the seed that God has placed in your heart? Let’s examine each purpose and find out:

Were we in fact created for God’s pleasure? Are we simply toys to amuse ‘Him”? Or are we truly children of the Most High God whom He created to express His Divine purpose? Is God so vain that He created us to worship Him? Or did He create us to express the Divine purpose He planted in our hearts? The Judeo-Christian viewpoint of God is that He is transcendent AND imminent. He is ‘beyond’ us, yet ‘within’ us. If this is so, then why would He imbue ‘human’ qualities of seeking worship? It is more like He would want us to ‘respect’ His authority it He truly loves us unconditionally, wouldn’t it? Does God have pleasure in us fighting and resolving our differences? Is He THAT petty? I don’t think so. It is time for us to grow up and expand our view of the Creator of this massive omniverse and to realize that we cannot explain God in human terms and human understandings.

Wasn’t the message of Christ for the Gentiles as well as the Jews? Aren’t we all family? If it is ‘us and them’ there will always be dissension and fighting. When we all begin to accept the realization that we are ALL children of God, we will no longer seek separation from ANYTHING in life and embrace the majesty of ALL creation. True ‘fellowship’ is to respect ALL of creation and be thankful for it.

Mr. Warren’s third purpose is actually our first. To embrace the ‘consciousness’ of the Christ within each and every one of us. Jesus embodied that ‘Christ Consciousness’ and showed us that it could ‘transcend’ death. His message was NOT one of condemnation and SIN, but of eternal deliverance from our ‘perceptions’ of sin and disharmony. Real discipleship is completely trusting in the Spirit of God to unfold your Divine purpose in Divine order. It is being in a state of Oneness and NOT separation.

Serving God has ‘many’ definitions. The most important way to serve God is to commune with others and share Divine love. It is NOT being subject to ongoing selfish purposes and agenda manifestations. It is sharing your talents, skills and abilities with those in your world. Our ‘ministry’ is to live by example and not ‘preach’ a gospel, or good news, without ‘living’ it!

Our ‘mission’ is not to ‘spread the word’ of a contrived book and set of dictums. It is to give and share love to your neighbor and in turn, to God. Being thankful and grateful for our lives and living peacefully in Divine order. ‘Real’ evangelism is LIVING in a state of Divine peace, expressing Divine understanding and sharing Divine joy by sharing the ‘good news’ by example!

Basing your entire life and existence on ANY book or written word is living with SECOND HAND information and NOT communing directly with the Divine. Why do we incessantly defer to what others reveal instead of going within and listening to the Divine Creator of the entire omniverse? Why indeed? ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Have you ever noticed that those who speak the loudest in defending their aberrances and proclivities toward justifying the possession of weapons that participate in human violence often argue with ‘apples’ and ‘oranges’? They continually make the argument that the possession of a ‘kitchen’ or ‘lawn’ accessory constitutes the ability to injure and harm another individual. When was the last time you saw or heard of someone armed with lawn shears committing mass murder?

If you dig deeper you can see ‘who’ is the real culprit at play in the use of this form of ‘horse’ logic; it is the ego. The ego will do ANYTHING to justify its own existence and protect itself from harm with what it ‘perceives’ as a threat to its self-survival. The operative motivator behind this exposition of using ‘apples’ and ‘oranges’ to inflict a shell game on the rest of us is the use of fear.

Fear operates on ‘what could happen’ and not on what ‘might’ happen. It jumps to the feelings of experiencing the worst by employing the reverie of negative outcomes and the lack of perceived comfort. It subsequently generates beliefs that get stored in the subconscious mind as reactive emotions. This dance and play of emotions blinds a person to the fact that weapons of any kind ‘can’ kill another; however, the use of weapons that ‘instantly’ kill many NEED to be severely regulated to prevent mass death at the hands of unstable, psychotic or criminal individuals.

Their egos are so ‘fearful’ of any one of these people attacking them or their families that they justify owning and possessing weapons to ‘fight back’. This urge to ‘fight’ creates resistance and the very thing that they fear the most comes upon them. Why? “What your resist, persists.” (Carl Gustav Jung). Conversely, what you allow is in the now! If you allow fear to take hold you have lost your own personal battle in your mind and you have created the very thing that you have feared. You have made it real by choosing to fear instead of having faith in the Divine to guide you, protect you and nurture you with Divine love.

You can claim to be spiritual all you want but when you resort to harboring weapons that can stop another from the right to living their own life it reveals that you are not spiritual at all. You are ‘claiming’ to be and not living in the blessings of spirituality. The blessings of spirituality are the knowing and practicing of Divine love! It is not allowing the ego to reign free but allowing the Divine to do so!

The ego always employs ‘horse’ logic in its discourse to defend its ‘right’ over the life and death of another in a quest to protect itself, its family or its property. It truly ‘Edges God Out’ and takes over the mind, the heart and the body to carry out its will and ensure its self-survival at all costs! When the ego argues ‘apples’ and ‘oranges’ know that it’s a shell game to distract your attention from what is truly going on; the generation of fear and separation in order to justify its being in command and being able to make decisions over the life and death of another. It is the ego playing God and NOT allowing God to guide you, protect you and ensure your safety.

Argue against this point all you want, but the more you argue, the more you reveal that your ego is in command and NOT the Spirit of God! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.