Our society deals with abuses by putting its perception of what it construes as the sources of the abuses in order to distract you from the true sources. If you remain distracted you won’t be paying attention to what others are doing in setting their collective agendas. When someone drinks too much it is referred to as alcohol abuse. When someone does drugs too much it is called drug abuse. In fact, it is neither. It is people abuse.

in order to accept responsibility for one’s actions it is essential that your focus be on what is the source of the actions; not the expressions in your behavior. The same occurs when people refer to our collective problems as ‘the system”, “the government” or “entities” such as corporations, all of which are constructs of “the people”.

Focus on bettering the people as well as the 'entities' (corporations, government, et.al) of society and we truly begin to handle our collective “problems” and move into the mutual growth and expansion of society as a whole. When we are honest with each other and accept the responsibility for our collective actions we begin to realize a state of true peace on earth. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


We hear many times over about achieving a state of allowance. But is it a static state of being or is it a dynamic process of fulfillment? Actually, it is both. Meditation is a daily process by which we close off the outer distractions in order to center our minds on our inner spirit. Through diligent daily practice we become more and more accustomed to an inner state of peace that helps us deal with and transcend the outer world of perceived chaos. By consistently ‘dipping into the well’ of source energy, we come away with the attributes of our Creator. Diligent practice increases our feelings of fulfillment and brings us into an ongoing state of peace and actualization.

It is important for us to maintain that ‘spiritual’ connection. After years of the practice of meditation we learn how to enter that state upon command. However, many don’t even realize that they can enter that state as easily as they can react to outer circumstances. Without consistent practice many believe allowing is, in essence, tolerating the behaviors of others and circumstances that become apparent.

Allowing is NOT tolerating! It is accepting ‘what is’, aligning yourself with it and living in a state of joy regardless of what is occurring around you. It gives you an awareness to look for the good in everything no matter how bad it appears to be. It brings you into a state of appreciation of all that unfolds in Divine order. It is making a state of ‘feeling good’ a priority in your life and being consistent in maintaining that state. When perceived problems occur we automatically ask the Divine for answers, listen to the Divine within for the answers and carry out the Divine’s instructions in our lives. It is a state of being AND a process that only comes with diligent practice and consistent maintenance through daily meditation.

Make the time to become a being that operates from allowance instead of resistance. It puts you into the flow of Divine order and leads you to the manifestation of your Divine purpose perfectly. It is truly getting ‘out of your own way’ by allowing your Higher SELF to guide you more than your lower ‘ego’ self. Allowance of Divine order is a worthwhile and fulfilling goal that is the best for you and everyone you interact with in your life. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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Being who you are is not a reward or punishment. It is your essence of divinity and love. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

As spirit expresses and projects through me, I identify all as in my mind and body. In truth, it is all spirit projecting reality and I experience copies of the perceived dualistic reality in my mind from my sensory perceptions. I use these evaluations to navigate through life. All is centered in spirit. Aum! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The laws of humankind were crafted from the laws of God by individuals who loved God and humankind, and those who wanted power over humankind. Use the gift of a discerning mind to know the difference between the two and whether or not they are aligned with Divine order. The answer is always obvious. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Jesus taught that the Sabbath was created for man and NOT man for the Sabbath. The law is a by-product of peaceful co-existence based on an understanding of a social contract among its constituents. When we love ourselves and others completely, we respect the law and obey it. Love does not come from the law; the law is a result of loving your neighbor. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The existence of human beings is indicative of growth and expansion. We dynamically grow into an understanding of love and the law. Since we are all created equal but traverse different paths, the law is there to maintain consistency among those at different points along the path. It is to be respected but not rule over love. That's why Jesus ate on the Sabbath; to demonstrate this fact. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The most successful salesman meets the needs of his customers on many levels. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Life is like a bowl of Rice Krispies; when you consume the nourishment the noise disappears. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



It seems apparent at times that we all are searching for answers to our innermost questions outside of ourselves more than inside of ourselves. When we get caught up in the hamster wheel of life our focus gravitates towards our immediate needs and wants while we let our deepest desires and necessary expectations to go by the wayside. Why does this happen? Is it because we are too tired, lazy or just mediocre? Or is it because down deep inside we simply don’t believe in our abilities to fulfill our Divine purpose?

Unfortunately, we use our belief systems to drive us onward or retreat into our comfort zones. It is our motivating force in making choices, pursuing decisions and manifesting results. The problems we encounter are when some of our beliefs are erroneous and don’t serve the actualization of our Divine purpose. Do we hold onto these beliefs because they keep us in our comfort zone or do we dare to eradicate them because they don’t serve our fulfillment? Again, it is our choice that is the first step. Do we make our choices half-heartedly or with sincere intent? Do we pray for guidance and make the time to still ourselves and listen for the guidance? And do we go into the world and seek the opportunities to manifest our destinies or do we sit in our inner sanctums and prophesize to others about their lives?

Intention is nothing without commitment; commitment to become a better you; to stretch out of your comfort zone and become what you were created to be. Go to the library or Internet and educate yourself on the choices that others have made and study the results they have manifested. Use their experience as a guidepost to possible outcomes. Learn about what they did when confronted with obstacles. Learn about how they maintained their focus and attitude. Spend the necessary time in fine tuning your body and mind with your inner spirit. When all three become aligned you cannot help but manifest your Divine purpose in Divine order. Peace and blessings on your journey to Oneness with your inner purpose and always remember; the Divine is just a breath away. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


The most you can ever do is your best. Your best depends on your sincerity, attitude and following through. If you are sincere and don’t have the attitude to make the steps to follow through, then your sincerity is for the benefit of others only. If your sincerity drives you to maintain an attitude to follow through then it not only benefits others, but yourself as well.

If your attitude is based on reacting to things instead of proacting to things then you will find it difficult to follow through on giving your best. Following through comes from your initial sincerity, a proactive attitude and a desire to give your best. When you choose to take shortcuts along the way is when you ‘drop the ball’. Be completely sincere, develop a winning attitude for all involved and follow through with the actions and behaviors necessary to display your best. It is ultimately being true to yourself AND others. Peace. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


When the blind are leading the blind, logic, truth and intuition fall on deaf ears. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The illusion that "i" is separate from "I" is what creates division into a perceived dualistic reality. We ARE individualized expressions of "I" and our Divine desires reveal and remind us of the fact that we are never separate from the Divine “I”. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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Excuse me; I live in the year 2012! Not over 200 years ago. Please stop soap boxing about the Founding Fathers and their perspective on this country. Things were different then and they never would have been able to consider the way things were now with their frame of reference. Stop using them to proselytize those who don’t know history, have no clue about what issues we collectively face and blindly listen to your rhetoric and B.S.! Politicians are ego-maniacs who want others to recognize them for their honor and dedication to their country. Didn’t Jesus say to pray in your closet without the recognition of men? ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


No matter how much we progress toward complete equality there will always be someone who spouts scripture to justify their 'learned' control over another. Just as prejudice is 'learned', so is bigotry. If they would dig deep enough to find the truth, they would understand that we are all one in spirit and no one is superior to another. Peace. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


If we all truly loved each other enough we would not allow our beliefs, the beliefs of others and the desire to control others to interfere with our acceptance of the truth. We would allow the Spirit of God within each and every one of us to reveal the truth without any interference of our egos, our perceived agendas and our own selfish desires. Love requires a Divine desire to understand each other and not judge one another. Without these prerequisites, we are not truly sharing Divine love. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


God does not guide us into disharmony. It is our belief that we must go through hell to get to heaven that deceives us. We were created in harmony and THAT is our natural state. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Is Living In wealth Your Divine Right? by Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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