The Border Of Disorder

by Dean A. Banks, D.D. | 2015

We exist every day of our lives on the ‘border of disorder’. Our cells naturally rearrange their structures in anticipation of environmental changes to ensure their survival. It is something that has been bred into our biological systems in order to grow and expand into something more than we currently are. The more we discover about our inner cellular, molecular, atomic and subatomic systems, the more questions arise and the more we realize that we only know a slice of what is really going on. This programming leads us into being goal oriented creatures that strive for bettering our current situations in order to deal with the ‘border of disorder’ effectively.

Our subconscious minds accept this programming because it has proven it is the most successful way to ensure our individual self-survival and mutual collective survival. We are driven by urges to accomplish our short-term goals by the moving away from pain and moving toward pleasure. However, our individual understanding of our inherent purposes create long term expectations that ‘overcome’ short term pain in order to maintain the quest of unfolding our purpose despite living on the ‘border of disorder’.

A purpose driven life surmounts any and all obstacles placed before it because it HAS to in order to ‘feel’ complete and fulfilled. The end result has ‘feelings’ associated with it that occur ‘after’ it has been attained. These feelings are the triggers for accomplishment and when we immerse ourselves in these feelings we actually reprogram our psyche to ‘overcome’ the obstacles that we perceive are in our way to fulfilling our perceived destiny.

Knowing our individual purposes within and feeling the joy from attaining them creates a synergistic energy that drives the fulfillment of our individual purposes above all else. It is not just a selfish drive but a communal one as well. When we fulfill our individual purposes we actually contribute to the growth and expansion of the collective of humanity. We elevate that which is by being the best of what we can be.

Striving to be the best only comes when we recognize perceived obstacles as being copies of reality more than reality itself. When we understand that our perceptions are mere copies of reality we can learn that striving to be fulfilled actually becomes allowing more than striving. It is in our inabilities to be sure about something that we give strength to that which we perceive is against our forward progress.

As George Carlin once said in his book “Brain Droppings”; a deserving charity we should support is “The Alliance Of People Who Don’t Know What’s Next.” Why? Because in accepting how things are perceived as being the only reality that exists we begin to doubt, worry about and fear that which we don’t know and don’t understand. The short-term goals of the avoidance of pain and the seeking of pleasure versus the long-term fulfillment of our purposes are like the juxtaposition of the short-term expression of weather and the long-term progression of climate. You cannot use the short-term to predict the long-term because they are locked in a dance together that unfolds in a direction that can be mutually exclusive more than individually inclusive.

Seek not to ‘overcome’ your perceived obstacles but to allow them to be what they are and never attach any emotional reactions to them. When you do, you reprogram your subconscious mind to react to them more than proact from them and create resistance more than allowance. Live on the ‘border of disorder’ with a feeling of joy and accomplishment no matter what appears to be derogatory to your progress. Allow it to be what it is and it will pass through you into oblivion while you march forward to your destiny. Be ye therefore at peace amid chaos! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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