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When I look into the heavens and see millions of galaxies and stars I come to the realization that whoever created all of this has got a much greater perspective than me. I see but one angle of this massive universe and I marvel at its creation. Think about the fact that this Earth we are on rotates on its axis at just the right angle (23 ½ degrees) to promote life here. We have seasons because of this angle. If it were any different, we might freeze or burn up. If the Earth didn’t rotate on its axis the atmosphere would be pushed to the poles and life would die out in the equatorial regions.

The chances of certain amino acids forming are astronomical. Is this random chance or intelligent design? Many non-believers and/or scientists have said to me, “Prove to me that there is a God.” I say to them that according to their way of thinking and the rules that they use to construct their experiments, the only thing I can ‘prove’ is the results of God being present in my life by my awareness of Him. Science is based on what the senses reveal, not on the whole picture of reality. Our senses are limited to feeling electromagnetic and mechanical energy that are the result of certain physical actions. But where do these physical actions come from? From other physical actions? From an infinite spirit? Ask a scientist what existed before the Big Bang and watch him scramble for an explanation.

My answer to non believers and/or scientists is “Prove to me that there isn’t a God.” They cannot, according to their own rules of engagement in proving the construction of a perceived dualistic reality. So when will the debate ever end? Some say it will when we die and go to an eternal life. The funny thing is, is that science and religion are in agreement here. Science tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it just changes form. Most religions talk about an afterlife in heaven, nirvana or a place of peaceful bliss. The fact of the matter is, is that everything that exists vibrates and comes from energy. Einstein’s theories proved that matter is a more dense form of energy that is vibrating at a frequency slower than photons of light. This shows how everything is ultimately connected. When your body dies it breaks down into the original molecular structures that it was composed of, yielding more raw material within the Earth. But what of your mind and its energy? Where does it go? To heaven? Nirvana? Or does it just recycle itself into the primordial energy pool of the universe?

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not energy cannot be created or destroyed. But what does that mean? It means that everything that ever existed still exists in one form or another. It is observed in different forms of energy as either electromagnetic or matter, or various states in between. The movement of energy between its different forms is a result of the environment in which it exists. Do you create an environment in your mind that is fertile for growth and expansion? Or do you nay-say everything because you believe in something that has not been proven? Do you believe you have the power to effect change in your life?

If you believe you have the power you will. If you don’t, then you won’t. It’s as simple as that. The spirit is where everything comes from and it is people who warp and bend its blessings to suit their own egos and beliefs; much like a black hole warps the space/time continuum. Some of my friends tell me I must get down on my knees in supplication and respect to almighty God. Hogwash. I don’t pray “on my knees” because I don’t have to subject myself to a bearded old man in the sky somewhere that doesn’t exist. I say to them, “Grow up and realize the truth!” God’s spirit is within everything that exists. Prove it to me that it isn’t! Stop anthropomorphizing God!

Events, occurrences and people exist outside of the inner you. The outer you is a result of the beliefs you have manifested in your life. Your perception of the universe is based on the evaluations of signals being sent to your senses from a dualistic reality; hot or cold, black or white, big or small. Your perception is a copy of reality and not reality itself! What you sense is the reality you created and it is NOT you. Your job is to understand and acknowledge the blessings you do have and recognize that events, occurrences, people and things are the circumstances you created to be in your life. When you hold the picture in your mind of feeling joyous of the blessings in your life, negativity, erroneous beliefs and poor attitudes cannot affect you. Create the reality you desire by believing in your ability to mold and shape the outside world. Allow the peace of the inner world to manifest the fruits you desire in the outer world.

God helps us every day we help ourselves attain a state of peace and joy. God doesn’t speak to us when we are angry and tense. Only when we still ourselves and listen to His still small voice can we understand and appreciate all of the beauty that surrounds us, no matter what everyone else observes. Yes, we have a shared perception with others, but what is real to us is what we believe is of value to us.

Understanding the truth, speaking the truth and acting upon it are different things. When we make the correct choices of how to act appropriately, we create and manifest the world we seek. Remember, Carl Jung once said, “Whatever you resist, persists.” Fighting the status-quo only creates more dissension and fighting. Creating a better world is a more positive and effective approach because we initiate the balance and order we seek.

Our choice is to be ignorant and weak or enlightened and strong. When we choose to be loving, apologetic, forgiving and thankful, miracles begin to occur. As Gandhi once said, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Be strong in your commitment to enlightening your mind and seeking the growth and expansion of all life. Spirituality is being here now in the moment, feeling the presence of God in everything and recognizing the sanctity of all life by respecting all things in life. When you live with spirituality, no one can ever prove to you that God doesn’t exist. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Loving Yourself
by Jeannine Sanderson


I’m always amazed at proponents of theories that polarize discussions with either or. Instead of taking a 360 degree view of reality, they seem to revel in a dualistic sensory opinion of what they perceive as reality. Everything that we perceive in our brains is a copy of reality and not reality. Regardless of what evidence is presented, spin doctors with their own personal agendas take the facts and through clever speech and articulation of shared values, present a perceived view that seems plausible. For example, in the State of the Union speech on January 27, 2010, President Obama clearly stated that he would welcome any ideas that would bridge bi-partisanship. Yet, House Minority leader John Boehner heard the same speech and stated that President Obama made no attempt at crossing the aisle. Editor and Publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation suggested a new term for crossing the aisle and working together as Trans-Partisanship.

In Latin, the root trans means to change thoroughly from a previous way of doing something into a new way. The word transform means to change the form of something. In other words, if you change the thoughts of how you perceive something, it will change the resultant thought-forms manifested. Gridlock occurs when people focus on the external reality of dualism, instead of the spiritual reality of oneness. Logical conclusions utilize a system of rules that analyze the dualistic perceived reality where intuition is a direct perception of truth independent of logical reasoning. Some call it your first impression or immediate apprehension of something. Are these systems truly at odds with each other? Or should we attempt to transform their systems into a workable process that reveals the truth? What can be gained by transforming our cognitive and intuitive perceptions into a trans-perceptive reality?

Logic is the science that investigates and evaluates perceived reality through accurate observation and reason. Reason is the process where inferences and conclusions are formed from established and observed premises. The Law of Parsimony is the guiding principle where the conclusion is reduced to the simplest explanation. Science utilizes these principles to thoroughly and accurately explain our perceptions of dualistic reality. Our perceptions of reality are polarized into an acceptance of varying degrees between black and white, cold and dark, fuzzy or sharp, pungent or innocuous, loud or soft or high or low pitched. These polarizations create thoughts that we react to in either favorable or unfavorable ways. We then evaluate how they affect us and then use them to further judge their usefulness in regard to our survival. Repeated stimulations and emotional reactions to these stimulations create repeated thoughts which in turn create our belief systems. Our individual belief systems help us navigate through life and allow us to either embrace or reject opportunities to move from surviving into thriving.

In Philosophy intuition is an immediate cognition of an object, person or occurrence that is not inferred (by logic) or determined by a previous cognition of the same object, person or occurrence. Have you ever met someone and knew immediately what they were all about? Have you entered a building and felt something was wrong and didn’t know why? Has something ever happened to you that you knew might happen but dismissed it? The key to understanding intuition is that it defies logic. Logic is employed after something occurs in regards to an object, person or event. Intuition occurs prior to a demonstrated behavior of an object, person or event. Intuition is a result of your spiritual connection to the oneness of the source of the universe. The more connected you are, the more intuition you have. But why do some people have more than others? Is it because they are more spiritual than others? Or is it because they have accepted a connection to reality that others just don’t see? Actually, it is both. Spirituality is based on faith. Faith is a belief that is not based on physical proof. You cannot understand the oneness of God with the dualistic expansion of the universe. The existence of God cannot be proven in the physical universe. It can only be proven through the use of your intuition.

Every day we witness political debates, arguments and stances by people who have convincing arguments, but in reality, don’t have a clue. They get caught up in the dualistic reality and reject the connection that they have to the divine. They beat Bibles, Korans or some other form of Literary Authoritarianism and try to convince others that they know the way to God. What foolishness! Whatever occurs outside of you is a result of objects, people or events. The only truth that exists is deep within you at the center of your being. It is where your intuition comes from. It is your connection to God. Prayer is asking God for what you believe you want in life. Meditation is listening to God guiding you to what is best for you. Service is the giving of yourself to others and contributing to the growth and expansion of all life. Any behaviors that take away from the growth and expansion of all life are not operating with intuition. No wonder many people claim to be proponents of the values of God but demonstrate the opposite. We all know our neighbors by the fruits that they bear.

We are at a critical time in our history as human beings. We need to transform our thoughts from dualistic perceptions into intuitive guidance. We need to anticipate what will happen if we continue seeking division as a result of our beliefs instead of embracing a respect and understanding of ourselves as intuitive and insightful people. The coming together of humanity in reaction to the tragedy in Haiti demonstrates that there is hope for humanity. If we all seek to develop our intuitive abilities in conjunction with our cognitive perceptions, we can move from surviving to thriving in our quest to becoming a more developed species. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Elizabeth and I would like to invite you all to our site ‘Service In Prayer’. For many months we have been led to offer a way for our online friends to have a forum to share our prayer needs with each other.

The purpose of this website is to connect with one another and share our needs for healing in whatever areas we feel we need. Please visit the website or go to the Facebook forum to post any public prayers on the Wall or PM us for private prayers.

We will pray for you or help you to find Prayer Partners to assist you in healing and realization of your Divine purpose and the unfolding of it in Divine order.

Thank you all for your support, kindness and for blessing us with your ongoing friendship. Peace and blessings to all of you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Commentor: “People who don't want to be called "Christians" want to refocus the terminology on their identity when they need to focus their identity on who they are in Christ.”

My Response: My reason for not wanting to be called a Christian is not because of my identity; it is because of all the negative and life debilitating things that have been attached to being Christian. From the Catholic Church being founded by a murderer (Constantine) to the burning of supposed heretics to the ‘holy wars’ Christianity as a religion has had too much blood on their hands for me to a part of their bullshit. Yeshua was NOT a Christian. And neither am I. I am a child of the Most High Divine Infinite Spirit that Christ identified with, was born from; and taught us all how to experience Divine love by dismissing the yearnings of our personal identity and allowing us to be as Christ.

Christ comes from the Greek word “Khristos”; meaning the anointed one. We are all anointed with the Christ within; it is when we learn that it is there and allow ourselves to live from being anointed with life and Divine love that we become one with the Spirit of God. It is NOT turning our lives over to Jesus the man as our savior from ‘sin’; it is allowing the Christ within to guide and direct our lives in sharing Divine love with all of life.

If you deny what I have said here it is because you have been indoctrinated by some Christian religious sect or pastor to believe ‘their’ interpretation of the word and NOT what Yeshua clearly said from his own mouth. Dig deeper into the spirit of the word and know just how blessed you are to be one with everything; you just need to get out of your own way. Peace.  ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Denying reality to placate your selfish yearnings of controlling, dominating and manipulating others to manifest your agenda reveals just how vapid you are.

Only when you think and feel more about ‘we’ than ‘me’ will you come to know just how blessed we all are and that working together for the growth and expansion of all is of paramount import.

Accepting reality as it is and building new paradigms of mutual support and Divine love will usher in an ongoing dynamic state of humankind where we flourish in our unity by the strengths in our diversity.

Be perfect by allowing that which is to be what is while co-creating beauty, peace and Divine love everlasting! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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by Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Be Ye Therefore Perfect! by Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Each one of us, as individuals, has our own prejudices. Succumbing to external cues, internal programming and emotional reactions, we look at things with our own individual skews. Prejudice is an unfavorable/favorable feeling that creates and opinion based on thoughts without corroborating knowledge or reason. It is a pre-conceived notion that someone or something has an effect that you either desire or reject. It is based on a tendency that prevents an unskewed consideration of a question; a bias. A bias is a point of view that is based on a pre-conceived notion; usually arrived at by the ego. Remember, the ego’s job is self-survival and it will do anything to protect you. In order to conduct a truly scientific experiment about the origins of your behaviors, you must recognize and remove all personal bias. Objectivity requires that you separate fact from opinion. Facts are things that exist in time and can be observed, measured and logged. Opinions are a judgment rendered as to HOW the facts affect you; or others. To remove individual bias, you must not make conclusions about your experiment before all of the data is logged, collated and subjected to the Law of Parsimony. The source of the information that you gather is just as important as the information itself. Applying critical thinking will keep your individual bias at a minimum.

What is critical thinking? It is series of mental processes and skills that actively evaluate, analyze, synthesize, conceptualize and apply information collected from observation to reach the simplest answer or conclusion. It is process that employs Logic and the Law of Parsimony. Logic is the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference through reason. The Law of Parsimony declares that when there are alternative explanations of events, the simplest one is likely to be correct. By utilizing critical thinking, an individual can analyze observations of their behavior and begin to get to the root of its origins. Without it, individual bias, guided by the ego, would come to conclusions based on protecting the fragile ego. In order to indentify individual bias, a person must look to the sources of bias.

When an individual conducts their own scientific experiment they must be very careful to not come to conclusions about the origins of their behaviors until all of the data has been analyzed by not just themselves, but another person who thinks critically. The choices an individual makes about what data is collected and how the data is presented can influence the outcome of the experiment. Are you aware of all of your behaviors and their outcomes? Are you not testing certain behaviors because you do not think they are relevant or they hurt you emotionally to even think about them? Always consider the source of what information is collected and how the information is collected.
The sample of your behaviors is important to revealing the underlying emotions that you express. The larger the sample of behaviors, the more information is available to arrive at informed conclusions. Randomly take samples of your behaviors at different times of the day or seasons. Note your reactions to environmental conditions at different times. A clear picture can only be seen when a significant sample of the bigger picture is collected.

An aid in accomplishing the gathering of informative data is to download and take a battery of psychological tests and surveys that reveal your emotions. These individual surveys of who and what you are can be quite enlightening. However, they should be used as an adjunct to the raw data you observe about your emotional reactions to your thoughts and your environment. Many times when people take surveys or tests they answer the questions the way that will make them look the most favorable. This is the ego kicking in again by protecting itself and making you look as good as possible. Use any tests and surveys to get a good look at your survival mechanism, but not as the definitive answer to the origins of your behaviors.

Finally, a scientific bias is always lingering in the shadows. What is it you are actually trying to assess? Are you designing your experiment to only reveal what you want to know about yourself or what you need to know? Are you examining all of the facts or are you examining the facts that won’t threaten what you are trying to discover? Are you overlooking obvious conclusions because you are trying to minimize your aberrant emotional behaviors? Are you truly conducting your experiment scientifically or are you just giving the appearance that you are? Being truthful is what the goal of science seeks. To understand who, what, where, how, when and why things occur the way they do and to design methods and techniques of making them better. Only through scientific experimentation can one cut through to the truth of what they are trying to understand. Only a complete analysis of the truth can be used to reveal your motivations and emotional reactions. Then, and only then, can you design a plan to minimize their deleterious effects and maximize their creative power.~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



It has been observed by many philosophers that humans, over the course of history, have displayed many different types of behaviors. These aggregate behaviors constitute our humanity. What is humanity? It is the collective behavioral expressions of all human beings. Whether the behavior is considered bad or good, all of these expressions represent different aspects of human behavior. Aspects are qualities or characteristics of human behavior. They are based on observations of those with different perspectives. Perspectives are conclusions based on one’s viewpoint of an event, circumstance or occurrence. Viewpoints are a result of one’s individual internal chemistry and stimulus-response learning that occurs in a person’s external surroundings. The old argument of Heredity vs. Environment comes to mind where observers argue which one determines how we act. Both heredity and environment play significant roles in human behavior.

What are the aspects of humanity? They are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual expressions or behaviors of humankind. Physical aspects represent the human body and its chemistry. We need physical sustenance in order to survive. We need air to breathe, water to drink, food to fuel our growth and exercise to provide the maintenance of our bodies. If we deprive, restrict or ignore the physical needs of our bodies, our bodies respond with chemical reactions that affect other aspects of our beings.

Our emotional aspects result from physical chemical reactions that affect our nervous system. Our sympathetic nervous system feels input from our environment and transfers electrical signals to the brain. The brain then reacts to these inputs and creates thoughts. Every thought in your brain is the result of a chemical reaction to your internal chemistry or electrical stimulus in your sympathetic nervous system from experiences in your external environment.  These chemical reactions create electrical charges that manifest a picture or copy of your experiencein your brain; a perception of your internal chemistry or your external environment. The copy is NOT reality; it is an electrical representation of reality. Our brains then compare these inputs to the results of previous experiences and they create chemical secretions that either result in a fight or flight reaction to an event. The emotional aspect of your being is a reaction to internal or external conditions. The reaction is carried out by the central nervous system.

Mental aspects involve an exchange of certain chemicals in your brain. Every thought in your mind is a result of chemical interactions in your brain. Physical chemistry and emotional reactions affect the mental processes in your brain. Are you thirsty for knowledge and educate yourself? Or do you just plod along day after day reacting to your body’s chemistry and your immediate environment? Development of our mental aspects is what separates us from the animals. We can educate ourselves to pro-act to internal and external conditions by thinking about other possibilities. We can then train ourselves to create these possibilities and convert them into probabilities. Our brain is a master switching system that coordinates all other aspects into mental pictures that we think about; our thoughts. Repeated thoughts develop into beliefs and beliefs steer our lives.

The spiritual aspect of our being is our connection to the collective reality. Whether one believes in a universe or multiverse, both are perceived as external realities. In truth, we are a part of these perceived external realities. Our internal reality is a stage for the mental copies of our external reality. There is no separation. It is all one reality expressing itself in many different ways. Our perceptions represent the reality with thoughts and mental pictures. These perceptions are created from physical internal and external conditions, emotional reactions to these thoughts and pictures and mental conclusions of how they will affect our beings. If we are focused only on ourselves, our reactions will be of survival of our beings at all costs. When we are aware of survival for ourselves and others, we innately understand a spiritual connection between all of us.  We begin to connect with others and move toward thriving instead of just surviving. The external reality is abundant and plentiful. We have access to unlimited resources when we can perceive those resources. Whether we believe that God created us or we evolved from a primeval soup, we are creatures of growth. We live to grow and expand our perceptions.

The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of humanity are always stimulating our brains with a cornucopia of stimulus. How we react to this stimulus is how it will affect us. Choose to pro-act by understanding that your perceptions are just copies of reality and NOT reality. We all have the capability to become better than we are by educating ourselves with the collective knowledge of all aspects of humanity. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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When you insist you are right without even considering that you might be wrong you are acting like a child. You want the world to be the way you want it, when you want it and for the sole purpose of pleasing you without regard to others. A child believes what pleases them and denies what doesn’t. Their fragile little egos base everything on whether or not it pleases them and makes them feel good inside. At the bottom of this are the learned behaviors of what works in getting what they want and what doesn’t. If their parents reinforce their behaviors they come to believe that they work all the time until they learn that in reality they don’t. Whenever a significant trauma or achievement becomes experienced emotionally, subconscious beliefs are forged as an integral part of their survival mechanism and they have a tendency to stay stuck at this emotional age.

In order to be free from reactive emotional triggers one must grow up and become an adult. This means active daily processes of discharging erroneous beliefs, developing and practicing critical thinking skills and sharing your individual talents, skills and abilities with others in Divine service to your community. An adult puts aside childish ways in order to become fulfilled and be a part of life more than life being all about them. Every day we witness this with Donald J. Trump. He is a 70 year old child; a bully on the playground; a person stuck at an emotional age where everyone else is secondary to him and his self-centered yearnings. The fact of the matter is that he has never grown up and had to deal with life as it is for others. He fancies himself to be a deal maker when in fact he lives in fear every day over some of the deals he has made. How do I know this? He owes billions to Russian Oligarchs and questionable banks and some day his loans are going to be called in.

What will he do? Will he think about all of us or will simply revert into survival mode and cover his ass like he has done his entire life. When you live every day on the edge it gets sharper and sharper and cuts into your every soul. If you believe that he will care more about us than himself you are too stupid to understand exactly what is really going on. You are deluding yourself with your erroneous beliefs and acting like a child. Grow the fuck up and smell the stench of your stinkin’ thinkin’! While you were convincing yourself of his supposed veracity his minions are diligently working to undermine our individual rights; the safety and security of our environment; and the overall control we have afforded to us in a democracy.

Remember, we are a Republic that employs democratic principles more than a true Democracy. When our representatives start following corporate and/or self-serving agendas more than the will of the people, we are headed down a road of self-destruction. We all need to unite in being forthright, steadfast and supportive of one another more than finding ways of separating and undermining all the progress we have made in the past decade. We need to remove DJT and his minions before their stain of ego infects the entire world with separation and division. We allowed this to happen because we refused to see the facts that were staring right into our faces. It is our duty and responsibility to the entire world to remove this Fascist Pig Dictator once and for all! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.





What are emotions? The etymology of the word emotion is from the Latin emovere, which means to move out, move away, remove, stir up or agitate. Technically it means an individual’s internal state of being and all associated involuntary, subjective, and physiological responses to an object or a situation, based in or coupled with a physical state and sensory feelings. Emotions generally are a reaction to an event that occurs as a realization of something internal or to an external occurrence that an individual is sensitive to either by choice or previous experience.

Physiologically, our brains have acquired three components or layers over time. The reptilian, old mammalian and new mammalian. The basis of the reptilian brain is the fight or flight emotional reaction. Hormonally, it communicates directly to the adrenal glands by what is called adrenaline (epinephrine). It is inextricably attached to our olfactory (sense of smell) system. Smells are tied to the most basic of human emotions including our sex drives. Why do you think perfumes make such great aphrodisiacs? The old mammalian brain is layered over top of the reptilian brain and it comprises the structures of the limbic system, our physiological emotional center. Finally, the new mammalian brain is layered over top of the old mammalian brain and is divided into left (intellectual tasks such as reading, writing and performing mathematical calculations) and right (center of abstractive thought and creativity) hemispheres.

Our thoughts are a result of either electrical stimulus from our senses (through the sympathetic nervous system) that cause chemical interactions in our brains or chemical interactions that cause electrical stimulus (through the central nervous system) to our bodies. Again, emotions are reactions to either internal or external stimuli, first based on self-preservation, protection of family and then on individual reasoning.

According to the Law of Attraction the way you feel is your point of attraction. If you feel good about something, you are in harmony with you intentions. 

When you feel bad about something, you are not in harmony with your intentions. Being aware of your emotions or feelings is the first step in monitoring your point of attraction. Allow yourself to truly feel and you will be connected to a divine feedback system that tells you whether your point of attraction is positive or negative.

Focusing on your feelings allow you to know whether you are on the right path to self-actualization more so than focusing just on your thoughts. If you continually focus on your how you feel about your problems, then you are making your point of attraction about your problems and thus are creating more problems, and more negative emotions. It’s a downward spiral that can be turned around by you if you begin to feel good about how to solve your problems. These are constructive thoughts and feelings that are positive reactions to situations and thus change your point of attraction.

We all have this built in divine feedback system that allows us to check our thoughts and reactions if we but pay attention to it. Most people delight in their problems and wonder why they continually are barraged with more and more problems. It is because their point of attraction is focused on problems instead of solutions. Problems are necessary situations that by developing solutions allow us to change our point of attraction to actualize the best for us in our lives. How we react to problems is how they affect us. Strive for solutions in life and revel in the positive emotions that result instead of experiencing the negative emotions that result from focusing on the worries, doubts and fears that arise from embracing the problems.






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Leave your prejudices, dogmas and erroneous beliefs at the door. You are welcome in my life when your mind and heart are open to learning, growing and expanding. If you aren’t, I wish you well on your path.

It is up to me to decide whom I interact with just as it is up to you to decide that as well. When someone is closed and unwilling to learn it reveals that they are secure in their comfort zone and don’t desire to break free from their self-imposed mediocrity. They view the world as they ‘believe’ it to be and not how it is.

I welcome those who challenge what I say, write or reveal. For in the challenge we all learn what is real and truthful. However, when someone says, “It’s in the Bible” as their only evidence without knowing where it is in the Bible or from whence it came, I seriously doubt their veracity and their intelligence.

Research everything before you speak it, write it or reveal it. Know the facts and not the opinions of others. Temper your revelations with the understanding that if they are truthful they will withstand any and all scrutiny.

Don’t fear what has been revealed to you. Think about it, feel it, know it and be it. It was given to you for a purpose that will become apparent to you when you focus on the context in which it was revealed to you.

All revelations are Divine gifts that guide you on your path. Follow that guidance and step confidently even though you might not know the way. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



What appears to be miraculous is in actuality Divine order moving natural order to unfold what you observe to fulfill your actualization in direct proportion to your expectation of its occurrence and the allowance of its manifestation. Either every action is miraculous or it is not.

The miracle of life is life itself growing and expanding into what it is expected to become and what is allowed to happen. Seeking supernatural explanations for natural unfolding is like claiming that a wise old bearded man on a golden throne in the sky is gracing you for kissing his posterior and obeying his rules to reap some reward that has been dangled like a carrot in front of a mule to get him to move. If you believe that this is the way life works then I suggest you look into how nature unfolds and manifests whether you participate or not.

Life goes on without your concepts and constructs of its manifestations. Life is. It came out of chaos by congealing and defining organic order from the inorganic raw materials that were doing their dance of energy and matter state change. Is life “a course in miracles” or “a curse in miracles” that unfold in your perceptions? You are what the Divine created you to be. Life out of randomness and chaos in order to look back at itself and proclaim, “I am that, I am.”

Be fulfilled in knowing that you are the advancement and culmination of what the omniverse does naturally; even though it appears to be miraculous to your limited perceptions. Divine love is the expression that created of all of life. As above, so below!

Be ye therefore perfect and NOT what others and your perceptions tell you that you are. Be the perfect divine being you were created to be by expecting the best to unfold for you and others and then allowing it to be so. And so it is! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Indifference is an emotion that has its root in apathy. Apathy is derived from the suppression of passion and concern because of some traumatic emotional event(s) that have built up walls to effective interpersonal engagement. Indifference is a lack of concern due to the acceptance of mediocrity and established comfort. Apathy is being fully disconnected from Divine love and indifference is a separation from Divine love due to the acceptance and security of mediocrity.

Hate is a reaction to not feeling love from someone due to their interactions and the perception that someone else has hurt you. It is not accepting responsibility and passionately desiring to hurt them due to your perception that they have hurt you or ‘could’ hurt you.

Love is more of surrendering yourself to your internal passions of tenderness and devotion to your Creator, another or yourself. Hate is resisting and fighting whereas love is allowing and surrendering. Apathy is not having an emotional stake in one’s perceptions while indifference is any lack of passion for involvement at all.

Know where indifference and apathy come from as well as love and hate. See them for what they are and know that in Divine love you are nurtured, whole and perfect. Anything less than that is in the realm of the mind, the ego, your beliefs and your subsequent behaviors and interactions. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


“But surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith, or for that matter, my citizenship” (Barack Obama, 2/4/10). Today in the USA distraction and misinformation seems to be the accepted form of putting forward your agenda. I ought to know, since my former column with Examiner.com was censored by The Clarity Group last October, 2009. I took a stance against one of my fellow writers who kept putting forward the lunacy of rhetoric (in my opinion) espoused by Glenn Beck. I was removed from their system after I refused to comply with their censorship. The same people who claim to have values and respect the Word of God are caught having affairs and cheating on their taxes. But how do they get away with it? The term Plausible Deniability comes to mind. PD is a response that is carried out by perpetrators that deny the existence of an act or occurrence because there is no concrete evidence to prove that they actually committed the act. For example, the recent issue over torture by US officials.

Agendas are set by individuals who desire an outcome that they perceive to be correct based on their accepted beliefs. The Christian Holy Wars and Crusades or the Muslim Jihad are examples. Both instances outline violence to relieve a perceived struggle to better oneself and attain a unity with God. But is this perceived struggle really necessary? Hardly. It is a result of the demands of the human ego and not God. As Dr. Wayne Dyer once said, “We are individualized expressions of the whole.” Our egos are concerned with separation and division. We are inextricably tied to our dualistic environment. Try to live without breathing the air in the atmosphere or walking without the earth beneath your feet. We cannot do it. We are a part of this perceived reality just as much as it is a part of us.

Spirituality is indivisible. It is your ability to recognize your connection to the oneness of life. Your ego cannot divide God. Anyone who separates groups of people from one another is ego-centered and does NOT reflect the oneness of God. It’s just that simple. Yet, many self-righteous religious fanatics thrive on separating themselves from the beliefs of others. In their obvious ignorance, they accept the desires of the ego as being holy even to the point of committing crimes against humanity. When caught in their heinous acts they embrace plausible deniability to cover their tracks. They convince their base of followers that those who are making the attacks on their character are even weaker in character than they are. It’s called bait and switch. While you are examining someone else’s behaviors you are not looking at the one who is making the accusations. Candidates like Sarah Palin pull this one so much that their behavior is obvious.

When an individual lives a significant amount of time on this planet they come to an understanding of how things work. When we all are young, we enter life with an understanding of what we were taught form our parents and family, school and friends. We have an understanding of the information we have learned and use that knowledge to navigate through life. When we have repeatedly used that knowledge over the years tempered with experience, we begin to understand how and when to use our knowledge in relation to our lives. We, over the course of time, develop wisdom. An accurate analysis of our dualistic perceived reality demonstrates division, separatism and a perceived struggle to get through life. Nothing could be further from the truth. As we develop our spirituality over the course of our lives, we come to a deeper understanding that God is indivisible. He is what gives us life and the ability to choose the path we want to follow.

We are blessed with a conscience which is based on common sense. Conscience is an ability or a faculty that distinguishes whether one's actions are right or wrong. In psychological terms conscience is often described as leading to feelings of remorse when a human does things that go against his/her moral values, and to feelings of rectitude or integrity when actions conform to such norms (Wikipedia). Conscience is based on common sense. Common sense consists of what people in common would agree on: that which they sense as their common natural understanding (Wikipedia). Conscience is a relative reaction to an absolute accepted common sense of an observed factual reality.

Most people possess a conscience but some people do not. There is a difference between understanding a person’s pain and being able to vicariously feel that pain and act in a manner to not hurt or manipulate another human being. A psychopath is an individual whose lack of empathy for another human being leans more to an inherited condition where fearlessness is employed and an inability to internalize societal norms. A sociopath’s behavior is similar to psychopathic behavior but is more from environmental influences than it is from heredity. These two expressions of character are both classified as antisocial personality disorders as proposed by Psychologist David T. Lykken.

Utilizing a conscience based on common sense, how can any individual justify separation and division of humanity from the oneness of God? The only way is to make others believe that you (your ego) possess a greater wisdom of God’s plan (Pat Robertson for example). It’s back to the expression my way or the highway. If you don’t buy into their B.S., then you are not controllable by them. Without control over your conscience and common sense, they cannot tap your wallet. The religious leaders who employ a division and separation message are not proclaiming the truth of God. They are only trying to control, dominate and manipulate your behaviors to succumb to their will. Only the mindless follow these control freaks because they have not come to an understanding of the oneness of God. God gives life; he does NOT promote death. It’s just that simple. If you employ this acid test you will always be able to ferret out the truth seekers from the manipulators.

Live your life with the actual acceptance of God as the giver of life instead of the plausible deniability associated with those who strive to separate us from our brothers and sisters. Act on the truth and the facts that you observe and don’t rely on the opinions of those who thrive on the control, domination and manipulation of other human beings. Use the conscience you have based on the common sense that we are all tied to each other and the world in which we perceive and live. There is no division in the heart of God, only humanhood. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


How do you know when you are living from Divine love? When you give and share peace, understanding, joy and love with others even though you are going through the perception of personal hell.

Operating from Divine love means you forgive yourself and others for aberrant behaviors, you apologize to yourself for your reactions to those behaviors, you give thanks for your awareness in understanding you are Divine love and you share your blessings of Divine love with the entire omniverse.

Living in Divine love is our natural state of existence; if we perceive that we aren’t living in Divine love it is because our egos are very good at convincing us that we aren’t.

Listen to the Divine emanating Divine love from your heart. That is the true guidance we all need to be perfect in our expression of the truth into reality. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Yesterday I mentioned that when you focus on the negative emotions of worry, doubt and fear, you are embracing problems and not the solutions of those problems. When you embrace a positive solution to a problem you are being pro-active. When you embrace problems as “the way it is” you are being negative. But why do you make these choices? It is because of what you value in life. I have included a link to a survey here for you to reveal to yourself exactly what your values are. Take the survey, send it to me, copy it to a text editor and I will reveal the overall results in a future article for everyone taking the survey. No names will be taken, just overall results.

What are values? They are a relative worth, merit, or importance you place on issues, events, situations and people in your life. Examples of positive values are cleanliness, freedom, education and/or community service, while negative values are cruelty, crime, blasphemy and/or just looking out for number one. Our survey will help you to determine what values are important to you. Do you express worry, doubt and fear in reaction to daily events in life or do you express confidence, certainty and faith?

Worry comes from a lack of confidence in what is going to happen next. If you embrace this lack of confidence it broadcasts this into your environment and you find issues, events, situations and people to help you support your assertions through the Law of Attraction. If you firmly believe you are a skeptic, you will find issues, events, situations and people to support you assertions because you not only believe in your convictions, but you emotionalize them with every encounter of those convictions. If you embrace uncertainty you enter into the realm of doubt. Finally, fear settles into your belief system and supporting evidence will abound. But remember FEAR’s acronym; False Evidence Appearing Real. The evidence that appears to support your feelings is based on the thoughts you have focused on and have manifested to create your current situation. You are caught in, what appears to be, and endless loop.

Fortunately, we don’t have to believe and emotionalize this endless loop. When you open your mind to other ways of manifesting your desired results and daily practice these ways, confidence in their results becomes apparent. As you make more and more advances you develop certainty in creating pro-active results. Finally, your confidence and certainty develops into faith. What is faith? Trust in something that cannot be proven through conventional means, i.e. our sensory world is what the modern dictionaries tell us. The original word for faith was the Greek word pistis, which means trust. Trust in the power of co-creation that God has given us. It was translated into the Latin word fides and its essential meaning was changed into requiring proof or evidence based on our senses.

In the New Testament, Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." It is a result of the confidence and certainty that you have the power to create your world daily. The evidence of this is not seen immediately, but you KNOW it is there. In James 2:20, he says, “But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” If your faith, or trust in God’s laws is genuine, then it will manifest evidence that supports the goodness of God. If you manifest heartache, poverty and grief, are you truly trusting in God? Are you manifesting all that is wrong in your life? Find out what your values are and make an ongoing assessment of your progress toward creating the life that you want by instilling positive values that are life-giving. Daily practice of prayer, meditation and service will help you attain your deepest desires. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


To believe is to see and experience what you have convinced yourself is true without knowing whether or not it is true.

It is coloring reality to suit your own perceived needs more than participating in a shared reality that contributes to the growth and expansion of all.

Beliefs are selfish in nature while knowing is selflessness personified. Always know more than believe! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Those who stop at nothing to undermine our mutual growth and expansion are manifesting their beliefs despite facts to the contrary. Their over the top selfishness comes from their yearnings to control, dominate and manipulate that which they know they can’t.

This is why education in critical thinking is so important and that is why they are now doing whatever they can to defund and control what others believe. If you don’t know how to think you can be emotionally controlled by the beliefs of others that you adopt as your own. You are nothing more than an emotional construct of beliefs more than a living being who can decide to know the truth based on the irrefutable facts.

True freedom comes from knowing the truth, acting upon it and living in it while false freedom comes from the limited beliefs that you are free when in fact you are financial slaves to the whims of the plutocrats. Support education in critical thinking before they remove it completely from the schools. Stand firm on the truth and never allow those who have emotional manifest agendas from denying access to the truth for all! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


People that attempt to describe personal spiritual experiences as being dependent on finite and external values have no clue what they are talking about.

They are putting temporal and corporeal values on things that are not.

Speak with authority from within and not from what you believe without! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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Most of us have heard the ongoing arguments about the separation of church and state. The founding fathers knew that this essential ingredient would be necessary in order to prevent the re-creation of the oppression they and their families had experienced at the hand of the Aristocracy of England. In the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution it states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” This argument has allowed many new churches to be formed for varied reasons the United States. Originating from 2 Orthodox divisions of Christianity over 256 sects of Protestantism and have grown out of the respect for the term, “religious freedom.” But what about the separation of church and business?

In 1904 Max Weber, a German economist and sociologist began a series of essays entitled, “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.” He proposed that capitalism evolved when the Protestant ethic influenced large numbers of people to engage in work in the secular world. He further proposes that the Protestant Ethic was a force behind the mass action that influenced the development of capitalism. This idea is known as “The Weber Thesis” (source: Wikipedia). In his treatise Weber quotes the ethical writings of Benjamin Franklin to describe the “spirit of capitalism” which is based on individual greed, moral perpetuity and sometimes moral turpitude. Weber found a paradox in the Protestant work ethic. On one hand congregation members were religiously compelled to follow secular vocations to accumulate money. On the other hand, the spending of money inappropriately such as the purchasing of luxuries and donations to the poor, only furthered one’s journey towards either greed or dependency. Weber traces the union of the “spirit of capitalism” back to the Protestant Reformation.

Accepting Weber’s hypothesis, we can see a definite link between capitalism and established religion. After all, the early settlers of this country were Protestants. They had to leave their homes, travel a great journey and survive in a new world with what they called “savages.” Fortunately, for them, the true natives of this country respected the land and all creatures. Problems only occurred when certain groups tried to impose their belief systems upon the natives. As capitalism and business grew, religion became inextricably tied with business. Before the modern day practice of conducting business on golf courses, church members would only do business with other church members. The word “religion” comes from the Latin word “religio” (reverence for God) and “religionem” (inheritance of God), which means a binding together of people with common beliefs who have left behind their old ways and have developed new and common ways of approaching life. Remember, God doesn’t have religion. Man does. Years ago I read Hubbard’s book, “Dianetics”, and was taken aback by his pseudo-science and hypnosis of his followers. I was courted by Scientology at the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles, CA. in the late 70’s when they wanted to put a galvanic skin response meter on me to determine whether I was “clear” or not. This meter was supposed to show the “knots” in my nervous system. When I asked the “clear” initiator to show me his results on the e-meter, he declined; even though he had a large certificate over his head that stated he was “clear.” That told me all I needed to know. So I began some intensive research on Mr. Hubbard.

Today we see many TV and community churches continually asking for money to support the “ministry.” As we all know, money is one of the key ingredients in “spreading the word” of whomever you perceive is         extending the message that appeals to you. How do we truly know who is on the up and up? It’s simple. If a church or pastor’s message is more on the accumulation of “financial gifts” more than on the helping of souls that should be a clear indication as to their motives. Many churches have become businesses and treat their constituents as laborers for their greater good. Some businesses have become churches and are in the pockets everyday of their constituency. Remember, your tithe doesn’t have to be just to a church. If you give financially to help others in any way, you are spreading the wealth of God. This is not socialism, it is giving. There is a difference. Don’t let those who have more than enough convince you that you must give according to their rules. Respect man’s laws, but truly follow God’s laws.



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Once you analyze what your values are, you need to accept where you are right now to make an effective change for the better in your life.  I have mentioned many times how the practice of prayer meditation and service gives you a way of exercising the Law of Attraction. Prayer is an exercise in focusing upon what you want. Wants are issues, events, situations, people or things you feel you require to feel better about yourself in your current environment. They are not needs. Needs are necessities that you require in order to continue to survive. You need air, water and food to survive.

The chain of emotional requirements is as follows: Needs, Wants, Desires and Expectations. Needs are fixed requirements while wants are somewhat transitory. They arise from an emotional state of not being satisfied. When your wants are focused and reoccur almost every day they move into the realm of desires. A desire is a craving or longing for something you consistently want. Desire literally means, “Of the Father.” It is the uniqueness that God has given you as His creation. If you ignore your deep down desires of expression, then you are in effect proclaiming to the universe that you don’t trust what God has given you. I for one don’t want to tell the creator of this vast universe He didn’t know what He was doing when He created me. When we seek our desires and accomplish them consistently, we then move into the realm of expectation.

When your prayers reach the level of expectation and faith that God will bless you with what you seek, you need to let go of how you will get it. The universe is God’s big clock that operates beyond the timing and control that you have in your environment. Be concerned about focusing on what you expect and not on how you will get it. You must let go of the processes of how it will arrive and allow it to arrive. Meditation helps you with this by giving you and environment of relaxation where you can hear God’s still small voice guiding you as to how issues, events, situations, people and things will come to you.

In order to receive, you must first give. Giving of your talents and abilities in a positive way aligns yourself with the universe in such a way that blessings and bounty will be geared toward you. Your service to the universe primes the pump for blessings to abound. But you must be willing to receive. Are you a Giver? Are you a Receiver? In order for blessings to flow you must know when to be both. Have a good positive self image and be willing to receive what others give you. Don’t block the blessings they will receive from the act of giving. Let go of any foolish pride about receiving blessings and you unclog the drain of the flow of blessings to you from the universe. Always expect the best results for everyone and everything in the universe. Don’t settle for mediocrity!

Prayer is giving an expectation to the universe. Meditation is allowing the universe to guide you to make the correct steps. Service is receiving the blessings from the universe by acting in an appropriate way to bring about the blessings you seek. This is a process by which you can attain your deepest goals and desires of your heart. Quit complaining about what you don’t’ have and give thanks for what you do have. You have the ability, the awareness, the knowledge and the wisdom to make your life all that you expect it to be. Release all of the limitations that family, friends, school, business and government has told you that you have to embrace. Embrace how the universe works and it will work for you and not against you. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Previously I talked about what our needs, wants, desires and expectations are. I have an interesting story to relate to you about a lady I know that helps to clarify the differences between emotional levels. I received a call yesterday from this lady who had just been let go from her job. She was one of the best performing workers at her job but recently contracted an illness which lowered her immunity to infections. She had lost several days from work last month and the management at her job told her that since she was such a good employee, that if she needed to work from home for a while they would support her in her recovery. She felt very good that she had that support. Due to her illness, within a month she contracted another flu-type infection and still went to work but had a difficult time focusing. The management told her that they needed her at work and she came in even though she was still sick. Her need to keep her job to support herself was real and she came to work. Other workers weren’t as dedicated to her job as she was.

Last week she missed 3 days of work because she couldn’t even talk. Since she was a customer service rep on the phone all day, it didn’t make any sense for her to even try to work on the phone. Her doctor faxed an excuse to her job. When she showed up Friday for work she worked the full day and when the day was over they called her into the manager’s office and let her go. Since the State of Delaware is an employer-at-will state, employers can fire anyone for any reason. They told her that her work performance was down (her minimum expected phone call goals were 160 calls per day and she was reaching 300 calls per day; more than any other CSR) and that she had missed too many days from work. The manager even told her that "at any time you feel that your health is back on track, you're welcome to come back." Her reaction to this news was one of inspiration. Instead of a “woe is me” attitude, she gave thanks to God for the blessing of not having to be associated with a company that fires someone for being sick. All along she wanted a better job, but her need to keep a job took precedent. Her desires to be better than she was kept growing within her. She began to expect the best in her life and God allowed her to be able to receive the best by leaving a job that was not conducive to her growth. Left alone, she might not have left the job, but she chose to look at her firing as a blessing.

What I will say next might ruffle some feathers, but I really don’t care. I am a child of the sixties and I have always chosen to question authority and religions that impose man’s, not God’s, dictates on individuals under the guise as the “word of God”, or some other authority. I have always respected other religions other than my own, but I must draw the line here. The optometrist that my friend worked for was proud to display that they operated their business under the principles of Scientology and the business practices of L. Ron Hubbard. In fact, she was persuaded to attend an “optional” seminar of these principles “off of the clock” from work. The seminar wasn’t mandatory, but “highly suggested.” She also told me about the ongoing tension in the office that was created by what she called “Scientology henchman” who monitored the employees and their work. Calls came in daily from Scientology headquarters to monitor their progress.

Years ago I read Hubbard’s book, “Dianetics”, and was taken aback by his pseudo-science and hypnosis of his followers. I was courted by Scientology at the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles, CA. in the late 70’s when they wanted to put a galvanic skin response meter on me to determine whether I was “clear” or not. This meter was supposed to show the “knots” in my nervous system. When I asked the “clear” initiator to show me his results on the e-meter, he declined; even though he had a large certificate over his head that stated he was “clear.” That told me all I needed to know. So I began some intensive research on Mr. Hubbard.

I discovered that when the State of New Jersey and the American Medical Association was challenging the veracity of his new founded faith (Scientology) he fled the state to avoid prosecution. His son, L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., remembers him moving them out of their home grabbing shoe boxes full of cash. Cash he had received from loyal followers of his “Scientology.” After being a science fiction writer for many years, he discovered that religion was his way to cash in. Please research what I am saying and see the facts for yourself. Here are some links; L. Ron Hubbard, Sr. and an interview of L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. Any belief system or religion that claims to be the only way to enlightenment is setting you up for a fall; or at the very least, separate you from your hard earned cash. Please check out this You Tube link. The poor guy is so afraid of Scientology retribution, he wears a mask. Religion needs to teach FAITH, and not FEAR! If any Scientology official has a problem with what I am saying, I invite you to an open debate on video of your principles, conclusions and the ethics of your founder and the statements he has made. Let’s let the people decide whether your organization is on the up and up. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Learning requires an inner desire to acquire new information based on factual observation, clear and accurate perception and repeated occurrences that yield similar results. Psychologically, learning is the modification of behavior through practice, training or experience. In other words, letting of what doesn’t work and employing what does. Learning doesn’t occur without subsequent thoughts and feelings about what one is learning. When learning evokes an emotional response, it becomes cemented in your subconscious mind as being pleasurable. Some people confuse learning with parroting. Parroting is repeating or imitating someone else’s thoughts and feelings without complete thought or understanding of those thoughts or feelings. In other words, secondary thoughts and feelings without the direct experience of the events, occurrences, situations, circumstances or the behaviors of others or objects that have initially created the thoughts and feelings that one parrots.

For example, let’s say the following: “Planned Parenthood does NOT use taxpayer funding to perform abortions.” Now, those who don’t believe this parrot others who claim that PP does fund abortions with taxpayer funding. Despite the FACTS that clearly affirm that they don’t fund abortions with taxpayer’s money, certain groups of people insist that they do even in the face of facts to the contrary. Why would they do this? Why would they seek to undermine an organization that has successfully provided healthcare service to millions of women who could not afford to secure their health? It is because they have an agenda to bolster the life of the unborn while completely ignoring those who are already born and living. They determine that because some book written by sheepherders and fishermen over 2000 years ago proclaims that they should. WTF? NOWHERE in the Bible is abortion EVER mentioned!!! Again, NOWHERE! Yes, there are inferences to stillborn babies in the Bible but never specifically about abortion. Yet, time after time, those who have the inability to critically think and accurately feel discard the facts in favor of parroting the beliefs of others as ‘the way it is’.

What these people need to do is get off of their fat flatulating asses and stop blowing gas out of their two sets of lips. Burping and farting are both signs of improper digestion. If you eat the right foods with the right way of ingesting them, the creation of gas in your system is minimized. Let’s review; “Planned Parenthood does NOT use taxpayer funding to perform abortions.” Now, is this premise accurate? How could we know for sure? We go to the source of information that yields the raw statistics and examine the data. If the data supports the conclusion that they don’t, then why do some keep parroting an untruth? Is it because they WANT to believe this to be untrue? Is it because they need to gain allies to support their erroneous beliefs? Or is it because they don’t care about the truth at all? The parrot has certain characteristics:

  1. Their asses are fat and flatulating because they don’t get off of them enough to investigate the truth and research the proponents of the ‘truth’.
  2. Their attitudes are childish and immature because they feel somehow that what they want to believe is more important than the truth.
  3. They believe that certain constructs and their behaviors are subject to challenge and ridicule simply because they represent a ‘possibility’ of some aberrant actions more than a verifiable certainty (e.g. “Planned Parenthood does NOT use taxpayer funding to perform abortions.”)
  4. They continue to repeat untruths and ‘alternative facts’ in order to support their erroneous beliefs and manifest their selfish agendas.

In order to learn one must get over themselves by getting under themselves. How do they do this? By seeing things as they are and not how they yearn for them to be. Yearning is from the ego’s limited beliefs and desires are from the inner spirit’s knowing of your inner talents, skills and abilities to divinely serve your communities with truth and care. When you make the time to go within each and every day you get under your own skin and come to know the divine connection that we all share. You learn to stop parroting, posturing and pontificating about your beliefs and start knowing what contributes to the growth and expansion of everyone. In other words, you grow up! Again, let’s review; “Planned Parenthood does NOT use taxpayer funding to perform abortions.”

Do you now get it? Do you see that your ingrained beliefs came from what others believe MORE than what you know? If you don’t, you need to wash, rinse and repeat until you thoroughly clean your mind and heart of erroneous beliefs. Undoing what you have allowed to become real to you requires work and if you are unwilling to do the work your mind and heart will remain dirty and tainted by erroneous beliefs. Going within each and every day in deep meditation cleanses your being of erroneous beliefs while allowing you to find the beauty, simplicity and accuracy of the truth as it is and NOT how you WANT it to be. Be brave, diligent and dedicated to stop parroting and start living in the truth everlasting. Always remember, “Planned Parenthood does NOT use taxpayer funding to perform abortions.” Perhaps this lesson will be the trigger for you to know the truth and continue to live in the truth now and evermore! Be blessed! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.